50+ Amazing Native American Tattoo Designs To Look Back Into

By Jason Hamilton / March 24, 2019
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If you are looking for a way to represent the extreme love you have for your Native American refinement than do that with a stunning tattoo innovation. These Native American tattoo blueprints are a great way to represent the rage you have for your inheritance. Some of the earliest colonists have tattoos such as these because of their love of culture.

The Native American culture is a very old and Negro spiritual one. Many tattoo designs were once done as a religious practice session. There are many different elements to a Native American tattoo such as doll, reptilian, fauna and tribal wearable.

In this article, we will be looking at our amazingly curated gallery of Native American tattoo designs as well as the various designs we can do with this tattoo style.


The Designs For A Native American Tattoo

A great many Native American societies sprung up throughout the times. Way before the Europeans came to America to colonize the “New World”, American Indians already cultivated the land and harmonized with it. Which is why Native American tattoo designs are not a surprise, every culture, every society, will have its own tattoo motif to be inked in its most powerful men and individuals.

Here are just some of the best Native American tattoo designs we saw on the internet that will really surprise you:


Aztec Tattoo

The Aztecs were established in 1430 when the alliance of three early-Mexican city-states was formed. From this alliance, they made a city floating within the lake and named it Tenochtitlan which means “Among the prickly pear rocks”, a divine sign that the people saw as their city’s future location. From this city, they expanded in all directions and alongside their dominion’s expansion, so too the city’s footprint.

Aztec Art has become a famous tattoo design due to its various symbolisms. The Aztecs used pictography as a way of writing which resulted in a rich resource of tattoo designs for artists and enthusiasts. Though their way of living and writing died with their civilization, the imagery they left still lives on to various art media including body art and tattoos.


Here are some of the best Aztec tattoo designs out there:

A ruined Aztec Calendar as a sleeve tattoo.


Aztec Calendar Sleeve Tattoo

A large shoulder tattoo of the Sun Stone.


A fading-styled leg tattoo of the Aztec calendar.


A hand tattoo of the Sun Stone’s centerpiece.


A large back tattoo of the Sun Stone.

A sternum tattoo of an Aztec eagle with modern influences.


A colorful watercolor shoulder blade tattoo of an Aztec eagle.

A flying Aztec eagle inked on the shoulder blade.

A two-headed Aztec eagle tattooed on the leg.


A shoulder tattoo of a dead Aztec warrior.

A large intricate full back Aztec tattoo of a warrior and a priestess.


A classic leg Aztec tattoo of an Aztec warrior.

A realistic shoulder Aztec tattoo of a face of an Aztec warrior.


A complex sleeve Aztec tattoo of a warrior with the Sun Stone in the background.


An intricate shoulder Aztec tattoo of a warrior with an eagle and temple at the background.

Aztec Warrior Sleeve Tattoo

The Dream Catcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher’s origins date back to the Native Americans. The Native Americans are a group of people that have a strong belief in spirits and other divine beings. They also have a strong love and care for nature. This can be seen in the fact that dreamcatchers are typically made with materials like wood, bird feathers and more.

The dreamcatcher is also a very popular tattoo design when it comes to the Native American culture. It is a well-known symbol that people still use to this day as a means of warding off evil spirits. It’s a colorful and very original tattoo design that can be made more creative as you add things to it. You can incorporate beads, feathers and even insects to the design. It follows no specific pattern so you can be as creative as you want.

Here are some of the best dream catcher tattoo designs we saw on the internet that might interest you:

An owl tattoo with a chest made of a dreamcatcher


Two colorful feathery dreamcatchers strategically combined to resemble an owl

A unique dream catcher tattoo with an eye of a fierce owl

An owl seated on the centerpiece of a dream catcher tattoo


A multi-colored owl situated atop of a dream catcher tattoo

A colored simple dream catcher tattoo adorned with pink roses


A beautiful purple and blue watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo with blue lilies


A realistic dream catcher tattoo designed with various colorful flowers

A black ink dream catcher tattoo with a 3D rose on top

A memorial dream catcher tattoo with sunflowers, dates, and name


A black and blue trash polka tattoo of a dreamcatcher with butterflies

A highly detailed dream catcher tattoo with a monarch butterfly

A realistic dream catcher tattoo with a butterfly lying on its centerpiece

A richly detailed dream catcher and butterfly tattoo placed on the rib area

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are probably among the most popular tattoo designs of all time. With virtually an endless number of variations, they can suit any person’s preferences. When we observe the animals in the realm of tattoos, wolves are among the most sought after.

So, what lies behind most tribal wolf tattoos? In most cases, the design is based on one, singular wolf. This is a bit contradictory, as it may indicate that a person wearing that tattoo considers himself a lone wolf.

The dual nature of the wolves is often symbolized in tattoo designs, as they often tend to be both nurturing and destructive.

Oftentimes, those who consider themselves warriors will opt for a simple tribal wolf tattoo. By contrast, girls who want to reflect their nurturing side can opt for a tribal wolf tattoo depicting a mother wolf with her cubs.

Here are some of the best tribal wolf tattoo designs we saw that you might be interested in:

A large tribal tattoo of a howling wolf.

A watercolor tattoo of a wolf howling to a blue moon.

A super-detailed wolf tattoo with tribal pattern detailing.

A large shoulder tattoo of a howling wolf with typical tribal details.

A cool green tattoo of a wolf with a tribal-esque take.

A beautiful drawing-like tattoo of a wolf with blue eyes and tribal patterns.

A small tribal wolf tattoo on the ankle.

A small tattoo on the side of a wolf howling to a blue moon.

A tribal-detailed wolf tattoo looking at a crescent moon.

Native American Tattoo Designs For Men

Native American culture is dominated by powerful male members of society. They project their power through their big headdresses and intricate tattoo designs on their body. Which is why it will not come as a surprise that most Native American tattoo designs are made with men in mind. A good majority of American male individuals are still getting this tattoo because of that rich diversity of designs made for men which is why this tattoo still maintains a significant foothold on the American tattoo scene.

Here are just some of the best Native American tattoo designs for men we saw that will really spark your interest:

A flying Aztec eagle inked on the shoulder blade.

A two-headed Aztec eagle tattooed on the leg.

The head of an Aztec eagle as a chest tattoo.

A small wrist tattoo of an Aztec eagle.

A traditional Aztec eagle tattoo in an upright position inked on the sleeve area.

A traditional Aztec eagle tattooed on the arm.

A black ink dreamcatcher with a yin-yang symbol tattooed on the upper arm


A dream catcher tattoo on the bicep with orange feathers


A dreamcatcher overlapping with a wolf’s paw print and face


A dreamcatcher tattoo with a paw print made with black ink


A full upper back tattoo of dream catchers in black ink


The Native American Tattoo For Women

Women, although seen as less responsible for men in Native American societies, still hold a large responsibility although to a lesser extent. While men are in charge of politics, women are often seen in Native American communities as those who are responsible to teach their customs and preach the word of their beliefs.

The Native American tattoo designs for women that are available are far lesser than those of men which is why most American women who want to have a Native American tattoo opt for the classic dreamcatcher tattoo.

Here are some of the best Native American tattoo designs we have seen on women:

A beautiful Native American Indian inspired wolf tattoo.

A usual tribal-inspired wolf tattoo.

A super-detailed tattoo of a wolf with Native American Indian details.

A unique 3D dream catcher tattoo with only one feather


A big dream catcher tattoo placed on the left thigh


Another dream catcher tattoo on the left thigh but is made using the watercolor technique


A dream catcher adorned with cherry blossoms tattooed on the thigh


A 3D dreamcatcher on the thigh designed with pink roses



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