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50+ Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas That Can Go Along with Any Design

By Jason Hamilton / October 21, 2018
cherry blossom tattoo with birds
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Flowers are very popular symbols in tattoo art. They have wide design variations that have different meanings. The rose tattoo design is one of the most popular variations of floral tattoos even in men. But cherry blossom tattoo design is trailing closely behind. This is because aside from its different associations with diverse meanings, it also has a unique and delicate beauty.


Different Meanings Associated with Cherry Blossoms

Like the rose, cherry blossoms also convey various meanings. Japan, for instance, is one of the countries that give importance to cherry blossoms due to the many things that it represents. The flower is widely known all over the country that they even have several festivals to celebrate its beauty. However, for them, cherry blossoms (also known as “Sakura”) are a general reminder that nothing lasts forever too. Even so, it can also signify a beginning of new life. Japanese also consider cherry blossoms as a sign of strength. This is because samurais related “harakiri” (a suicide ritual done in an honorable way) to the said flower to represent the man’s brief yet beautiful existence.

Korea also celebrates cherry blossoms. Like Japan, Koreans also have festivals to commemorate its beauty. But aside from the beauty that it represents, Koreans also see cherry blossoms as a sign of purity.


However, China’s interpretation of the cherry blossoms is a bit different. For Chinese people, they associate cherry blossoms with femininity. They also believe that it represents freedom and independence. Additionally, they see it as a representation of life changes too.

Buddhists also have their own interpretation of cherry blossoms. For them, the said delicate flower also means love and simplicity. They believe that it represents innocence and hope as well.


In general, cherry blossoms remind us that that life is short while making us remember how incomparable and beautiful our lives can be at the same time. Isn’t it something that you’d want to always be reminded of whenever you look at your tattoo? But before you fully make a decision, let us show you some cons of having a cherry blossom tattoo as well as design ideas that you might want to consider.

The Other Side of Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are very much aesthetically pleasing to look at. However, it still has some cons to it.



One of the downsides of having a tattoo is that it fades easily. While tattoos are considered permanent, it can still fade over time, especially if it’s not well taken care of properly. Additionally, its placement, style, and exposure to sunlight can affect its longevity too.

Tattoos placed on more exposed parts of our body like the hands, feet, neck, forearm, etc. fade faster. This is because the sun’s rays, as well as our everyday routines, can affect it. Besides that, pastel-colored and watercolor styled tattoos, particularly a cherry blossom tattoo, loses its color faster because such technique is done with more delicate and lighter coloring.



Another thing to think of before you give your cherry blossom tattoo a go is the level of discomfort that it gives. Generally, all tattoos hurt. However, its details determine the level of pain that it can cause you too.

This means that if it has more details, then you’re likely to spend more hours enduring the pain under the needle. Cherry blossom tattoos often have more details compared to some flower tattoo designs. Hence, you’re likely to feel more discomfort.



On average, a small and simple cherry blossom tattoo could cost you between $40 and $50. However, the price may vary as there are many factors that determine a tattoo’s price. If you plan to make your cherry blossom tattoo larger, colorful, and more complex, be prepared to pay more. This is because larger and complicated tattoos require more work and time to finish.

In addition to its initial cost, you also need to spend on touch-ups. If you want to fully capture the beauty of a cherry blossom tattoo as a body art, it has to be colored. However, again, colored tattoos, fade faster. Thus, you might need to spend on touch-ups for your cherry blossom tattoo too.

Bear in mind that your tattoo’s cost is based on an artist’s level of expertise too. The more seasoned they are, the more dollars you’d have to pay. For reference, respected tattoo artists in big cities usually charge $200 hourly. Yes, getting a tattoo from expert artists might get really costly. Even so. it is always advisable to leave your tattoo only in the hands of professionals. This is to ensure that you’ll get the exact results that you want.

In spite of all these cons, the cherry blossom tattoo is still a good piece to consider because of its meaning and aesthetics. Besides that, it complements well with other symbols too. Here are some tattoos that can complement with your cherry blossom tattoo to make it all the more significant.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo with Other Symbols

Cherry blossoms already convey meanings. Even so, you can still make it even more significant and match it with other symbols. Here are some designs to match your tattoo.


Birds often go along really well with cherry blossom tattoos. They also convey several meanings depending on the type of the bird. A cherry blossom with an owl tattoo, for instance, can express different definitions and has lots of design variations that can match different personalities.

An owl sitting atop a cherry blossom tree’s branch to symbolize femininity and wisdom


Two kiwi birds placed over a gentle cherry blossom twig tattoo to represent generosity

A small blue bird sitting on a small branch of a cherry blossom


A blue sparrow and a cherry blossom tattoo that both symbolize love

Big branches of cherry blossoms with a silhouette of birds to represent freedom


Another silhouette of a bird with a branch of cherry blossoms

A bird sitting on a cherry blossom branch with realistic details

Another big cherry blossom tattoo with a bird on the upper back area


A watercolor design for a branch of cherry blossoms with two colorful birds

A cherry blossom tattoo with an open cage and free bird as a sign of freedom


Even if they look a lot different from each other in terms of aesthetics, skulls and cherry blossoms have the same meaning. Both of them are a reminder that life is short yet it’s still beautiful and that we should live it to the fullest.


Branches of cherry blossoms piercing through a skull with cracks

A 3D sleeve skull tattoo adorned with cherry blossom flowers


Another realistic skull with cherry blossom crown and branches piercing through


A realistic skull wearing a samurai helmet adorned with cherry blossoms

A skull without a jaw with cherry blossoms in classic style


A sugar skull tattoo surrounded by classic cherry blossom design

An outline of a cherry blossom tree growing on top of a sugar skull

A Celtic skull behind a branch of cherry blossoms in black ink


A lifelike tattoo of a skull with cherry blossoms and waves

A classic cherry blossom tattoo adorned on a skull with a dagger


Geishas are a symbol of beauty just like the cherry blossoms. Additionally, it represents mystery. If you want to add more aesthetics an mystery in your cherry blossom tattoo, here are some samples for you.


A geisha adorned with cherry blossoms while holding a sword


A geisha’s head on the arm decorated with cherry blossoms

A colorful geisha and cherry blossom tattoo in classic style

A dancing geisha with a cherry blossom tree as a background

A geisha over a cherry blossom tree that looks like a painting

A colorful geisha tattoo with makeup decorated with cherry blossoms on the arms

A richly detailed back tattoo featuring a geisha, cherry blossoms, and colorful butterflies

An enigmatic geisha designed with cherry blossoms and other different flowers

A blooming cherry blossom tree behind a colorful geisha tattoo

Another mysterious geisha tattoo with big cherry blossoms drawn at the back


Butterfly and cherry blossoms also have similar meanings. They are both considered as a sign of femininity, beauty, delicateness. But apart from that, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes metamorphosis as well. In a sense, when these two are combined, they can represent the beauty of our existence as we transform into a better person.

A close-winged purple butterfly on a branch of cherry blossoms

A blue butterfly flying on top of a chain of cherry blossoms

A blue close-winged butterfly with falling cherry blossoms in classic style

A purple closed wing butterfly atop a softly drawn cherry blossom tattoo

An ombre butterfly in 3D over a soft cherry blossom tattoo

A beautiful and elegant cherry blossom twig with a multicolored butterfly made with watercolor technique

A realistic monarch butterfly and cherry blossom tattoo on the upper arm

A short chain of cherry blossoms with a purple butterfly on top with good shade work

A newly transformed butterfly hanging on a cherry blossom tattoo to signify change

An artistic watercolor cherry blossom tattoo with a butterfly on the shoulder


The samurai and cherry blossom tattoo go so well together. This is because cherry blossom trees illustrate balance between strength and power. A cherry blossom’s tree is strong just like the samurais and its sweet and delicate flowers represent how their code and conduct preserve life’s delicate ways.

A samurai holding his sword as cherry blossoms fall on the upper arm

A samurai intricately drawn over a big cherry blossom tree

A samurai detailed in black ink with classic cherry blossom tattoo

A branch of a cherry blossom tree above a samurai

A samurai wearing a red mask with several cherry blossoms

A big colored illustration of a samurai with cherry blossoms covering the whole back area

Another back tattoo of a samurai with a cherry blossom tree but in black and grey ink

A sleeve tattoo of a samurai’s skeleton holding a sword in black ink with cherry blossoms

A forearm sleeve tattoo of a samurai in black in with colored cherry blossoms

A complicated samurai and cherry blossom tattoo covering the entire back area

Usually, cherry blossom tattoo designs are paired with Japanese symbols like koi fishes, samurais, dragons, water waves, Hiragana characters etc. In spite of that, you can pair it with other symbols too. Cherry blossom tattoo designs are very versatile. Thus, any design will complement it and will make it even more significant.

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