40+ Pisces Tattoo Designs and Body Placement Ideas

By Jason Hamilton / August 26, 2018
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It’s no secret that tattoos are permanent. It’s certainly going to be inked on your body forever. Even if tattoo removal solutions are already available, the results may still vary as there are lots of factors that could affect the responsiveness of the tattoo. Thus, you need to be sure where you’ll place it and which tattoo design would fit you. If you are looking for a tattoo idea that you will not regret over time, it’s always best to opt for designs that have more connection with you. Such kind of tattoos will definitely never go out of style.

One of the ideal designs for a timeless tattoo is a zodiac sign tattoo. But this is a type of design that’s not only classic but it’s also a way to affirm your identity all the more. If your birthdate is between February 19 and March 20, for instance, why not opt for a Pisces tattoo? Here, we’ve compiled a number of Pisces tattoo designs, as well as some ideas on where to place them to help you decide.


The Stories Behind the Symbol

Pisces tattoo designs have different symbols – the fish, the glyph that resembles the letter H, and the constellation itself. But how did all of this started?


Early “Science” and Beliefs

Back in the early times, people believed that the objects in the sky were affixed to celestial spheres. Their motions were also believed to be an effect of the same motion of the said spheres as all of them revolved around the earth. Bright groups of stars were observed, including the Pisces constellation. In the early times, Babylonians recognized the Pisces constellation as “The Tails,” picturing two fishes swimming in different directions with a ribbon that seems to be connecting them.

Early astronomers noticed that these prominent constellations seem to appear with the change of seasons. Thus, ancient people believed that these constellations have a big relation to a person’s fate, emotions, and personality.


The Myth

While there are stories about how ancient people recognized the zodiac, there are also several myths about it, particularly the Pisces astrology. In the Greek mythology, it says that the Pisces symbol refers to the fish that Eros and Aphrodite changed into only to break away from Typhoeus’ hands. However, another version of the story says that the fish only helped them to escape.

Another story claims that Aphrodite was born from an egg. However, the egg where she was in fell into the river but a fish helped her. Aphrodite then thanked the fish by placing it in the sky.


But whether these stories are mere myths or not, we can’t deny the fact that the Pisces’ symbols turned out looking great. And one thing is for sure, though, these symbols would definitely give more identity to whoever will use it as a tattoo design and could even help him show a piece of himself through this type of body art.

We still have a lot of tattoo ideas to help you with your next visit to your favorite tattoo parlor. If you need more, don’t forget to check on our lists for more high-quality samples. Which Pisces tattoo design do you think would fit you the most? Let us know down the comment section below.



Pisces Tattoos and Placement Ideas for Men

A Pisces tattoo or any other zodiac sign tattoo is very gender-neutral. Even so, you can still tweak the symbol to give it a more masculine vibe. Below are some designs for you if you want a more manly look.

On the Arms

The arm is a common area where tattoos are placed. For men, it’s the best spot to place a tattoo as it accentuates the biceps. Apart from that, it’s also the best place for beginners as it’s one of the spots that are low on the pain scale.


A colored and complex Pisces tattoo design on the right arm of the wearer.


A black ink Pisces tattoo that resembles the yin and yang symbol.

A Pisces’ astrology sign glyph with a colorful galactic background on the arm.


Blue and black fishes Pisces tattoo with an astrology sign glyph in the background.

A black ink Scorpio and Pieces tattoo with a geometric background that can also be used as a couple tattoo.


The usual Pisces symbol but with a geometric design circling a plant.

A big Pisces tattoo on the right arm with a face and added complex details that stretches down to the elbow.

A black outline Pisces tattoo inked just below the elbow.


A big black in tribal Pisces tattoo on the left arm that stretches down near the elbow.

On the Chest

While chest tattoos are getting more and more popular among men and women, it’s still more commonly seen in men as it can give a more manly look for them. Additionally, it’s a great spot to place a tattoo as it’s easier to hide it whenever necessary and easy to show off, especially during summer. Be warned, though, that you might need a good pain threshold when opting to place a tattoo on this spot as the chest area has lesser fat.

A colorful Pisces tattoo on the left part of the owner’s chest.


A black and grey pair of angry fishes that can also show the fierce side of the owner.

A blue and red Pisces tattoo with a great shading work.


A big Japanese koi fish Pisces tattoo that stretches down to the waist.


A simple constellation Pisces tattoo that’s perfect for those who are minimalist.

A Pisces tattoo with a Roman numeral clock on the right part of the wearer’s chest.


A blue Pisces tattoo inked on the middle part of the chest with a watercolor technique.

On the Back

Aside from the chest, the back is also a good spot if you want a design that you can hide when needed. However, there is a consequence as it could hurt a lot, particularly when it’s inked over the spine because it has lesser muscles and fats that can help lessen the pain.

The common Pisces fish symbol circling Pisces’ astrology sign glyph.

Another black and grey ink Pisces tattoo with a watercolor effect but this time, it’s inked on the back.


A multicolored and intricately detailed Pisces tattoo that completely covers the back.

A big constellation Pisces tattoo with an astrology sign glyph at the lower back and a text that says, “attraction of innocence.”


Another type of Pisces tattoo that fully covers the back.


A green and black tattoo design placed on the upper part of the back.

Another Pisces tattoo that resembles the yin and yang symbol placed on the upper part of the back.

A combined multicolored mandala and Pisces tattoo inked using the watercolor technique.

Pisces Tattoos and Placement Ideas for Women

Again, zodiac sign tattoos are gender-neutral. Thus, needless to say, it would also look good on women. Here are some tattoo designs that you might want to consider if you want to have a more feminine tattoo plus we listed a few recommendations on where you can perfectly place your tattoos for aesthetics and more sophistication.

On the Hips

A hip tattoo is one of the tattoo ideas that can help accentuate your curves. If you still need some more work in shaping your thighs, a hip tattoo can flatter your physique more as you work on toning your thighs.

A tiny and simple tattoo inked on the left part of the owner’s hip.

A thin and simple black ink Pisces tattoo on the hips.

Here’s another minimalist Pisces astrological sign on the left side of the wearer’s hip

A black ink Pisces symbol that resembles the yin-yang symbol.

A Pisces tattoo with an inspirational quote that reminds the owner to love life and “live to love.”

On the Ribs

For those looking for a tattoo placement that will accentuate their torso’s curve, consider opting for a tattoo on the ribs. It’s easier to hide as well.

A black and grey ink Pisces symbol on the owner’s left part of ribs.

A mermaid tattoo on the ribs holding a Pisces symbol.

A blue and gold side rib Pisces tattoo positioned resembling the yin-yang sign.

A simple black ink Pisces’ astrology sign glyph with two stars.

On the Neck

Most people say that getting inked on the back of the neck doesn’t hurt that much. However, the problem with placing tattoos on the said spot is that the tattoo easily fades, especially if it isn’t covered sufficiently.

A simple and solid black and red Pisces tattoo on the back of the neck.

A colored Pisces tattoo on the side of the neck.

A light blue Pisces tattoo that’s inked on the back of the neck.

A black ink abstract Pieces tattoo on the back of the neck.

Behind the Ear

The pain that a tattoo can cause also varies depending on the details and its size. The spot behind the ear offers a smaller space for tattoos. Thus, you’ll feel lesser pain here.

A small Pisces astrological glyph behind the owner’s right ear.

A pair of small fishes which represents the Pisces zodiac sign near the earlobe.

Singer Rihanna sporting a Pisces tattoo behind her right ear.

A blue pair of fishes connected to resemble Pisces astrological glyph.

On the Collarbone

If you are bold enough to show your tattoo, placing your tattoo on your collarbone would be a perfect idea. Not only does it call attention but you can use it to accentuate your collarbone as well. But then again, note that since it’s where the bone is, it might get painful.

A Pisces constellation with a date and a slight hint of colors.

A black and gray Pisces tattoo drawn using the watercolor technique.

Pisces tattoo with other zodiac signs (Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, and Scorpio).

A big yet a very elegant geometric Pisces tattoo on the collarbone.

Another minimalist Pisces constellation tattoo design but in black ink.


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