50+ Amazing Bird Tattoos that Makes You Want to Fly

By Jason Hamilton / February 17, 2019
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Birds have captivated human civilization since time immemorial. We have always been drawn to their various abilities we humans cannot do without the help of technology. This might be the reason why societies around the world even ink birds on to their skin as bird tattoo designs. Bird tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos designs available. They have been around for a hundred years in various forms for people to choose from.

In this article, We will be sharing with your our rich and wonderful gallery of bird tattoo designs that we have gathered from all corners of the web. We will also be sharing with you a brief background for each design and the preferences of both men and women to bird tattoo designs.


The Various Bird Tattoo Designs Out There

Bird tattoo designs are aplenty in the body art industry and the tattoo community. They come in many shapes and styles and can be implemented into any tattoo design. This might be one of the reasons why bird tattoo designs are still considered a popular and hip tattoo design despite their age. It can still fair well against newer visually striking designs too.


Here are some of the best bird tattoo designs we saw on the internet that might even make you chirp!

Sparrow Tattoo

Sparrow tattoo designs have been quite prevalent in bird tattoo designs and it resulted in a lot of variations when it comes to design. In this day and age, sparrows are often rendered as a realistic image of the real thing or an abstract image of the bird. Currently, a neo-traditional approach has been given to sparrow tattoos with raves from artists and enthusiasts alike.


Here are some of the sparrow tattoo designs we have gathered for you to be inspired.

An ankle tattoo of a sparrow.


A neo-traditional colored arm tattoo of a red sparrow.


 A blank-ink arm tattoo of a sparrow with an artistic rendition.


A realistic chest tattoo of a sparrow.


A shoulder tattoo of a pair of sparrows with an abstract rendition.


A neo-traditional colored tattoo of a sparrow.


A large back tattoo of a flock of sparrows and a dandelion.

A small foot tattoo of a sparrow.

A neo-traditional chest tattoo of a sparrow holding a pair of flowers.


A medium-sized colored back tattoo of a yellow sparrow with splashes of black ink as the embellishment.

Phoenix Tattoo

A Phoenix, in layman’s terms, is a mythical bird that has the ability to cyclically regenerate from the ashes of its former self. Well, I guess that is that, moving on.

Just kidding. Well, jokes aside though, this mythical bird, as mentioned, above, has been the subject of countless tales and artworks from the birth of the Egyptian Civilization but the first recorded use of the word was way back in the time of the great Greek civilization. These civilizations revere the Phoenix as a god-like creature due to its regenerating capabilities. From these civilizations, the story, and legend of the Phoenix spread across Europe and eventually, the world.

A lot of designs for a phoenix tattoo have sprung up since its inception a few decades ago. here are a few designs we have gathered from all over that internet that will definitely catch your attention.

A large thigh watercolor tattoo of an orange phoenix surrounded by flames.


A vibrant sleeve watercolor tattoo of a blazing orange phoenix surrounded by other colors.

A large side watercolor tattoo of a golden phoenix with bluish cerulean color as an additional embellishment.


A colorful vibrant watercolor phoenix tattoo situated on the leg.


A large full back tattoo of a phoenix with watercolor tattoo design elements as additional detailing.

A thigh tattoo of a phoenix in tribal detail.


Another thigh tattoo of a phoenix with tribal detail.

A large side tattoo of a phoenix with tribal detailing (Polynesian).

A leg tattoo of a rising phoenix in tribal detail.


Another leg tattoo of a phoenix in tribal.

Owl Tattoo

The wise old owl can be a beautiful centerpiece or addition to any body art.  Besides being a trendy animal to have decorated your body, the owl carries a variety of significance.

Unlike lion tattoos which portray power and strength, owl tattoos are more cerebral, so to speak. Traditionally, owl tattoos symbolize knowledge and intelligence. This symbolism stems from Greek mythology in which Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is often associated with owls. Many paintings and statues commonly depict Athena with an owl.

Here are some of the best owl tattoo designs we have gathered from all over the internet:

Another dreamcatcher and owl tattoo on the lower arm but inspired by the Russian doll design.


A simple dreamcatcher and owl tattoo where the owl sits atop the dreamcatcher.


An intricate dreamcatcher and owl tattoo where the owl’s face is in the middle of the dreamcatcher.

An eagle owl tattoo in purple and blue drawn using a watercolor technique.

An elaborately detailed purple owl tattoo with bright yellow eyes.

A galaxy inspired realistic owl tattoo with adorned with flowers.

A vibrantly colored watercolor tattoo of an owl on the legs.

An intricate and multi-colored owl tattoo with spread wings on the chest.

A colored owl sporting a dapper look with wings open.

A 3D owl tattoo that appears as if it’s coming right out of the chest.

Eagle Tattoo

Eagles have held a powerful symbolic meaning in ancient civilizations. In Early Christianity, the eagle symbolizes Jesus Christ while the Greeks associate the animal with the Zeus. In Central America, the Mayans and Aztecs affiliate the eagle with the sun.

The thing with an eagle tattoo design is that it is very versatile in body placements. A tattoo artist can morph the design to fit into the body part the person want the tattoo to be inked. But oftentimes, people want to ink their eagle tattoos on the upper arm or on one side of the chest depending on the design they chose to be imprinted on to their body.

Here are a few eagle tattoo ideas that can be found all over the internet. This list will be updated once more designs catch our eyes.

Eagle with the night sky as double exposure

A modern take on an eagle head

Post-modern tribal eagle design

A realistic eagle head design

Aztec-inspired eagle holding a snake

10. Two soaring eagles with a quote from the bible.

A classic colored eagle tattoo

classic eagle tattoo

A Native American-inspired tattoo full of detail

A medium-sized eagle tattoo

An eagle in flight tattooed on the lower back area

A large tribal-inspired eagle tattoo

Bird Tattoo Designs For Men

When it comes to bird tattoo designs for men, the males would almost always go for the visually striking powerful birds. Eagles, falcons, hawks, you name it! But there are also a lot of men out there who would prefer to have simple bird tattoo designs out of simplicity and the meaning behind the tattoo design. These type of men are somewhat rare but are now growing in numbers since the visually striking ones are almost always getting out of space.

Here are some of the best bird tattoo designs for men we saw that might interest you:

A three fourth sleeve colored tattoo of a green phoenix.

A medium sized sleeve tattoo of a watercolor tribal phoenix.

A side tattoo of a black phoenix with a red to yellow gradient inside.

A highly intricate half sleeve tattoo of a phoenix.

A full sleeve tattoo of a highly intricate phoenix design.

A large full back tattoo of a highly detailed phoenix with other embellishments.

A full back tattoo of a phoenix.

A colored chest tattoo of a golden phoenix with red ink detailing.

An upper back tribal phoenix tattoo with Viking influences.

 A large back tattoo of an intricately detailed phoenix.

A bald eagle perched on a branch.

A sketch-inspired eagle design

A design that combines an eagle head and a rose.

A large back tattoo that features an eagle fighting a wolf.

A cartoonized eagle

A tribal-inspired eagle

Bird Tattoo Designs For Women

When we say bird tattoos and women, the first thing that comes to mind are the small cute birds like the sparrow, owl, hummingbird, and others. What few do not know about is the fact that women also go for the big powerful birds like the eagle and the mythical phoenix. Yes, you heard it right, women also go for the visually striking tattoo design.

Here are some of the most amazing bird tattoo for women we find on the internet:

A large thigh tattoo of a blue and orange phoenix.

A large middle sleeve tattoo of a highly detailed phoenix with orange and purple feathers.

A large side tattoo of a blue phoenix with a long tail that reaches to the thigh.

A large and colorful side tattoo of a vibrant phoenix.

A colorful ribcage tattoo of a watercolor phoenix.

An eagle with a tree with double exposure

A small eagle tattoo on the wrist

An eagle tattoed on the back of the neck

Eagle Neck Tattoo

An eagle holding a rope tattooed on a woman’s thigh

An eagle holding a dreamcatcher

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