50+ Best Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs and Placement Ideas

By Jason Hamilton / September 22, 2018
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The ideal tattoo is something that, of course, you are fond of. It also has to be something that is timeless and has a meaning for you. If you would ask us, a Celtic cross tattoo is one of the good designs out there. It’s not just gender-neutral but it also has various meanings.

The Celtic cross is one of the most popular symbols. For Christians, they often associate the said symbol with the religious doctrine. But the Celtic cross is not just about religion. Apparently, there’s more to it than that. In fact, for some people, it is a representation of their faith, hope, life, and honor. Some people also associate it with balance and unity. Additionally, it can also mean temperance, ascension, navigation, and transition. Apart from the meaning that it has, this symbol is also applicable to any gender. Add more details and it can even give the wearer a sophisticated look as he or she expresses himself. But how and when did this symbol started to gain more recognition and how did people associate this symbol with its now-known meanings?


Celtic Cross Tattoo Origin

We all probably recognize the Celtic cross as a common representation of Christianity. However, it didn’t originate from the said religion. Apparently, the Celtic cross rooted from the ancient pagan beliefs.


During their time, Pagan’s believed that the sun is the center of their life and that the circle of the Celtic cross symbolizes the sun. Some people also believed that the ring surrounding the center of the said cross stands for Christ’s supremacy over the Pagans’ sun worship. However, all the Celtic art temporarily ended in 1169  because of the Norman invasion.

In spite of that, it experienced a revival during the 19th century. This was because people developed a new interest in the Irish culture and a sense of nationalism. As a result, Celtics crosses reappeared. From then on, the said symbol can be seen anywhere as people use it as a design too. From pieces of jewelry to even townhouses’ designs, the Celtic cross has received more recognition.


It is also now used as a tattoo design. Just as how ancient people recognize it as a symbol of their faith, Celtic cross tattoo wearers can also show the world how devoted they are through the said tattoo design.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Cost

They say that the best things in life are free. While tattoos are one of the best things that you can use to express yourself, they don’t always come for free. However, we can’t exactly tell you how much would it cost you as there are many factors that contribute to the tattoo’s pricing.


A tattoo’s price, for instance, depends on its design. This means that the more complex the design is, the more dollars you’d have to pay. Also, it’s size play a factor in its pricing. If a tattoo is small and does not require too much work, then you can expect that the price will be much cheaper. Apart from that, a tattoo artist’s level of expertise plays a part as well. Some artists in other countries offer tattoos for free, though, but amateur tattoo artists usually do it to gain more experience. Even so, if luck is on your side, you can have a tattoo that’s professionally done for free as some well-known artists sometimes offer their services without asking for money. The placement of the tattoo plays a role in its pricing too. Finger tattoos’ initial price, for instance, are much cheaper compared to other tattoo placements.

For reference, an advertisement in Nevada, USA says that you can get a tattoo with a price that’s between $750 to $1,000. They can tattoo you even up to twelve hours straight as long as you’re able to stand it. If a tattoo parlor charges hourly, then the price would be between $40-$250 per hour on average. If you’ve decided to have a tattoo, take a look at these cool tattoo designs.


Celtic Cross Tattoos for Men

Although Celtic cross tattoos are gender-neutral, people can still tweak the design so it would match their personality as well as their gender preference. The placement of the tattoo can also play a part in making you look more masculine or feminine. If you want a more masculine aura, then these areas are some of the best spots to place your Celtic cross tattoo.


The bicep is one of the most popular spots for a tattoo as it is low on the pain scale. Additionally, it’s one of the spots where one can easily show his tattoo. But this body part is also a popular place for a tattoo because it makes guys look more manly, especially if the tattoo is big and has more details.


A black ink Chinese dragon wrapped around a Celtic cross tattoo.


Another black ink Celtic cross tattoo on the middle part of the bicep.

A 3D Celtic cross tattoo covering the whole right arm.


A Celtic cross with a Christogram that’s rendered as “ICXC NIKA” that means “Jesus Christ Conquers.”

A Celtic cross tattoo with names written on the halo.


A unique green Celtic cross tattoo with a shamrock in the middle, representing the holy trinity.

A Celtic cross tattoo inspired by the tree of life from the book of Jeremiah with symbols of alpha and omega.

Inner Bicep

Like the outer bicep, the inner bicep is also a spot that gives the wearer a masculine look. Be warned, though, that this spot is not for those who don’t have a high pain tolerance.

A Celtic cross tattoo on the left part of the chest.


A Celtic cross tattoo covering the whole upper part of the chest.

A Celtic cross tattoo with names over a cracked background.


A Celtic cross tattoo on the left part of the chest.

A smaller and simpler solid black ink Celtic cross tattoo.


A big outline Celtic cross tattoo with rays of light instead of a halo.


A classic traditional Celtic cross tattoo design with an Irish and American flag.


Although tattoos are popular, it doesn’t always work with everyone. People don’t always see it positively, especially in the professional world. If you’re worried that a tattoo will affect your career, you can have a Celtic cross tattoo on your back. It’s easy to show off yet it’s easy to hide as well whenever a situation permits.

A big scroll with names wrapped around a Celtic cross tattoo.


A Celtic cross tattoo with Roman numerals written on the halo.

A colored Celtic cross tattoo with a verse from the Bible’s book of John.

A black ink Celtic cross tattoo with hands holding a heart.


A big image of Archangel Michael kneeling atop a big Celtic cross tattoo.

A realistic Celtic cross tattoo on the upper part of the back.


A big Celtic cross with names and a date that almost covered the whole back.


Ribs are also one of the popular places for tattoos, particularly for the Celtic cross design. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to cover up, it can also accentuate the torso.


A 3D memorial Celtic cross tattoo on the side of the ribs.

A big and detailed Celtic cross tattoo on the left rib.

Another big black ink Celtic cross tattoo with richly detailed knots.

A Celtic cross tattoo detailed with knots and hands holding a heart.

Another 3D Celtic cross tattoo with initials and vines wrapped around the cross.

A breath-taking 3D Celtic cross tattoo that covers almost half of the torso.

A richly-detailed Celtic cross tattoo with the wearer’s job and motto.


The forearm is a spot where tattoos are hard to hide. Nevertheless, it’s the best spot if you want to be reminded of your devotion and other meanings that the Celtic cross has.

A solid black ink Celtic cross tattoo on the right forearm.

A black and grey ink Celtic cross tat with a shaded halo.

A grey ink Celtic cross with a quote that says, “thy will be done.”

A 3D Celtic cross tattoo that appears as if the skin if ripped.

Another 3D Celtic cross that also that also looks like the skin is ripped but drawn with grey ink.

A black Celtic cross over an outline of the country.

Celtic Cross Tattoos for Women

Women, of course, can wear Celtic cross tattoos too. But this type of tattoo design is not as common as other symbols for women because it’s one of the designs that can be painful because of the complex detail that it has. Regardless, it can still contain a deep meaning. Aside from its deep symbolizations, it can accentuate a woman’s body too. However, you might want to know which parts of your body will look good with this kind of design. If you are a woman who wants to have a Celtic cross tattoo, you might want to consider these tattoo placement ideas.


For women, the neck area is one of the areas where they place their tattoos. However, note that tattoos inked on this area are likely to fade fast as it’s often exposed.

A small and simple Celtic cross at the back of the neck.

A Celtic cross tattoo with good shade work that’s also on the nape.

A big and elegant Celtic cross tattoo with rich details.

An ornamental Celtic cross tattoo on the lower part of the name that extends to the back.

A black, red, and grey ink Celtic cross inked on the neck down to the upper part of the back.


The back is a good spot for a tattoo for women as well just as how it suits men. But be careful in placing it near or over the spinal column because it will hurt a lot, especially if it’s your first time getting inked.

A Celtic cross tattoo on the right part of the upper back with a quote written on the halo.

A realistic black ink Celtic cross tattoo on the lower back.

A Small Celtic cross tattoo placed on the upper part of the back.

A Celtic cross on the left side of the upper back with red and blue rings in the middle.

A big black and grey ink Celtic cross with angel’s wings.

A big classic variation of Celtic cross tattoo design on the upper back.

A green 3D dragon wrapped around a black ink Celtic cross.


Who says forearm tattoos are only for men? Women can also have their Celtic cross tattoed on their forearm too. But while it might seem less painful getting a tattoo on that area, it can still be painful as that area has thinner skin.

A black ink Celtic cross with minimal Celtic knots and shading.

A Celtic cross with a four-leaf clover at the center.

A black ink Celtic cross with a green Celtic knot at the center.

A memorial Celtic cross tattoo with the name of the departed loved one.

These tattoo placement ideas might look cool but don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box too. Remember that you can also place your tattoos wherever you want as long as you feel happy about it. If you ever placed a tattoo on a different part of your body, share it with us and comment down below.

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