50+ Cool Tattoo Designs You Will Like

By Jason Hamilton / June 16, 2018
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Whenever we think of tattoos, tattoo designs to be specific, we always tend to associate it with the usual designs we see like tribal and traditional tattoos. What if we tell you that there is more to tattoos than those typical tattoo designs? Yes, there’s a whole new world of cool tattoo designs out there waiting to be discovered. These cool tattoo designs will not only look and feel unique but it will also fit the image and personality you want to portray on your skin.

In this article, we will be sharing with you various cool tattoo designs that await your discovery and curiosity. We will be giving you a rich and vibrant gallery of tattoo designs that will surely inspire you to have one inked on your skin! So just sit back and let us show you this new world of tattoos we are raving about.


The Beginning Of Cool Tattoo Designs

Like most other tattoo designs, the birth of cool tattoo designs came about when tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts from various tattoo communities across the world like to have unique and brand new tattoo designs in the market for them to play with. These tattoo artists spent countless nights thinking of new tattoo designs that will certainly fit the demands of the tattoo community. The first set of designs that these artists devised was the rebirth of traditional tattoo designs into the neotraditional tattoo design we know and love today.


An intricately designed neotraditional tattoo of a woman on the thigh.

A neotraditional tattoo of a grenade with a lemon inside on the sleeves.


A vibrant and colorful neotraditional tattoo of a typical white and red stripes lighthouse in a stormy sea while being surrounded by lightning.

A beautifully designed neotraditional tattoo of a man and a woman with a cracked blue light lighthouse.


A cute and colorful neotraditional tattoo of a dog with three blue flowers on the leg.

These neotraditional tattoos marked the start of something new in the tattoo industry. For far too long, the industry has a lot of options for tattoo designs but most of these options are dated or extremely old. As more and more tattoo enthusiast demand for newer modern designs, tattoo artists from various points of the globe clamor in to make new designs that can ideally be introduced to the tattoo market every year.


A beautifully crafted neotraditional tattoo of a gorgeous young Native American woman wearing a headpiece and a beautiful large necklace.


An intricately designed neotraditional tattoo of a sea captain on the leg.


A vibrantly colored cool tattoo of a mandala on the hands.

A cute and colorful neotraditional cool tattoo of a dog.


Cool Tattoo Designs Out There

At this day and age where there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of tattoo designs available, the immediate need for cool tattoo designs to be introduced in the market lessened. Although it is lessened, new designs are still introduced once every few years to continually grow the tattoo industry’s official roster of tattoo designs it can offer to its large and unique clientele.

Here are some cool tattoo designs we saw on the internet that might interest you:

Landscape Tattoos

Landscape tattoos, like the name implies, is a tattoo design that features natural and beautiful sceneries as the object of the tattoo. This tattoo design was actually just created or devised a few years ago while tattoo artists are desperate in looking for new cool tattoo designs to introduce to the market.

A landscape tattoo of a tall and mighty snowcapped mountain on the thigh.

A landscape tattoo on the sleeve with the original image on the right and the copy as a tattoo on the left.


A beautifully crafted landscape tattoo of montains and forests with a sketch like appearance on the sleeve.

A picture like landscape tattoo of a campsite deep within a tall tree forest on the sleeve.


A medium size landscape tattoo of a snowy mountain range on the ribs.


When these tattoo artists are starting to deplete their usual tattoo idea inspirations, they looked to nature and saw that Mother Nature can be the inspiration itself for their tattoo designs. Tattoo artists began inking beautiful sceneries as tattoos to tattoo enthusiasts and the reception was outstanding. Despite its currently small consumer base, we suspect that in a few years, this tattoo design will catch on and become a rising tattoo design.

A vibrantly colored low poly geometric landscape tattoo of mountains, a river, a waterfalls, and a camping site.

A small neotraditional landscape tattoo of a mountain range and a river in the night.


A beautifully designed landscape tattoo of a pine tree forest with mountains and a small log cabin.

A painting like landscape tattoo of a forest with a Native American tent on the arm.

An intricately designed landscape tattoo of mountains and a lunar eclipse on the arm.


City Tattoos

City tattoos is a stark contrast from the cool tattoo design mentioned above, landscape tattoos. City tattoos are basically a tattoo design that heavily features various cityscapes as the main object of interest of the tattoo.

A large sleeve city tattoo of New York City featuring its numerous high rise buildings and offices and with the Chrysler Building at the side as the tattoo’s focal point.

city cool tattoo sleeve 3

A highly detailed and beautifully designed city tattoo on the sleeve of a generic downtown area of a city.

city cool tattoo sleeve 2


An intricatelly crafted city tattoo on the sleeve of New York City at night with the old Twin Towers and Brooklyn Bridge.

city cool tattoo sleeve 1


A simplistic but beautiful city tattoo of London with the London Eye, the Gerkhin, and St. Paul’s Cathedral being featured among other famous London landmarks.

city cool tattoo rib 1

A large full back city tattoo of Los Angeles, California with its high rise buildings, Staples Center, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

city cool tattoo full back 1

Most city tattoos are composed by the towering skylines of cities with its skyscrapers and towers being the focal point of the tattoo design in general. Others just have the silhouette of the city skyline tattooed to give off that simple yet elegant and creative aura.

A highly detailed city tattoo on the foot of Seattle, Washington’s skyline with the Space Needle as a focal point.

city cool tattoo feet 1

An intricately designed city tattoo of a generic city in the mountains with a ski slope and a glass dome.

city cool tattoo back 1

A neotraditional city tattoo of New York City with the Freedom Tower and Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise.

city cool tattoo arm 1

A beautifully crafted city tattoo of the skyline silhouette of Berlin, Germany’s capital, with the Brandenburg Gate heavily featured.

city cool tattoo arm 2

A city tattoo of a European city with Paris’ Eiffel Tower and London’s Big Ben.

city cool tattoo ankle 1

No matter what the design of the city tattoo might be, it is still considered as one of the harder designs out there because of the various lines it uses and the complexity of the inspiration itself. complex? yes, it is complex because tattoo artists need to copy the aura of the city when doing the tattoo. You would not like to have a tattoo of New York City then give off the aura of let us say, Los Angeles right? So yes, this design is considered hard because of the evoked aura it needs to achieve.

Camera Tattoos

Since the dawn of 2010, this age is considered as the “Instagram age” or “photography age” because a lot of people now are starting to like photography even if they are just beginners and novices. With this, it will come as no surprise that camera tattoo designs began springing up in the tattoo market as a cool tattoo design.

A simple wrist tattoo of a camera with a large lens.

A large and highly intricate shoulder tattoo of an old single lens reflex camera with an attached lens and rolls of film as additional detailing.

An intricately designed camera tattoo on the rib cage of an old single lens reflex camera with an attached lens and the words “Capture everything” below.

A beautifully crafted camera tattoo of a vintage Leica single lens reflex camera on the legs with the camera strap still on.

A carefully placed and beautifully designed camera tattoo of a Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex camera on the arm so that when raised, it is as if he is taking a picture.

This tattoo design is specifically created for a niche market of photographers and photography enthusiasts. Since photographers want to express their love for their avocation, it will only be natural that some of these men and women would like to have cameras be tattooed on their skin.

A carefully designed camera tattoo of a vintage single lens reflex camera on the arm.

camera cool tattoo arm 5

A colorful and vibrant watercolor camera tattoo of a vintage single lens reflex camera.

A highly detailed arm tattoo of a vintage Leica camera.

An arm tattoo of a camera with a large shutter mechanism.

camera cool tattoo arm 4

Men And Cool Tattoo Designs

Men usually get tattoo designs that will evoke fear, awesomeness, and strength but as time goes by and the years have passed, more and more men are now ditching the idea of the tattoo as a symbol of their power and vigor.

A newly made full sleeve tattoo of the Louis Vuitton pattern usually found on their purses and bags.

men cool tattoo sleeve 2

A large full sleeve and chest tattoo of an art deco pattern usually found in old buildings constructed in the roaring 20’s.

men cool tattoo sleeve 1

A large leg tattoo of an old and intricately designed tower of a building.

men cool tattoo leg 1

Men are now starting to see tattoos as a way to express their feelings and personality which is why more men now are getting tattoo designs which were once considered feminine by society. Currently, more men are now trying cool tattoo ideas and are experimenting with others to see what could perfectly express their personality on their skin.

A large chest tattoo of Spiderman’s symbol with the whole frontal torso tattooed with a web-like pattern to mimic Spiderman’s suit.

men cool tattoo chest 1

A large and colorful neotraditional tattoo on the leg of a blonde woman with a sophisticated head piece and art deco detailing as a background or frame of the tattoo.

men cool tattoo arm 2

An intricately designed full leg tattoo of a woman with a lot of roses in her long hair and a branch of leaves on the head.

men cool tattoo arm 1

Now that men are starting to open up their options in tattoo designs, we should all expect more and more tattoo designs to be introduced to us every year that can be both rocked by men and women.

Women And Cool Tattoo Designs

Since the introduction of new tattoo designs in the tattoo industry and tattoo community, more and more women now are being persuaded to have tattoos on their skin. Women, in general, lean towards a unisexual or feminine design which is why they like cool tattoo designs.

A beautifully crafted thigh tattoo of flowers and leaves.

women cool tattoo thigh 1

A medium size neotraditional tattoo of an anchor, helm, and compass on the thigh.

women cool tattoo thigh 2

In the past, they really like designs that will evoke a lot of meaning and emotions. Currently, however, more women now are getting tattoos, not because of the implications of the design, but rather the artistic values of the said designs. Cool tattoo designs have that artistic sense they crave for and also a good meaning at that to boot. (well, technically speaking, cool tattoo designs only hold meaning if the wearer wants it to have one)

An intricately designed bohemian like tattoo on the ribcage.

women cool tattoo rib 1

A highly detailed arm tattoo of three butterflies.

men cool tattoo sleeve 1

With the old age of tattoo designs behind us, we are very much excited for the years to come and new tattoo designs that will be introduced to us every year. We can confidently tell that this decade will be a fruitful one for the tattoo industry and tattoo community and may the prosperous years last.

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