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50+ Armband Tattoo Ideas and Designs and their Different Meanings

By Jason Hamilton / April 24, 2020
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Tattoos are not just nice form of body art because of how they can help you express yourself but they also make a nice addition to the body because of the fact that they can also accentuate certain parts of the body. Take armband tattoos for instance, no matter what kind of armband tattoos ideas and designs you ink on your skin, it will always accentuate your arm. And, of course, they come in different meanings. And if you’re eyeing on this tattoo here are some more reasons to go for it.


Level of Pain

The level of pain that you will feel whenever you get a tattoo apparently varies. This is because there are a number of factors that can determine the level of pain that it can give. One of which is the placement. You see, if a tattoo is placed on a part of a body that has less fat or muscle, expect that it will hurt more. This is because fats and muscles act as a cushion to minimize the pain that the tattooing process brings.

As for armband tattoos, they are placed on the widest part of the bicep and on the widest part of the forearm. And in these parts, we have more muscle to cushion us from the needles.


A Wonder Woman-inspired armband tattoo


A Rick and Morty armband tattoo on the forearm


That said, it will feel less painful. However, we’re not saying you will not feel any pain at all. Actually, with all the needles used to insert ink on your skin, technically, you will feel pain. Even so, when compared to bony areas such as the ribs, collarbones, and the likes, it’s less painful.


And speaking of placements, another reason why you should give armband tattoos ideas and designs a go is that they are easy to hide.


Although many people are embracing body art even more and in spite of the existence of tattoos even during the time of our ancestors, there are still people who view such art differently. There are still cultures that see tattoos as dirty or associated with bad guys. And even at work, some people would even ask their employees to hide their tattoos because it affects their professional image.

But the good thing about armband tattoos is that they are easy to conceal. No matter what armband tattoos ideas and designs you have, you can just hide them with your sleeves.


And they are easy to show off too. And when you do, they don’t just give you some cool vibes but they can also accentuate your arms.

Armband Tattoos Ideas and Designs and Meanings

The meaning of armband tattoos varies depending on its design. Take a look at these popular armband tattoos ideas and designs and see what they mean in case you’re still undecided on your armband tattoo design.


Black Armband Tattoos

Black armband tattoos are nice to look at because of its simplicity. Basically, it’s just a black line that’s wrapped around your arm. However, contrary to what we see with our eyes, it’s more than just a simple black line or band. Apparently, such tattoo is used to carry the memories of a lost friend or relative as it mimics the black armband cloth that has been traditionally worn as a sign of mourning following a death of a loved one. And since tattoos are permanent, it can also be used as a sign of long-term mourning. Here are some black armband tattoos ideas and designs.

A solid black armband tattoo wherein the upper armband tattoo is much thicker than the one below it


A minimalist armband tattoo with cuffs (the ones placed on the wrist)

Forearm tattoos of two black armbands with equal thickness


A black armband tattoo with a blue line in the middle

Three armband tattoos with different thickness

Three simple black armband tattoos on the forearm

Barbed Wire

Nope, this tattoo isn’t just made to make you look tough because, you know, because barbed wires hurt and are used to protect our homes. This armband tattoo is actually something that signifies Christianity and Jesus Christ because it kind of looks like the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head as he was about to be crucified. It is also a symbol of hope, faith, and salvation. Here are some ideas on that.


A thin barbed wire armband tattoo

A barbed wire tattoo with realistic details


A tattood of a barbed wire giving off some subtle tribal vibes

A barbed wire paired with vines of ivy


A slanted armband tattoo of a barbed wire with realistic details

Cherry Blossom

Aside from its beauty, cherry blossoms are also one of the popular armband tattoos ideas and designs because it symbolizes love, femininity, as well as courage. It also serves as a reminder of life’s fragility. Here are some inspirations you can use.


A cherry blossom tattoo used as an armband in black ink

A dotwork armband tattoo of cherry blossom flowers in black ink


Another cherry blossom armband but this time it’s much thinner

A thick bicep armband tattoo of cherry blossom flowers

A watercolor tattoo of cherry blossoms used as an armband


Using a peony for an armband is also a nice idea. Because aside from its aesthetics, it also symbolizes the transitory nature of existence and fragility. Such flower can also depict the greater rewards that you can get only if you take risks.


An intricately detailed peony armband tattoo

A peony tattoo with a thin armband tattoo


Black armband tattoos combined with a peony tattoo


Peony tattoo and different flowers paired with black armband tattoos

A thick black armband tattoo with peony flowers at the center


Polynesian tattoos also make nice armband tattoo designs. This is because aside from the fact that you can get to show off your heritage and culture (in case you are a Polynesian), it also has various symbols with different meanings. A spearhead symbol can mean fight and courage, a shark’s teeth can represent a Polynesian deity, etc. Here are some ideas on that. You can also check out Polynesian tattoo recommendations.

A Polynesian armband tattoo with sun and shark’s teeth symbols

An armband tattoo with Polynesian symbols placed on the forearm

A combination of Marquesan cross and turtle symbols

A simpler Polynesian armband tattoo

A combination of leaves, spearheads, and shark’s teeth symbols

Celtic Knot

Celtic knots, like Polynesian tattoo symbols, can also represent one’s heritage and culture. But it can also represent unending love, as well as humanity.

A simple Celtic armband tattoo on the forearm

Another simple Celtic armband tattoo but is placed on the bicep

A Celtic knot armband tattoo paired with a Celtic cross tattoo placed on the bicep

A Celtic knot armband in blue ink

A Celtic knot armband paired with a simple and thin black armband tattoo

Native American

If you want to show off your Native American heritage, this one is your best bet. But, made with a design in the form of a rope tied around the arm with feathers and beads hanging from it, this makes a nice tattoo if you’re for aesthetics. You can also opt for a bull skull, a dreamcatcher tattoo, and other totems. Here are some Native American armband tattoos ideas and designs that you might want to consider.

A braided hair with feathers and beads

A Native American armband with names

A realistic native American armband

A Native American armband in blue and black ink with hints of brown

A dream catcher tattoo for an armband


The cross can represent your faith and religion. And the best part of this tattoo is that it goes well with other armband tattoos ideas and designs. And, of course, it will not just add aesthetics but it will also enhance your armband tattoos’ meaning.

Black armband tattoo paired with a cross, alpha, and omega symbols

Black armband tattoos with a cross in the middle


The ancient Aztecs are well-known for their tattooing and body-marking skills and their symbols make nice aesthetics for armband tattoos. And what makes this design a nice idea for an armband tattoo is that like the Polynesian tattoo, it also comes in different symbols that have their own meanings. Usually, such symbols are associated with fertility, weather, and creativity. Here are some ideas.

A face or sun Aztec symbol

Animal symbols that would look best with thick width

This one kind of resembles Polynesian patterns

These patterns would look best with thicker strokes

This one has symbols with different strokes

A big Aztec sun armband tattoo

Name, Word, or Quote

If you want to personalize your armband tattoo, you can also add your name to it. Name tattoos can also be used to memorialize a person who has passed on. And to make it all the more meaningful, you can also add some quotes to it or words that will inspire you. Here are some samples.

A black armband tattoo with abstract symbols and names

A Greek armband tattoo

A colored armband tattoo of a DNA with names

A quote armband tattoo in Sanskrit

A quote armband tattoo that looks like a handwriting

A religious quote paired with a mountain tattoo

A forest armband tattoo with a quote from a book

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