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50 Blackwork Tattoos Ideas and Designs Only for the Bravest and Boldest

By Jason Hamilton / September 21, 2020
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Tattoos are only for the brave and bold. This is because of the fact that this type of body art don’t easily sit well with some people. You’d have to endure side eyes and discrimination. And, of course, it’s painful – I mean just imagine the needles poking through your skin. But if you’re already decided and you really have the guts to face what people will say and the pain of the tattooing process, we have a really nice suggestion for your tattoo – and that is the super eye-catching blackwork tattoos ideas and designs.

Now what makes it attention-grabbing and only for the bravest and boldest, you say? Read on as we introduce more details about it.


Blackwork Tattoo

First off, what is a blackwork tattoo? Basically it’s a tattoo design that has more black spaces. It’s one of the popular tattoo designs that bold people go for. But contrary to what many people think, blackwork tattoos ideas and designs aren’t new on the tattoo scene. Apparently, our ancestors have been using it since day one.


Back in the day, ancient tribes use it as a mark of their identity, loyalty, and authority. For instance, Polynesian tattoo designs use it to fill spaces in their tattoos.

Even up until today, such a tattoo design is still leading the tattoo scene. Tribes and even those who do not belong in ancient tribes opt for this kind of tattoo. This is because it isn’t just cool and attention-grabbing but it is also versatile.


Pros of Blackwork Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Aside from the fact that it looks so cool and it can easily grab attention, blackwork tattoos ideas and designs have far more pros than that. Some of which are its color, its price, boldness, and size.


Blackwork tattoos have a huge advantage when it comes to their color compared to other tattoos. According to tattooist Adam Villani, you will “never go wrong” with black tattoos. This is because black ink tattoos last longer than any other color. Bright and light colors may look great at first but they tend to fade the quickest.



Blackwork tattoos can be less pricey too. While blackwork tattoos are usually in larger size compared to other designs, it is likely that you will pay less when you go for blackwork tattoos. This is because black ink tattoos cost less for its initial price. Plus, this won’t require frequent touch-ups compared to colored ones.


Blackwork tats are usually drawn with bolder details. And because of this, they can last longer than minimalist tattoos. And even when they fade, they will still look badass.



Our cells change and move and our skin can get wrinkled over time. And small tattoos with tight intricate details will not look good as time goes by because of this. But again, blackwork tattoos are often large in size. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your tattoo’s details.

Blackwork tattoos can be very versatile too. Regardless of your chosen design or symbol, you can easily make or add blackwork details to it. Take a look at these design ideas so you can have a clearer idea of how versatile blackwork tattoos can be.


Blackwork Tattoos Ideas and Designs


Flower tattoo designs are so versatile that you can even add blackout details to it. What makes it a better choice is that you have plenty of flower species and colors to choose from and each of them has its own meaning. You will not just get a cool eye-catching tattoo but also a significant one with this.

A blackwork tattoo paired with the tree of life, mandala, and roses


This blackwork tattoo is paired with cherry blossoms in pink ink

This tattoo has peonies


A blackwork tattoo with traditional style cherry blossoms

This blackwork is paired with pink flowers and a realistic bird


Mandala tattoo designs are also nice to pair with blackwork details. Not only its symmetry is impressive and aesthetically pleasing but it is also a sacred symbol that is significant for Hinduism and Buddhism.

Image result for blackout tattoo with mandala


A huge mandala paired with blackwork details covering the whole back area

Image result for blackout tattoo with mandala

A blackwork dotted mandala etched on the hand

A mandala connected to a sleeve blackwork tattoo


Image result for blackout tattoo with mandala


A blackwork tattoo combined with mandala, moon, and roses

A blackwork mandala on the forearm


Speaking of symmetry and aesthetics, another detail that you can add is geometric. With geometric tattoo designs, each shape has its own representation. Plus, it can definitely make any tattoo aesthetically pleasing.


A blackwork geometric tattoo paired with other abstract details

A dotted blackwork tattoo with circles of different sizes



An impressive geometric blackwork tattoo covering the whole arms and back area


A geometric blackwork tattoo covering the whole back and extends to the arms


An intricately detailed sleeve and back blackwork tattoo


Ancient tribes have already been using blackwork tattoos ever since. Hence, wouldn’t it be nice to have their designs inked on your skin too? Or maybe even take inspiration from them?

Image result for polynesian blackout tattoo


A blackwork tattoo paired with Marquesas

Image result for polynesian blackout tattoo

A Samoan inspired blackwork tattoo

Image result for polynesian blackout tattoo

A Polynesian-inspired blackwork tattoo with dominant sting ray symbols

Image result for polynesian blackout tattoo


Another Samoan-inspired blackwork tattoo

A blackwork tattoo with Polynesian symbols


There is actually no rule as to which symbols should you pair blackwork details with. Again, this is a versatile detail that you can pair with any tattoo design. Here are some more ideas about where you can pair it with.


This blackwork tattoo has more plain black spaces


A combination of blackwork and trash polka style

Image result for blackout tattoo

A sleeve blackwork tattoo paired with flowers and snake

This blackwork tattoo looks like a glove

This sleeve blackwork tattoo has a more solid black space on the upper part of the arm

Blackwork Tattoo Placements

There are also different places where you can place blackwork tattoos where you can have it accentuate your body or draw more attention to your body part. Take a look at these common placements.


A blackwork with a skull

A blackwork tattoo with roses

A blackwork tattoo that fades into roots

A plain blackwork tattoo on the right forearm

A dotted blackwork tat


A full sleeve blackwork tattooed on both arms

Image result for blackout tattoo sleeve

A full sleeve tattoo combination of blackwork details, peonies, and flower of life

A blackwork paired with patterns that resemble the flower of life

A plain blackwork sleeve tattoo on the left arm

A full sleeve blackwork tattoo with swirls


Blackwork paired with hexagonal shapes

Flower of life paired with blackwork details

Renaissance-inspired cherry blossoms paired with blackwork details

A plain blackwork tattoo on the left calf

A blackwork calf tattoo with geometric details


A blackwork tattoo that starts from the thigh and reaches down to the foot

Another blackwork tattoo covering the whole legs

Image result for blackout tattoo thigh

A blackwork with peonies on the left leg

Another blackwork tattoo covering the whole legs

Blackwork tattoo covering 90% of the body


A blackwork tattoo covering the whole chest and arms

This blackwork chest tattoo extends up to the neck area

A blackwork tattoo covering the right half of the torso

A combination of plain blackwork, realistic rose, and dragon tattoos

This blackwork tat covers half of the chest, neck, and arms

Cons of Blackwork Tattoos

All good things come to an end, they say. And blackwork tattoos ideas and designs are no different. Yes, while it has a lot of pros to it, it can also have its cons.

One of which is how painful the process is. Since blackwork tats are often drawn in a larger size, you will surely have to endure a long painful process of tattooing.

Another thing is that it fades over time.

We don’t want to confuse you, though. We already said that black ink tattoos don’t easily fade. However, some tattoos in black ink can change its color as it age. Some turn gray while some could turn green. This is because of the type of ink used.

Another factor is how it is exposed and to where it is exposed. It will fade faster if it’s often exposed in sunlight, if the area where it is etched is often washed, and if the care you give it isn’t enough. But it would take years to fade, though; this tends to happen over decades due to skin aging, shedding, and moving.

And, of course, another con is how society will look at you. Remember, not everyone is okay with tattooed people, especially bolder and bigger ones like blackwork tattoos. So it’s not really recommended for people who have onion-like skin.

Still, such a tattoo design is worth everything as you can easily express yourself with this. It’s definitely one of the popular tattoos that are worth considering if you were to ask us

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