50+ Black Panther Tattoos for the Fiercest and Strongest Ones

By Jason Hamilton / September 9, 2020
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It’s not advisable to get close to big cats like panthers. What’s wise, though, is to get black panther tattoos. They may be mere body art but they carry powerful meanings and representations just as strong as the characters of the real ones in the wild. But before anything else, let’s dig into some details about this ferocious big cat, shall we?


A Close Look at Black Panthers

Eve until today, many people are still a bit confused about the big cats called black panthers and if they are a separate species. Apparently, black panthers are cats of mistaken identity as black panthers are actually just jaguars or leopards. Yes, you read it right. The term “black panther” is just a blanket term for these species that are melanistic. And if you will take a closer look at their fur or if enough bright light is shined on their fur, you can see the spots of the jaguar or leopard.

Also, their fur isn’t all black. It’s actually a mix of black, blue, gray, and purple.


And the reason for the dark color? Genetics. Apparently, it is caused by a dominant alternative form of a gene. In the case of the leopard, it is caused by a recessive form of a gene.

Leopard vs Jaguars Extra Info for Your Tat

Now that you know what a black panther is, it might be confusing to spot a leopard and a jaguar. At first glance, you might not easily notice their difference so it’s understandable if you confuse one for the other. But to remember which is which, take a look at their spots. Jaguars and leopards may have coats that feature rosette patterns. However, the former’s coat has spots inside them.


You can also take a look at their body structure to distinguish them from one another. Jaguars are more muscular than the leopard. And the latter have broader heads and powerful jaws.

Now that you know that black panthers aren’t different from jaguars or leopards (except their coat), it’s probably easier to choose a black panther tattoo. Speaking of black panthers as a tattoo, what significance do these big cats have when used as a tattoo?


Black Panther as Tattoo

Reports say black panthers are rejected by their mothers because of their color. Whether or not it is true or just a myth, one thing is for sure, it’s hard to reject black panther tattoos. This is because they also carry nice meanings and symbolism (plus, there are various eye-catching designs that you can choose from – which we’ll take on in a bit).

For many cultures, black cats are often considered bad luck. However, big black cats are seen differently.


Compared to its small counterparts, black panthers are seen as positive symbols even in the world of body art. They are representations of prowess, stamina, and strength basically because of their traits in the wild. Many people also consider them as representations of ferociousness and masculinity. They are also known as symbols of patience. This is because of the way they hunt their prey. They are also associated with majestic powers in a spiritual sense.

And with the rise in popularity of the Marvel Studios movie Black Panther, black panther tattoos are given more significance in the world of body art.


And the best part of it is that you can style it however you want and still get to present its strong meaning and symbolism. And lucky for you, we can show you inspirations on how you can do that.

Black Panther Tattoos Design Variation Ideas

Old School Black Panther Tattoo

If your taste leans more on the traditional styles, we suggest that you go for old school styles of black panther tats. Basically, old school tattoos are usually big bold designs with heavy black or blue outlines. The characters drawn are usually filled with solid colors. This style originated because of the lack of tattoo equipment and ink options back in the old days. This style is also often referred to as the Sailor Jerry tattoo design due to the fact that Norman Collins, who’s also called Sailor Jerry, first made use of it and popularized it along with the Sailor Jerry pin up girl tattoo designs.

A Sailor Jerry-inspired black anther tattoo placed on the right calf


Another Sailor Jerry-inspired black panther tattoo placed on the forearm

Image result for black panther tattoo sailor jerry

An old-school black panther crawling downwards


An old-school black panther crawling up paired with other Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoos

A snake wrapped around a black panther in black ink


Another image of a black panther and a snake fighting each other but has more colors

A Sailor-Jerry-inspired black panther paired with a cloud, bolts of lightning, and initials

Sailor Jerry-inspired memorial tattoo combinations of black panther, snake, skull, anchors, eagle, and stars

Tribal Black Panther Tattoo

Tribal tattoos probably started in the Polynesian islands. But today, nearly everyone in the world knows this style – tattoo enthusiast or not. If you were to add authentic Polynesian details to it, it will surely enhance its meaning. But you can just get inspiration from its tribal look and it will definitely give off some cool vibes.


A tribal tattoo of a black panther climbing up

A tribal black panther tattoo placed on the left side of the rib area


A tribal black panther placed on the upper right part of the back

A muscular tribal black panther also tattooed on the upper right part of the back area


A tribal black panther paired with a flame


A bust of a black panther with tribal details

A tribal black panther that looks like relaxing


A black panther in the wild made with tribal details

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

Speaking of cool stuff, realistic or 3D tattoo designs are not to be missed as well. As its name suggests, tattoos with these details look as if a real black panther is placed on your skin. Such detail or style is definitely an eye-catcher and anyone who sees it will surely be impressed with the details.

A realistic tattoo of black panther paired with a lion

A realistic tattoo of a black panther’s face etched on the upper right part of the back


A face of a black panther inked on the right rib area

A black panther tattoo covering the forearm


A black panther with a hunting look on his face tattooed on the right forearm


A black panther tattoo that looks like it has ripped the skin on the arm

An angry black panther tattoo

A realistic tattoo of a black panther’s face placed on the forearm

Black Panther Tattoo with Flowers

Flower tattoo designs are one of the tattoos that are very versatile and will leave you with hundreds of design options to choose from. This is because every flower species carries different meanings. And each of them has different colors as well and they also have different representations. But for black panther tattoos, rose tattoo designs are often used as a pair. Their meanings and aesthetics perfectly match each other too.

A black panther crawling over flowers

An old-school tattoo of a black panther’s head paired with a rose

A traditional-style tattoo of a black panther’s head with dark pink roses

A huge Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo of a crawling black panther with roses placed on the side of the torso down to the left thigh

A black panther paired with roses in black ink etched on the right side of the torso

A combination tattoo of red roses, black panther and a dagger placed on the right thigh

A combination tattoo of a roaring black panther and red roses covering the whole chest area

A black panther’s head coming out of a red rose tattooed on the arm

A crawling black panther paired with flowers etched on the right side of the torso

Another crawling black panther tattoo paired with roses but is placed on the right leg

A black panther with a flower on its mouth

Black Panther Tattoo with Background

A plain black panther tattoo alone is already eye-catching. But if you want more attention or aesthetics, adding some background to it will do too.

A black panther in a jungle setting

A black panther trying to camouflage itself behind plants

A black panther with a smokey background

A black panther with an icy or crystal background

A black panther tattoo with a watercolor background

A hand tattoo of a black panther with palm leaves as background

A blueish black panther with a black background

A black panther tattoo with pyramid and sphinx as background

The Black Panther

Of course, a black panther tattoo topic will not be complete without the Black Panther from Marvel. Such a tattoo will definitely show your love for its movie, comics, and even for Marvel. It can also reflect your personality, especially if you have Black Panther’s traits like his genius-level intellect, strength, stamina, and/or reflexes. Wakanda forever!

Black Panther’s mask

Image result for black panther tattoo marvel

A sleeve tattoo of Marvel’s Black Panther paired with Vision

A cover up tattoo of Black Panther

A realistic tattoo of Black Panther

Another realistic Black Panther tattoo but with sharper details

Another realistic Black Panther tattoo on the arm

Black Panther sitting on a throne

Black Panther in blue, purple, and black ink

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