50+ Adorable Cat Tattoo Designs To Live For!

By Jason Hamilton / June 22, 2019
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We all know that cats are the cutest, the most mischievous, and the quirkiest animals ever, but did you know, that in ancient Egypt, they were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba’at, often depicted in various drawings and even mummified? Or that later, in the Middle Ages, cats were killed en masse since people have associated them with witchcraft? Luckily, the feline genocide has ended with a medieval king of Wales Hyvel Dda who made the killing or harming cats illegal.

With this much of ours and cats history overlapping, it is only natural, that our feline companions have gathered many symbolic meanings to them. While a black cat might be seen as an omen of bad luck, cats, in general, are seen as symbols for independence, rebellion, and intelligence. Now, if you are in the process of choosing a new body art design, a cat tattoo might seem like a great idea, as it embodies many desirable qualities.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the rich and wonderfully curated gallery of cat tattoo designs that we’ve found as well as the background for the said tattoo design.


The Meaning Behind Each Design Of The Cat Tattoo

As one of the earliest domesticated animals in human history, cats have a long history of cultural symbolism. In ancient Egypt, people believed that cats were an incarnation of the moon goddess, Bastet. In many cultures, they were revered for their dual nature, both docile and fierce. Below, we’ve assembled a cat tattoo dictionary, explaining the meaning behind different cat tattoo designs.

Black Cat

in Celtic tradition, black cats were sacrificed to ward off evil spirits. Hence, black cats have become an omen of destruction as well as symbols of femininity, power, and mystery.

Here are some of the most adorable black cat tattoo designs out there:

A cute watercolor tattoo of a black cat.

A sleeve tattoo of a black cat with added rose tattoo designs.

black cat tattoo 2


A highly detailed black cat tattoo.


A small but highly detailed black cat tattoo on the ankle.


A highly detailed black cat tattoo.

A large chest tattoo of a black cat.


Cat Eye

known for their piercing eyes, the cat is a symbol of wisdom, intellect, and a connection to the divine.

A cat eyes tattoo on the chest.

A tattoo of a cat’s eyes with different colors.

A highly detailed sleeve tattoo of a cat’s eyes.


A cute hand tattoo of a cat’s eyes.

A tattoo of cat eyes on the back.


A tattoo of a pair of cat’s eyes on the legs.

cat eye tattoo 6

Cat Paw

representing an emotional journey through a difficult time, the cat paw tattoo design represents prosperity, luck, and personal progress.

A tattoo of two cat paws.


A small foot tattoo of two cat paws.


A small ankle tattoo of a heart and cat’s paw.

A medium-sized cat paw tattoo on the forearm with mandala details.


a wrist tattoo of two cat paws in an infinity symbol.

A cute rib tattoo of a cat’s paw.

cat paw tattoo 7

Cat Skull

the cat skull symbolizes death, destruction, and disease as a tattoo design.

A sternum tattoo of a cat’s skull.


A back tattoo of a cat’s skull with flowers.

cat skull tattoo 2

An abdominal tattoo of a highly detailed cat’s skull.


A forearm tattoo of a cat’s skull.

cat skull tattoo 4


A geometrically detailed cat’s skull tattoo.

A highly detailed and highly painful neck tattoo of a cat’s skull.

Cheshire Cat

based on a character in Lewis Carroll’s, ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ the Cheshire cat tattoo design represents an intelligent and mischievous nature.

A creepy looking leg tattoo of a Cheshire cat.

A colorful watercolor tattoo of a Cheshire cat on the thigh.

cheshire cat tattoo 2

A leg tattoo of a cheshire cat.

a wonderfully made steampunk themed Cheshire cat tattoo.

A highly detailed creepy hand tattoo of a smiling Cheshire cat.

A mischievous looking Cheshire cat tattoo.

Felix Cat

created in the golden age of 2D animation, the Felix Cat was a widely recognized cartoon in silent animated films. A tattoo design of the Felix cat represents a nostalgia for classical animation and the Felix Cat films.

A leg tattoo of Felix Cat sitting on the moon.

A forearm tattoo of Felix Cat whistling.

An ankle tattoo of Felix Cat.

A tattoo of a confused felix cat.

A simple tattoo of Felix Cat.

A neotraditional tattoo of Felix Cat on the electric chair.

The Styles You Can For A Cat Tattoo

The cat is one of the rising stars of the body art industry and the tattoo community. With the continuing patronage of the common folk to cute cat videos and other cat-related media, it is no wonder why more and more people are going for cats in all kinds of appreciation which also includes the cat tattoo.

Here are some of the best cat tattoo styles we can think of that you will surely love!

The Geometric Tattoo

As the days go by and tattoo designs come and go, a lot of the designs that come out in recent years continues to challenge tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. One of the most challenging to be released in the past few years was geometric tattoo designs. Everyone in the body art industry and the tattoo community are raving about geometric tattoo designs for quite some time now and for sure you would like to ask us if its worth the rave reviews and comments it is having now. Well, it is for you to decide but worry not as we will help you figure out if it is really worth it.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This branch of mathematics, and in extension, science, is mostly considered as a graphic, logical, and numerical form of thinking. It is filled with figures, lines, and measurements which makes it a very interesting field of mathematics.

We are pretty sure, however, that the reason why geometric tattoo designs were inspired by geometry was not that of the measurements but rather the figures in this intellectual field. Geometric tattoos explore the idea of using numerous lines to form a unique shape and figure which can accentuate a simple tattoo.

Since its introduction in the body art industry a few years ago, a lot of designs were made that can be classified under the geometric tattoo design category. Most of these designs are modern and artsy and here are some of the designs which feature geometric cat themes:

A highly detailed and intricate geometric cat tattoo on the forearm.

A cute tattoo on the ankle of a geometric cat.

geometric cat tattoo 2

A medium size cat face tattoo on the forearm.

geometric cat tattoo 4

A tattoo of a realistically detailed cat face with additional geometric detail.

geometric cat tattoo 5

A mix of a geometric and realistic detail on a cat tattoo.

A highly detailed geometric cat tattoo on the forearm.

A geometric cat tattoo of a cat’s face on the forearm.

A large and highly detailed cat tattoo on the thigh.


 A cute low poly geometric cat tattoo on the ankles.

The Watercolor Tattoo

For the longest time, tattoos, no matter what the design is, lacks something that all tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts can agree on; tattoo designs lack that artistry that all other mediums of art have. This perception is why the body art industry has not been a famous art form in the past. Everything changed when different colors of ink are slowly introduced in the industry and today, watercolor tattoo designs exists because of the apparent lack of creativity in tattoo designs and with the introduction of other colors in the industry, this particular tattoo design is now poised to dominate the industry with its creative styling.

A tattoo design has specific elements that make it pop out against other designs. You can often also see these elements in other tattoo designs but for the case of watercolor tattoos, the elements they possess is really unique. Here are some of the common elements you can find in a watercolor tattoo.

Free-form design

Occasionally, you might get a bit of geometric design thrown into a watercolor tattoo, but generally speaking, they’re as elegant and flowing as a ballerina in motion.

Bright, bold colors

Most watercolor tattoo designs have that vibrant color palette that makes this design a trend. Though there are some watercolor tattoos out there that may differ from the trend, the usual watercolor tattoo design that you may see will most often feature a vibrant color palette integrated to the design.

A splash of color

Sometimes, tattoo artists use outlines that don’t quite match with the coloring within, or otherwise create ‘splashes’ of color that appear as though the paintbrush has literally dropped paint on the skin. It’s a hard thing for an artist to pull off, but when done well, it looks incredible.

To demonstrate our point, here are just some of the best watercolor cat tattoo designs we saw that might interest you:

A blue and purple watercolor tattoo of a cat’s face.

A watercolor tattoo of a cat on the forearm.

A watercolor tattoo of a cat’s face on the forearm.

watercolor cat tattoo 3

A watercolor cat tattoo on the forearm with a tropical color palette.

A feminine colored watercolor tattoo of a cat.

A wonderfully made watercolor cat tattoo on the thigh.

A realistically detailed and vibrantly colored watercolor cat tattoo of a tuxedo cat.

watercolor cat tattoo 7

A blue and purple watercolor cat tattoo on the rib.


watercolor cat tattoo 8

A simply detailed but vibrantly colored watercolor tattoo of a cat’s outline.

watercolor cat tattoo 9

A vibrantly colored and highly detailed forearm tattoo of a cat.

watercolor cat tattoo 10

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