50+ Amazingly Beautiful Thigh Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

By Jason Hamilton / June 14, 2019
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Tattoos are part of many cultures. The word tattoo came from a Tahitian term known as tatu. This term literally means, “to mark something”. True enough, ancient people used tattoos to mark members of a particular organization. Tattooing started for several purposes.

One purpose of tattoos was to identify members of a certain organization. Since various organizations and tribes already existed even during the ancient times, it’s only fitting for them to have their own symbols marked on the members. This will differentiate members of one group from the other.

Another purpose of tattoos, during the ancient times, is to ensure loyalty. This is still applicable even up to this present moment. Tattoos are permanent body markings that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Loyalty is one of the pillars of many groups, especially fraternities and sororities. Before you become a member of the fraternity or sorority, you need to undergo initiation, which usually includes marking you with tattoos. The tattoo will be there to remind you to stay loyal to the brotherhood and sisterhood.


Usually, conservative organizations encourage members to get thigh tattoos. This placement is ideal for people who don’t want to flaunt their tattoos all the time. A tattoo located on the thighs can be conveniently covered by pants or even shorts.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our richly curated gallery of thigh tattoo designs that you will absolutely adore! We will also discuss with you a background on thigh tattoo designs and the various tattoo styles you can do with the thigh tattoo.


Pros And Cons Of A Thigh Tattoo

Although thigh tattoos have a particularly sultry appeal (when chosen wisely) on a woman, this space isn’t gender specific. The thigh is a bigger part of the body, no matter what size you are you’ll have decent space to work with.

Pros and cons are a fair way to figure out if something works for you, in this case: thigh tattoos. When it comes to weight both loss and gain in rapid and/or large amounts tattoos can be effectively damaged. Also, the sun will bake them out bad. Thighs are prone to cellulite and many people have stretch marks in that area, things like this are important to keep in mind if a thigh tattoo is going to happen. Maybe not for everyone but it is very possible ink on the thigh won’t look as beautiful as ever, forever.

Should you be fortunate enough to not struggle with weight issues and are able to lotion away stretch marks while blocking out UV rays, a pro is that thigh tattoos don’t hurt that much. They hurt, obviously, it’s a needle not a crayon but the pain from thigh tattoos is tolerable and far from a placement of cringing discomfort. Before you’re through weighing it out scroll these works ideas. Search for inspiration because legs and thigh tattoos go well together! See if you’re someone who could rock thigh tattoos or not.

The Pain Levels Of Getting A Thigh Tattoo

There are four major nerves that run through the legs. Branches of the femoral nerve and the femoral cutaneous nerve are found throughout the thigh and make it an uncomfortable place to have tattooed overall, with the inner thigh being the most sensitive. It may seem counter-intuitive since our thighs are fairly meaty compared to other areas of the body, but there are few “safe” spots to have tattooed in this region. The top of the thigh, over the quadriceps, is probably the least painful area to have tattooed compared to the inner thigh or the back of the thigh, where the sciatic nerve also comes into play.

The Designs For A Thigh Tattoo

Since this is not a style of tattoo but rather a body placement of one, a lot of tattoo designs can be used in this space from the very minimalist simple geometric tattoo to the more detailed neotraditional and watercolor tattoo designs. We have listed below just some of the designs you can do with the thigh tattoo.

Here are just some of the tattoo designs for a thigh tattoo:


The Mandala Tattoo

The mandala has been a religious symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism and with almost two billion people adhering to these religions, it comes to no surprise that this symbol slowly crept into the body art industry and the tattoo community. Numerous mandala tattoo designs sprung up from all corners of the globe, capturing the attention of millions, if not billions. We are one of those fascinated by the mandala tattoo which is why we want to share with you our fascination with the said tattoo design.

The mandala has basically been the international symbol of Indian culture and most especially the Hindu sector of Indian society and you can clearly see why since most of their historic structures are fully adorned by mandalas in one form or another. From these structures, the mandala symbol caught on in popular media through famous Bollywood films and is now a mainstay tattoo design in the tattoo community with a variety of designs available for both genders.


Like we have said earlier, various tattoo designs sprung up on all corners of the globe (with a majority of them coming from Indian diasporas in various countries)  which now makes this tattoo one of the most common and famous. Different communities will have different interpretation or modification of the design but overall, you can still see the form of a mandala.

Here are some mandala tattoo designs we have gathered from all over the globe.


An exquisite and highly detailed floral mandala design on the thighs.

An elephant with mandala design elements as the perfect thigh tattoo for you.


This brown colored hip floral mandala tattoo will definitely bring out your inner seductive personality.

Another intricate hip tattoo overflowing with confidence and sultriness.


A highly detailed mandala tattoo with a wolf.

A highly detailed mandala tattoo.


A highly detailed mandala tattoo with lace detail.

A highly detailed mandala tattoo with lace detail.

A highly detailed tribal mandala tattoo


A highly detailed mandala tattoo on the thigh.

A highly detailed mandala tattoo


The Jellyfish Tattoo

Jellyfishes have roamed the seas for millions of years. They are considered a living fossil by some due to their age. But despite this, the jellyfish has continued to thrive even in the harsh environment of today. Our fondness for them came from their squishy bodies with around hundreds of species of jellyfish traveling the seas at any given second, it came to no surprise that tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts have drawn inspiration from the graceful, yet deadly, jellyfish for beautiful and stunning jellyfish tattoo designs.

Jellyfishes are often depicted in tattoo designs as what they are and are often in contrast to other marine-themed tattoos such as Octopus and Kraken Tattoos where you can add your own touch to it. This specific tattoo design is actually famous for watercolor tattoos. Artists and enthusiasts can have their own colors be implemented into the design.

Here are some pictures of jellyfish tattoo designs to inspire your next tattoo.

An extremely colorful watercolor tattoo of a non-translucent jellyfish with extremely detailed tentacles under the blue sea which is inked on the thigh area.

An eerie-looking jellyfish tattoo with cyan and red accent colors to further its eerie looks.


A really colorful thigh tattoo of a jellyfish with watercolor as its ink.


A realistic depiction of a box jellyfish as a thigh tattoo.

A watercolor tattoo of a jellyfish with purple, blue, and red accent colors.


A thigh ring tattoo of a jellyfish surrounding the thigh.

An artsy thigh tattoo of a jellyfish.

A highly detailed jellyfish tattoo on the thigh.


Another highly detailed jellyfish tattoo on the thigh.

A highly detailed and brightly colored jellyfish tattoo on the thigh.


The Geometric Tattoo

So before we get onto geometric tattoos, you must first know the inspiration behind the said tattoo design which is geometry. well, what is geometry?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This branch of mathematics, and in extension, science, is mostly considered as a graphic, logical, and numerical form of thinking. It is filled with figures, lines, and measurements which makes it a very interesting field of mathematics.

We are pretty sure, however, that the reason why geometric tattoo designs were inspired by geometry was not that of the measurements but rather the figures in this intellectual field. Geometric tattoos explore the idea of using numerous lines to form a unique shape and figure which can accentuate a simple tattoo.

Since its introduction in the body art industry a few years ago, a lot of designs were made that can be classified under the geometric tattoo design category. Most of these designs are modern and artsy and here are some of the designs which feature geometric themes:

A highly detailed low poly geometric tattoo of a sword pierced heart on the thigh.


A low poly geometric tattoo of a rabbit with watercolor detailing to accentuate its visual appeal.

A line geometric tattoo of an elephant and its trunk is drawn by only using one line.

A thigh tattoo that features an elephant’s face and trunk drawn by using only one line.

A thigh tattoo that features the outline of a woman using only one line.

A highly detailed low poly geometric tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on the thigh.

A floral geometric thigh tattoo.

A floral geometric thigh tattoo.

A floral geometric thigh tattoo.

A floral geometric thigh tattoo.

geometric thigh tattoo 4

The Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos have a significant foothold in the body art industry for several decades now. Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike know this tattoo design; even the newbies of the industry also know this tattoo design. This comes as no surprise since roses are very famous and an image of a rose can mean a lot of things. Its slender stem and beautiful petals seriously captivated the world over and to understand the captivation of the tattoo community to this gorgeous flower, one must have a background about the rose.

The meaning of a rose tattoo, generally speaking, depends on the color of the rose and these meanings are still based on their real-world counterparts. Here are a few rose tattoo meanings we came across:

 Yellow Rose

A yellow rose symbolizes joy, protection against envious lovers, and mature love.

White Roses

A white rose symbolizes purity, mysticism, and a secret admirer.

Red Roses

A red rose typically thought of as symbolizing romance or passionate love, but they also represent sacrifice or memorial.

Pink Roses

A pink rose is a representative of healing, first love, and innocence.

Blue Roses

A blue rose signifies the unattainable or the impossible.

Black Roses

A black rose is a symbol of death and farewell. (This is not necessarily morbid; it can carry a message of a memorial.)

Want this tattoo design? Here are a few rose tattoo ideas we have seen on the web:

A vibrant red rose tattoo on the thigh.

A large thigh tattoo of detailed pink roses with doodle detailing as additional detail.

A large thigh tattoo of a vibrant blue rose with lace detailing as additional embellishment.

A medium-sized black rose tattoo situated on the thigh.

A leg tattoo of a black rose with leaves.

A thigh tattoo of a skull and rose with the rosary and a butterfly perched on the skull.

A thigh tattoo of a skull enveloped by a purple rose.

A watercolor rose tattoo of a pink rose on the thigh.

The Dream Catcher Tattoo

The dream catcher’s origins date back to the Native Americans. The Native Americans are a group of people that have a strong belief in spirits and other divine beings. They also have a strong love and care for nature. This can be seen in the fact that dream catchers are typically made with materials like wood, bird feathers and more.

After the colonization and modernization, the dream catcher stayed strong throughout the years. The tool emerged once again in the late 90s and now, more families are using these to protect themselves from bad dreams and to give their homes a unique touch of Native American culture.

Similar to the patterns on a dream catcher, its symbolism is also complex. The key representation of dream catchers is that it is a symbol of protection and safety. This stems from the deep origin of the tool as people use it to protect themselves from bad dreams using this. To this day, people use dream catchers for the same purpose

To this day, this is the common association for dream catchers as these tools are used for the same purpose. Aside from bad dreams, modern people also believe that dream catchers can protect them from negative spirits and bad omens.

Dream catchers are pleasing to sleep beside with and they are also pleasing to have as tattoos. The unique design gives people the chance to really differentiate themselves for others. Thus, it should be no surprise that there are many who want to have this tool inked on their bodies. Those who are dreaming about getting a tattoo one day should definitely have dream catchers as one of their options. Here are some common dream catcher designs for you to have an idea on your tattoo’s design.

Here are some of the best dream catcher designs we have found on the internet:

A memorial dream catcher tattoo with sunflowers, dates, and name

A closed-winged butterfly atop a dreamcatcher adorned with a heart, yin-yang, and peace symbol

A very encouraging quote just below a dream catcher tattoo

A quote of a realistic dream catcher tattoo that translates to, “I’m a sister of my story.”

A blue crescent moon inside a brown dream catcher’s centerpiece with a name

A silhouette of a howling wolf inside a dream catcher’s centerpiece

A wolf seated in front of a dream catcher tattoo

A big dream catcher tattoo placed on the left thigh

Another dream catcher tattoo on the left thigh but is made using the watercolor technique

A dream catcher adorned with cherry blossoms tattooed on the thigh


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