50+ Amazing Matching Tattoo Ideas You Should Try

By Jason Hamilton / June 26, 2019
Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo 8
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Searching for inspiration for some fresh new ink? Look no further. This list rounds up unique ideas for matching tattoos, from the intricate and colorful to the abstract and monochromatic. Whether they’re inked on the arms, legs, or chest, these body art designs make a huge impact. The top matching tattoos come in many forms. Some cute matching tattoo designs contain messages of love, while other cool matching tattoos feature inside jokes. A few unique matching tattoos also contain nature artwork like birds or butterflies.

What types of designs will you find on this list of one-of-a-kind matching tattoo ideas? Hearts are popular imagery when it comes to matching tattoos. Some matching heart tattoos also contain loving quotes – perfect for couples. Puzzle pieces are another popular choice when it comes to matching tattoos, as are dynamic designs featuring locks and keys. Other good body art styles featured on this roundup of the best matching tattoo ideas include intersecting designs and song lyrics.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our matching tattoo ideas that will make you go “hmm” and get one for the two of you! We will also be sharing with you our richly curated gallery of matching tattoo designs to get your research going!


Why Get A Matching Tattoo?

Matching couple tattoos are a great way of expressing the love you have for one another. You can show your passion to the world by having a tattoo that is just about the two of you. Imagine how you will feel every time you lay eyes on your tattoo, it will only make your love blossom more.

Tattoos are becoming more and more accepted and popular these days. Even young kids are looking forward to the day that they can flaunt something that speaks of their own personality. There are many different tattoo ideas for all those love birds out there that can be romantic or fun choices. It connects the two of you as a small commitment that you will be together forever. They will strengthen your love and the bond that you two share. Every time you see the tattoo, you will be reminded of the love that you share.


Here are some of the best matching tattoo designs we can think of!

(We may feature a single tattoo design but that does not mean it cannot be a matching tattoo design. We placed it in this list because we think it will work!)


The Infinity Tattoo

A number of symbols have been used with specific meanings. Some are definite while others have some hidden meanings. One of the top symbols that have a definite meaning is the infinity symbol. This symbol has been used in many areas, including tattoos. The infinity tattoo designs are commonly applied by many people and they have different meanings all together.

The infinity symbol is currently used by many people and in many ways and applications. Even though it was first used in mathematics, it is used in different areas currently. The thing about this symbol is that you will never get to the end of it. It has no start, nor an end. It has two halves, which could mean that there are two sections, persons, lives or different aspects joined together.


In as much as the tattoo symbol has a common meaning, it is used in different ways. They will be applied in different design and style. The design and/or style of the tattoo applied will depend on what it will mean. One thing about these tattoos is that they are very attractive in nature.

Here are the various designs you can do with an infinity tattoo:


An infinity ouroboros snake with three heads and tails tattooed on the sleeves.

A beautifully crafted and intricately made watercolor infinity ouroboros tattoo on the forearm.


A small two-headed infinity Ouroboros tattoo on the back.

Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo 7

A classic infinity feather tattoo but in 3D placed just below the nape


A feather tattoo with a birthdate in roman numerals resembling an infinity symbol

A multicolored vibrant watercolor tattoo on the back with two names and a heart forming an infinity symbol.


A pair of couple watercolor tattoo of the infinity symbol on the wrist.

A vividly colored and detailed watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an infinity symbol with two dog paws and a heart.

A large and vibrantly colored infinity watercolor tattoo inked on the forearm with the word grateful.


A highly detailed and vibrantly colored small watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an arrow twisted to be an infinity symbol.

An intricately made red watercolor tattoo of flowers and the infinity symbol with the words strong, capable, worthy, and smart.


The Yin Yang Tattoo

Everyone desires for peace, the tranquility of the soul, and of course, balance in their lives. The Yin and Yang symbol or more commonly known in East Asian countries as the Taijitu symbol represents the balance humanity must achieve to reach spiritual peace and enlightenment. Yin yang tattoo designs also aim to represent what the wearer of the tattoo strives for in life. Join us as we explore how this symbol of spiritual balance became one of the most famous East Asian tattoo designs today.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Since the yin and yang symbol has been around for quite some time now and its roots came from the most populous country in the world, various designs have propped up across the globe in the many Chinese communities that dotted cities, towns, and countries across the globe. Though one may see various designs where the Yin and Yang is almost not foreseeable, the concept of the Yin and Yang is still visible.

Here are the various Yin Yang tattoo designs you might want to see for yourself:

A small but elegant couple yin yang tattoo.

A highly detailed couple yin yang tattoo on the thighs.


A simple couple yin yang tattoo on the wrist.


A couple yin yang tattoo on the feet with night sky and sun detailing.

A couple yin yang tattoo disguised as the spirits Tui and La.


An intricately designed and highly detailed couple yin yang tattoo.

A simple couple yin yang tattoo on the forearms.

A couple yin yang tattoo with dream catcher detailing.


An intricate couple yin yang tattoo disguised as feather tattoos.

An intricate and highly detailed artsy couple yin yang tattoo.


A highly detailed brush stroke yin yang tattoo.


A purple and black watercolor brush stroke yin yang tattoo.

An intricate brush stroke yin and yang tattoo.

A simple but elegant brush stroke yin yang tattoo.

A brush stroke yin yang tattoo on the shoulder mimicking a wave.

A highly detailed brush stroke yin yang tattoo design.

A large brush stroke yin yang tattoo on the back.

A pink, black, and blue watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A blue watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A blue green and black watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A blue and red watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A colorful cosmic watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A colorful and vibrant watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A pink and blue watercolor yin yang yang tattoo.

The Semicolon Tattoo

In recent years, you may have noticed a growing trend for tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike; they sport a semicolon tattoo in a visible portion of their body. This semicolon tattoo they have do not only look beautiful and simplistic but it also holds a valuable meaning to life and a growing movement to support the people who are losing the will to live. By wearing this tattoo, the body art industry is showing its solidarity to the people who need help.

This punctuation mark is not that significant, right? You might even think of it as a nuisance during your grammar class days because you do not even know when and where to put this punctuation in a statement. You always have this doubt in yourself if you need to use a semicolon or a period. If this is the case with the majority, then why have it as a tattoo design?

The semicolon is simply explained as a punctuation mark that is often used by authors when they could have just ended the sentence but opted not to and instead continued on. In this context, one might ask what is the relevance of this explanation to a movement that is growing today. The answer to that question is that the semicolon is a symbol of a mental health and suicide awareness movement wherein the explanation of the punctuation mark kind of corresponds to the life of an individual.

The wonderful thing about semicolon tattoos is that since this tattoo design is very simplistic, the design does not prefer any gender or sexuality. The semicolon tattoo has been a symbol of solidarity which is why it is universally considered as a tattoo design for all. Men, women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, all genders in the spectrum fully embraced the semicolon tattoo as a sign of modern society’s continuing efforts to reduce the cases of suicides and depressions in communities harrowed by these problems.

Here are some of the best semicolon tattoo design we saw:

A couple semicolon tattoo situated on the hand and the wrist.

a small semicolon tattoo on the wrist.

A large wrist semicolon tattoo on an arm with visible evidence of self-harm.

A semicolon tattoo on the wrist designed with a flower-like structure.

A semicolon tattoo on the wrist.

A semicolon tattoo on the wrist with the words “Not done” below.

A wrist tattoo of the word “warrior” and an arrow with the semicolon replacing the letter i.

a semicolon tattoo on the side of the wrist.

a wrist tattoo of a semicolon with the words “My story isn’t over yet”.

A watercolor tattoo of a semicolon on the wrist.

Another watercolor tattoo of a semicolon on the wrist but this time without a black base.

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