50+ Creative and Meaningful Wings Tattoos Ideas and Designs

By Jason Hamilton / November 14, 2020
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If there’s one tattoo that we can recommend that will surely unleash your creativity, we’d say it’s the wings tattoo. This is because it may just come in pair but they hold countless meanings. What’s even better is that wing tattoos are versatile too that you can pair them with other symbols and you will still be able to make it significant. But first, let’s fly into the details of the significance that wing tattoos ideas and designs hold.


Getting to Know Wings Tattoo

Wings are very popular in the world of tattoo. In fact, with one single search for wings tattoos ideas and designs, you’ll already be given hundreds of ideas and combinations for inspiration.

This is probably because aside from its aesthetics, people also choose such tattoo design because of the meanings and representations that it holds.


For starters, wings are representations of freedom. This is probably because of how free birds can fly in the sky with ease of movement.

Wings also have its own significance for the Christians. You see, creatures with wings can fly high in the sky. This leads to people thinking that wings make these creatures closer to God. Aside from that, angels are often depicted as having the shape of human beings with bird wings in the world of fine arts. This to visually represent their office that God entrusted them. And because of this, people also associate them with one’s faith.


With wings tattoos, people also remember their loved one who has passed on. This is because of the belief that people go to heaven when they die.

Tattooing Wings Tattoos Ideas and Designs

By now, you’re probably convinced why wings tattoos are popular. But we’re here to convince you more to get that tattoo. You see, aside from the fact that such a tattoo has more significance than one can imagine, it is also a nice tattoo that will surely stand out when you place them strategically on your body. Don’t get us wrong, though. Wings tattoo aren’t like other religious symbols, like Buddha and cross tattoos, that will offend other believers when you place them in certain parts of your body. It will depend on your chosen tattoo combination, though. But if you opt for plain wings tattoo, we highly suggest these wings tattoos ideas and designs placements.



Tattoos on the chest generally means the representations of your tattoo is close to your heart. This means you can place your mother and daughter tattoos, friendship tattoo designs, or whatever you love here. And you can also place wings tattoos here to show that you have God in your heart.

A plain wings tattoo covering the whole chest area


A huge tattoo of sketch-style wings etched on the chest


A unique detailed wing tattoo but only on the right chest area




A medium-sized wings tattoo placed just below the collarbones


Another sketch style wings tattoo but in medium size


The back is one of the nicest spots on our body for huge tattoos. This is because the back provides a big smooth canvass for tattoos. This body spot also gives a nice space for people’s creativity, especially wings tattoos. Here, you can ink a huge set of wings as if you’re an angel. It’s definitely cool for photos too.


A wings tattoo placed on the shoulder blades

A jaw-dropping 3D wings tattoo covering a huge portion of the back area


A wings tattoo that stretches from the uppermost part of the back down to the lower back


A unique wings tattoo that reaches down to the butt cheeks

Another unique wings tattoo with beads


A small wings tattoo placed on the upper portion of the back area

Arm and/or Shoulders

Arms and shoulders are also some of the popular tattoo spots for many people because of how easy you can hide and show off tattoos placed in these areas. Plus, it’s a nice spot if you want to go all out in being creative as with these spots, you can make your wings tattoo look bigger and when you open your arms, it would appear as if you’re spreading your actual wings.

A wings tattoo that reaches to the arms


Another cool wings tattoo that extends to the upper part of the arms


A small wings tattoo that extends only to the shoulders

A pair of wings tattoo that extends to the shoulder caps



An intricately detailed wings tattoo that extends to the upper arms

A pair of wings tattoo that nearly reaches to the elbows

Neck or Nape

The neck and the nape aren’t not much of a popular tattoo spots. This is because the skin in these area is thin. Plus, the nape area is bony too. But because of some celebrities’ influence like Justin Bieber, these tattoo spots are getting more and more recognition.


A small pair of wings tattooed on the nape


A larger pair of wings tattoo placed on the nape

Justin Bieber sporting his neck tattoo of a pair of wings


Justin Bieber-inspired neck tattoo of a pair of wings


A unique wings tattoo placed on the nape

A neck tattoo of a pair of wings that stretches near the ear lobe

More Wings Tattoos Ideas and Designs

The plain wings tattoos are already eye-catching and meaningful. But if you were to pair them with other meaningful symbols, you’ll surely be able to make an all the more significant tattoo. By pairing wings tattoos with other symbols, you can also make it even more personalized. Check out some tattoos that you can combine with wings.


Hearts are also one of the popular symbols in the world of tattoo to be paired with wings. When you combine these two, it represents eternal love. It is also a symbol of romance that uplifts.

A hip tattoo of a heart tattoo with wings with an inspiring quote that reads “Stay Strong”

A winged heart tattoo placed on the right chest area

A winged heart tattoo with a crown covering the whole chest area

Another winged heart tattoo paired with birds and rose with thorns

A heart tattoo with unique wings placed on the back area

A traditional tattoo of a winged heart paired with a halo


Cross tattoo designs also make a good pair with wings. This is because, again, wings are often associated with God and angels while cross represents one’s faith and is a popular symbol for Christians. These tattoos will always remind you of your faith and God.

A winged cross tattoo paired with a quote that reads “Have faith in all that you make”

An intricately detailed winged cross tattoo covering the whole chest area

A blackwork Celtic cross tattoo paired with gray ink wings

A striking blue cross tattoo with wings covering a big portion of the back area

An outline of a cross paired with a pair of wings tattoo

A forearm tattoo of a winged cross in black and red ink


In the monarchical system, the crown is used by those who have the highest power in a kingdom. Hence, crown tattoo designs are associated with power and pride. And people often combine it with wings tattoos as many people believe that such a tattoo is also associated with God.

An elaborately detailed crown tattoo paired with roses and wings covering the whole chest area

A crown sitting on top of a pair of wings tattoo etched on the back area

A nicely detailed crown tattoo with wings placed on the upper part of the back area

An outline tattoo of a winged heart paired with crown and other symbols placed on the chest

A winged crown tattoo with a quote that reads “Only God Can Judge Me”

An impressive 3D winged crown tattoo situated on the chest


Wings tattoos can also be paired with names. However, people often use this as a memorial tattoo to remember their loved ones who have already passed on; again, this is due to many people’s belief that when we die, we all go straight to heaven. For this tattoo, you can also use your deceased loved ones’ initials if you are more of a private person.

A colored winged heart with a name written on the banner tattoo placed on the forearm

A rib tattoo of a pair of wings with a name in the middle


A memorial tattoo combination of a pair of wings with an initial, halo, and date placed on the forearm.There’s still a lot of things that you can do with wings tattoos ideas and designs, though. These are just a small percentage of the most popular designs and combinations. You still have countless designs to choose from out there with the unique creativity that everyone has.

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