50+ Breathtaking Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas To Look For

By Jason Hamilton / July 4, 2019
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Nowadays, tattoos have become a statement. Some people wear them merely as fashion accessories, to help them stand out from the crowd. This wasn’t always the case though. Tattoos have been around since ancient times, and they were used to protect the wearer or symbolize a spiritual connection with gods. Ideally, you should only go for tattoos that have a special meaning to you. That way, besides being attractive, tattoos can also be powerful, evocative, and even mystical. And if that’s what you’re looking for, sacred geometry tattoos might just be the perfect pick.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our great sacred geometry tattoo designs. We will show you our carefully curated gallery of tattoo ideas and we will discuss with you the usual preferences of both men and women for this design.


Why Get A Sacred Geometry Tattoo?

These types of tattoos have become popular because, besides being perfectly symmetrical and gorgeous, they can also carry a deep symbolic significance. In geometry, different shapes can be associated with different elements present in nature – the cube symbolizes the earth, the tetrahedron symbolizes fire, the icosahedron symbolizes water, and so on. In some cultures, it’s believed that having these tattoos on certain areas of the body can have a healing effect, can restore good health, or can provide a sense of balance. Plus, they’re stunning, which we’re sure you’ll recognize once you glance over our extensive collection of sacred geometry tattoos below.


Geometric tattoo designs have grown in popularity in recent years mainly due to their symmetry, as they ensure that all the elements of the design are placed in perfect balance with each other.

An extensive sacred geometry tattoo will take the artist some time, so get ready to spend a few hours in at the parlor. As breathtaking as the results are, however, we don’t think you will mind that much.


Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs Out There

The design library available for this tattoo is just immense! A lot of geometric designs can actually stand as a sacred geometry tattoo design since most cultures have different ways of interpreting shapes and lines if its important to their culture or not.

Here are some of the best sacred geometry tattoo designs out there:


The Mandala Tattoo

A mandala, a word in Sanskrit that literally means “circle”,  is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.

The mandala has basically been the international symbol of Indian culture and most especially the Hindu sector of Indian society and you can clearly see why since most of their historic structures are fully adorned by mandalas in one form or another. From these structures, the mandala symbol caught on in popular media through famous Bollywood films and is now a mainstay tattoo design in the tattoo community with a variety of designs available for both genders.


Like we have said earlier, various tattoo designs sprung up on all corners of the globe (with a majority of them coming from Indian diasporas in various countries)  which now makes this tattoo one of the most common and famous. Different communities will have different interpretation or modification of the design but overall, you can still see the form of a mandala.

Here are some mandala tattoo designs we have gathered from all over the globe.


An intricate mandala tattoo inked on the upper left pectoral of the chest.

A vibrant and colorful flower mandala tattoo design on the upper half of the sleeve.


An exquisite and highly detailed floral mandala design on the thighs.

An alluring floral mandala tattoo inked on the hand.


 An intricately designed mandala tattoo perfect for your forearm.

A floral-inspired mandala tattoo embracing the shoulder and sleeve parts of the body


A painful yet beautiful Mandala tattoo emphasizing the back part.

A floral mandala tattoo embracing the shoulder part.

A very detailed floral mandala full sleeve tattoo with various Indian design elements to accentuate the design.


This beautiful underboob tattoo of a floral mandala was exquisitely made!

A tribal themed mandala tattoo with various Polynesian tribal tattoo design elements incorporated to further accentuate the design.


An intricately designed tribal tattoo on a chest with mandala themes implemented on the design.

A very intricate and artistically designed mandala tattoo with tribal tattoo design elements used to enhance the design.


This Polynesian mandala themed tattoo creates a valiant aura for every person who wears it.


The Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo is undeniably one of the most beautiful flower tattoos that can be engraved in one’s body, and there are so many people in the world who prefer to have it than anything else. Aside from the fact that it looks so gorgeous as body art, lotus flower also symbolizes a number of things. It is even closely connected to several religions in the world. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why great numbers of tattoo lovers are attracted to such flower design tattoo.

They are popular among both, men and women, lotus design is not only revered for its beauty but also reflects a deeper spiritual meaning. The flower grows in muddy water, yet symbolizes purity and harmony. As a tattoo design too, lotus stands for the same attributes in human nature and depicts the thoughts and attitude of the bearer.

Lotus flower tattoos are beautiful tattoo designs. Both women and men can have lotus tattoos on their body where they wish to have. Here we collect some of coolest lotus flower tattoo designs and ideas for men and women both.

Here are some of the tattoo designs you can do with the lotus flower tattoo:

A highly detailed geometric lotus flower tattoo on the forearm.

Another highly detailed forearm tattoo of a lotus flower with geometric detailing.


A small but intricate lotus flower tattoo on the wrist.

A beautifully made geometric lotus flower tattoo on the leg.

An artfully made back tattoo of a geometric lotus flower.


A line only design for a geometric lotus flower tattoo on the forearm.

A colorful leg tattoo of a lotus flower with geometric detailing.


A lotus flower tattoo on the upper sleeve with additional geometric detailing.


A back tattoo of a lotus flower with thin geometric detailing.

A medium size lotus flower tattoo that is highly detailed with geometric design elements.

The Simple Geometric Tattoo

Simple geometric tattoo designs are tattoo designs that feature simple geometry or shapes. These tattoo designs are the simplest of all tattoo designs out there because it does not involve a complex tattooing process.

The meaning of a simple geometric tattoo really varies from tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. Since the design is simple, a lot of interpretation can be used by the wearer to give it more meaning than the design itself.

Here are some simple geometric tattoo designs we saw on the internet that screams “less is more”:

A simple geometric tattoo on the arm of various three-dimensional objects.

A simple geometric tattoo of triangles on two arms wherein the upper arm features an outline tattoo while the other one features a filled in tattoo.

A simple geometric tattoo of a circle that is filled with ink and accentuated by lines of various lengths.

A simple geometric tattoo on the chest of a triangle’s outline.

A small simple geometric tattoo on the chest featuring three intersecting circles.

A small simple geometric tattoo of a Valknut on the hand.

A simple geometric tattoo on the sleeve.

A simple geometric tattoo on the wrist of overlapping triangles.

A simple geometric tattoo on the wrist of two mountains.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs  For Men

Although considered as meaningful and sacred, men will still almost always go for the dazzling designs over the simple ones. After all, a tattoo is still a statement and men wants to make a statement that is deep and fascinating.

Here are some of the best sacred geometry tattoo designs for men that we saw:

This diverging tribal mandala style perfectly crafted in the upper right back and arm portions of the body.

Another tribal mandala tattoo on the sleeves with intricate details.

A floral mandala tattoo on the upper arm portion of the sleeves area.

 This full-length sleeve mandala tattoo is intricately designed as if it is some kind of expensive artwork.

A beautiful crafted modern digitalized mandala tattoo wrapping around the full length and circumference of the arm.

This feather shaped tattoo with mandala detailing represent nature with an edge.

This flower shaped mandala tattoo was carefully inked on the forearm.

A highly detailed and non-colored neotraditional mandala tattoo on the forearm.

A forearm tattoo of a very intricate mandala giving off a sharp and edgy vibe to anyone who wears it confidently.

Tribal Mandala Forearm Tattoo

A highly intricate low poly geometric tattoo of a fox’s face with the valknut symbol on its side near the fox’s ear.

A highly detailed low poly geometric tattoo of a barking wolf situated on the sleeves area.

A simple geometric tattoo on the arm of triangles, both filled and just an outline, with various lines and dots added as additional embellishments to further improve its visual appearance.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo on the arm that is composed of lines of various thickness and length to give that striking visual appeal.

A geometric tattoo on the arm of different sizes of rhombuses with a shadowy and light fill on the inside with each overlapping layer darkening the coinciding areas.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo of a palm tree with various geometric tattoo design elements with art deco inspiration to further improve its visual appeal.

A highly detailed low poly geometric tattoos of an owl’s face and a wolf’s face on each arm.

A highly detailed and beautifully crafted geometric tattoo on the arm with clear art deco influences.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo of a cube with various rods or lines connecting to different sides of the cube which is situated on the arm.

An extremely detailed geometric tattoo on the arm with a tidal wave and various geometric tattoo design elements to further accentuate its visual appearance.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Designs For Women

Women are the first clientele of this tattoo design. These women made the sacred geometry tattoo as a way to express their faith to the divinity in a simple way. Recently, however, more and more women are now being drawn to more extravagant tattoo designs that will definitely catch everyone eyes. These women who chose the more extravagant tattoos are a new breed wherein they choose to make a visually impacting statement.

Here are some of the best sacred tattoo designs we saw on women that you might like:

This watercolor based mandala tattoo will make your wrist vibrant and bright.

A fairly large floral mandala tattoo flawlessly inked on a woman’s wrist.

two detailed half flower mandala tattoo designs on both side of the back creating a fierce aesthetic sense to the design.

A highly detailed flower mandala tattoo with chandelier-like design elements added to accentuate the design even further.

This aesthetic sternum mandala tattoo adds a sexy and seductive aura to any women who have it.

This brown colored hip floral mandala tattoo will definitely bring out your inner seductive personality.

Another intricate hip tattoo overflowing with confidence and sultriness.

This stunning floral tattoo gives off a vibrant vibe on the center.

A lovely full-length nature art represents feminity in every inch.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo with floral detailing situated on the ankle.

A geometric tattoo of overlapping triangles that form into a star that is situated on the wrist.

A highly detailed geometric tattoo of a mandala situated on the arm.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo of a rose with geometric tattoo details on the arm.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo on the arm of a stylized elephant’s face and its trunk.

A highly intricate low poly geometric tattoo of a feather slowly transitioning into a realistic feather on the arm.

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