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50+ Autism Tattoos to Show Support this World Autism Awareness Day

By Jason Hamilton / July 17, 2020
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We may already be a few months away from the World Autism Awareness Day but it’s never too late to commemorate it with autism tattoos. Whether you have autism or you know someone who has autism, this tattoo is perfect for you if you want to show support for someone close to your heart who deals with autism. But what is it and how do you distinguish autism tattoos from the other tattoo symbols?


Autism Awareness Symbol and History

Like the pink ribbon for cancer awareness or the rainbow logo to represent gay pride, there is also a symbol for autism awareness. And that is a jigsaw puzzle piece/s.

Back in 1963, the puzzle piece logo with a crying child was used by the National Autistic Society. They believed that this logo is effective in telling others something about autism – and that is people with this condition are “handicapped by a puzzling condition” that isolates them from normal human contact that hinders them from fitting in.


For some, this logo for autism awareness indeed shows the struggles of having such condition. Some people see it as a symbol that reminds them that they are a part of the great puzzle of life. Meanwhile, others see it as a symbol that tells how different people with autism are and in spite of that, this shows that all of us belong and are needed.

However, it didn’t sit well with many, especially to those who have autism. For them, such logo is not a symbol of hope. For them, it just provides a demeaning view of autism that only focuses on misunderstanding and neurotypicals.


It may have received a lot of criticisms. However, to this day, the puzzle piece remains the image that represents autism. But it doesn’t have that image of a sad child anymore. Many people tweaked this logo a bit and jigsaw puzzle pieces with various colors are now widely considered as a symbol for autism awareness, especially in the world of body art. Here are some samples for that.

But a jigsaw puzzle piece carries more meaning than that.


Aside from showing your support for loved ones who have autism, you can also use this tattoo for different representations. Take a look at these design variations.

Autism Tattoos and its Other Meanings and Designs

Puzzle Piece Love Tattoo

A puzzle piece tattoo can also be used to express your love for someone with or without autism. Whether this is a best friend or a partner, the idea of this tattoo is about you two fitting together like two puzzle pieces. Like the puzzle, one person will not be complete without the other which makes it a nice way to represent a bond between two people.


A combination of puzzle pieces, lock, and key tattoos placed on the wrist


Infinity sign, love, and puzzle piece tattoos combined


An outline wrist tattoo of jigsaw puzzle piece with red ink heart


A word tattoo with colorful jigsaw puzzle

A puzzle piece with hearts


A heart-shaped puzzle balloon tattoo with a quote that reads “different but not less”

Puzzle pieces that form heart shape

A sketch-style puzzle piece tattoo with a heart


A combination of puzzle and word tattoos

Missing Puzzle Piece

Since a puzzle will not be complete without the other piece, a missing puzzle piece can represent how empty or incomplete you are without a loved one that’s closest to your heart by your side. It could be a partner, a family who has passed, or even a person with autism that’s away from you now.

A realistic puzzle tattoo on the forearm


A puzzle tattoo with a missing piece

A unique realistic missing puzzle piece tattoo on the forearm


A matching heart puzzle tattoo in pink ink


A puzzle with missing pieces with a girl at the center tattooed on the calf

A matching puzzle tattoo etched on the forearm


A puzzle heart with a missing piece tattooed on the back

A 3D wrist tattoo of a missing puzzle piece

A missing puzzle piece with a rainbow backdrop

Behind Ear Puzzle Piece

Whether you have autism or a loved one has autism, you can also show support by having a puzzle piece tattoo behind your year. Though the placement has nothing to do with its meaning, the puzzle piece tattoo makes a nice tat behind the ear because it would still look good regardless of its size unlike other tattoo symbols out there.


A jigsaw puzzle piece in black ink tattooed behind the left ear

An outline tattoo of a puzzle piece behind the ear

Wrist Puzzle Piece Tat

A puzzle piece wrist tattoo is also a nice idea not just because the wrist is a popular spot for tattoos. Rather, it is also nice to have because it is exposed. This means you can get to see it all day which will remind you of someone that the tattoo represents.


An outline of a puzzle piece placed on the left wrist


This one, on the other hand, is placed o the right wrist and has a thicker outline

This puzzle piece wrist tattoo has a small heart on its upper right corner

This combination of a puzzle piece and heart tattoos has realistic details that make it look like it’s floating

A colorful puzzle piece tattoo

A blue ink puzzle piece tattoo paired with a word tattoo that reads “hope”

Matching puzzle piece tattoos with watercolor details

A simple outline tattoo of a puzzle piece at the center of the wrist area

Jigsaw puzzle pieces in red, blue, and yellow ink etched on the left wrist

Matching outline tattoos on the side of the wrist

A blue autism puzzle piece tattoo with a heart

A unique white ink tattoo of a jigsaw puzzle piece on the left wrist

A 3D wrist tattoo of a puzzle paired with a word that reads “hope”

A simple puzzle piece tattoo in blue ink etched on the left wrist

Other Puzzle Piece Designs

Since the puzzle piece tattoo is versatile in terms of aesthetics, you can also combine it with other tattoo symbols. For instance, you can add rainbow colors to it that can represent diversity, a rose tattoo that means strength that will help you send a message to people with such condition to remain strong, etc.

A puzzle piece tattoo with a splash of different colors paired with an inspiring quote

An autism tattoo with Marvel superheroes

A cute Groot autism awareness tattoo on the calf

A turtle autism awareness tattoo with a name

A unique watercolor puzzle piece tattoo on the wrist

An autism awareness tattoo on the hand with a word that reads “love”

A blue ink rose tattoo with some petals made of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces

The Flash’s lightning bolt made with colorful puzzle pieces

A tattoo of Stitch holding a balloon made of colorful puzzle pieces placed on the upper part of the arm

Puzzle Piece Autism Tattoos Alternative

The jigsaw puzzle piece may be a good tattoo design because of its versatility and representation of one’s support for autism awareness. However, again, it’s a bit controversial as this design does not sit well with other people because they find it offensive. There is another symbol for autism tattoos, though – and that is the neurodiversity logo. It’s basically an infinity sign but it is rainbow-colored.

Unlike the previous logo, the puzzle piece, this one celebrates hope and diversity. The infinity symbol will remind you or anyone with autism to just keep going in life no matter what, and the variety of colors represents diversity just like the rainbow that represents gay pride. However, due to its colors that resemble the rainbow just like the colors for the gay pride logo, some might mistake it for a gay pride tattoo instead of an autism awareness tattoo. Still, it’s a nice tattoo for those who want to show support for the people with autism or even for themselves if they have autism too. Take a look at these samples that you can take some inspiration from that we’re sure you would love to have as well.

A small minimalist neurodiversity tattoo

A neurodiversity tattoo with an inspiring quote that reads “to thine own self be true”

This forearm tattoo is paired with a quote that reads “celebrate differences”

Another simple neurodiversity tattoo but this one is thicker

A simple black ink infinity tattoo that looks as if it’s bleeding with multiple colors

A neurodiversity tattoo paired with initials, puzzle piece, and a quote that says “define normal”

This one is also paired with a “define normal” quote but is inked on the nape

This one is inked on the forearm and it looks like a strand of DNA

Another minimalist neurodiversity tattoo on the wrist


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