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50+ Bicep Tattoos Ideas and Designs and Everything You Need to Know

By Jason Hamilton / January 1, 2021
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There are only a few spots in our body where you’d feel the least discomfort when placing tattoos. One of which is the biceps. But before you give bicep tattoos ideas and designs a go signal, there are some things you need to know first as the tattooing process and even the results aren’t always rainbows and butterflies. And we’re here to give you more information about the things you need to know about bicep tattoos.


Bicep Tattoo Pain Chart

First things first: the pain of the tattooing process. Before one gets inked, the pain of the tattooing process is often one of the main concerns of many. But lucky for you, if you’re considering bicep tattoos, the biceps is one of the spots in our body that are low on the pain scale. This is because this area has more muscles to cushion you from the needles.

The inner biceps, however, is a bit different story. This is because this area has a thinner layer of skin and is a host to several sensitive nerves. Thus, this spot is a sensitive area.


Bicep Tattoo Stretch

Aside from the pain, another thing that you should also consider is the stretching of the skin on your chosen tattoo placement. You see, there are several parts in our body where the skin easily stretches like the stomach. This could affect the tattoo over time. As for bicep tattoo ideas and designs, experts say that they shouldn’t stretch much with moderate muscle growth.

However, sudden or significant muscle gain or loss could affect your tattoo. Thus, you’d have to either wait to get a tattoo until you’ve reached your desired amount of muscle or maintain the tone of your bicep muscles if you really want to have that bicep tattoo.


Fading of Bicep Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Another thing that also many people think of is its longevity. While tattoos are permanent, inks fade over time. This is due to many factors like UV rays exposure, frequent moving of the skin, frequent washing, etc. As for bicep tattoos, well, it depends on the wearer.

Tattoos that are often exposed, especially to the rays of the sun, fade faster as UV rays break down the ink. For bicep tattoos, they can easily be hidden as you can just wear sleeved tops. But if you always wear sleeveless tops, there is a higher chance that your bicep tattoo will fade as it’s often exposed.


Also, the fading of your tattoo depends on the design you go for. Colored ink fades faster while black ink does not.

Ideal Bicep Tattoos Ideas and Designs

If you’re going to ask us about which tattoo designs would work best for biceps, well, we say there’s a lot to choose from. However, bear in mind that you need to consider the size of your bicep as it doesn’t offer a huge canvass compared to the chest and back. Even so, the biceps still offer a nice space for any tattoo design. In case you need some inspirations, check these out.



A lot of experts say that it would be better to start small for bicep tattoo placements. In this way, you’ll know how much pain you can bear and it will not easily get affected in case your bicep muscles increase significantly.

Small lemon tattoo on the inner arm

A cute tattoo of lemons placed on the inner bicep area


Sunflower tattoo on the arm


Small realistic tattoos of sunflowers on the outer bicep area

Painting like tattoo on arm

Another small realistic tattoo on the right bicep

heart tattoo on arm


Small heart tattoo giving off some tropical vibes placed on the inner bicep area

inner arm tattoo

A minimalist tattoo of the Creation of Adam painting on the inner bicep area


A small eagle tattoo on the right bicep


Rose tattoo designs are very popular in the world of body art. Needless to say, it is also a favorite for bicep tattoo placements because of how versatile it can be when it comes to design, combinations, and size. But the rose flower is also well-loved because of the meanings and representations that it holds depending on its color.

A rose with realistic details tattooed on the left inner bicep

A realistic black ink rose tattoo on the right inner bicep


A trash polka-inspired blue rose tattoo on the left inner bicep

A traditional tattoo of a rose paired with a cross placed on the inner bicep


A realistic black ink tattoo of a rose also on the inner bicep

a small minimalist rose tattooed on the inner bicep

More Flowers

Other flower tattoo designs are also well-favored in the world of tattoo. This is because every specie has its own representation and different color meanings that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing and significant but are also versatile.


Stems of small flowers placed on the inner bicep

Floral linework on bicep Tattoo People Toronto Jess Chen | Bicep ...


A rose and peony tattoo with linework details

Orchids paired with a realistic eye tattoo on the inner bicep


A unique floral world map tattooed on the inner bicep

Peonies with linework details placed on the inner bicep


Like flowers, shapes also carry different meanings. Geometric shapes also make tattoos look more attractive.

An intricately detailed geometric tattoo on the inner bicep


A geometric tattoo of a dog on the inner left bicep

Dotwork geometric heart tattoo | | | Geometric heart tattoo, Heart ...

A heart tattoo with geometric details on the inner left bicep


A Japanese-inspired wave tattoo with geometric details


A minimalist geometric tattoo combination of a mountain range and sun


Words are powerful even in the world of tattoo. With word tattoos, you will always be inspired, motivated, and will even get to remember a loved one.

An inspiring tattoo that says “Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die today”

A quote tattoo that reads “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently”

An inspiring quote that says “I beg to dream and differ”

Always & Forever | Bicep tattoo, Arm tattoo, Tattoo apprentice

A promise tattoo that reads “Always and forever”

A word tattoo that reads “Faith”


Clouds are also ideal bicep tattoos. This is because the image of clouds can easily take the shape of the bicep. However, it has several meanings that might confuse or send other people some negative connotations. For some, clouds symbolize bad luck or misfortune, especially when the cloud image is paired with rain or lightning. But some people see clouds as a symbol of change and transformation. Some also see it as a representation of detachment and impermanence. On the other hand, some people, particularly Christians, see it as a symbol for heaven. But no matter what meaning it portrays, one thing is for sure – it’s pleasing to the eyes.

A cloud tattoo covering the whole arm

Heavens gates with doves and clouds on the inner arm. Black and ...

A bicep tattoo of the heaven’s gate with clouds and dove

A dove tattoo with blackwork clouds

A combination tattoo of dove, clouds, and rose on the inner bicep

A combination tattoo of dove, clouds, cross, stars, and rose


Biceps are also often chosen for name tattoo placements. This is probably because of the medium-sized canvass that it offers. Ink your name, your loved one, or someone you want to remember for a personalized tattoo.

Arrow tattoo with my son's (Domenic) name on the left bicep ...

A combination of name and arrow tattoo

Left inner bicep tattoo of my daughters names, with two birds to ...

A tattoo of names and birds on the inner bicep

tattoos image by Jay | Cursive tattoos, Tattoos for daughters ...

A name and rose tattoo combination

A name tattoo in script font placed on the inner bicep

A cursive name tattoo on the inner right arm


Armbands are traditionally worn as a sign of mourning, especially when a loved one has passed on. But it can also carry a different meaning, depending on its design.

A Wonder Woman armband tattoo on the left arm

A henna armband tattoo made with flower and vines

A pawprint armband tattoo for the pet lovers

Two plain black armband tattoos

A Greek armband tattoo on the right arm


Of course, it’s hard to talk about the bicep tattoos without mentioning sleeve tattoos. However, unlike other bicep tattoos ideas and designs, sleeve tattoos cover the whole arms – this means both the biceps, inner biceps, and even the triceps are covered. And like the armband tattoo, the meaning of your sleeve tattoo depends on the design you’ve chosen. And if you feel a lot bolder, you can go all out and go for a full sleeve tattoo.

A biomechanical tattoo covering the chest and arm

A sugar skull half sleeve tattoo on the left arm

A Japanese-inspired half sleeve tattoo that also covers the right chest area

A full sleeve tattoo with different symbols

A Japanese wave half sleeve tattoo


Tribal details are very popular in the world of body art too. The best part of this tattoo is that it doesn’t just give cool aesthetics but it is also meaningful, especially if you go for Polynesian tattoo designs.

A full sleeve tattoo with tribal details

A tribal mandala sleeve tattoo

tribal tattoo polynesian 2

A Polynesian half sleeve tattoo on the left arm

Another tribal half sleeve tattoo with more blackwork details

A full sleeve Maori tattoo

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