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50+ Crescent Moon Tattoos Ideas and Designs that Will Make You Love the Moon More

By Jason Hamilton / December 26, 2020
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There is no doubt that the moon is beautiful. It’s so beautiful that many jewelry items use it as a pattern too. And even in the tattoo world, the moon is also one of the popular subjects.

There are a number of moon tattoos that many people go for in the world of body art – the full moon, quarter, waxing, new, etc. But the crescent, particularly the waning crescent moon, gets more attention than others. This is probably because of its look. But little do some people know that it is also well-loved in the world of body art because of the representations and meanings that it has.


Crescent Moon Meanings

The crescent moon holds a lot more meanings than one can imagine. It even has different connections to men and women.


For the women, many people believe that the crescent moon is one of the beautiful symbols to use to express her mysterious and/or dark side. The moon also represents regeneration. And because of this, many people associate it with women because of their ability to bring new life into the world. A lot of goddesses in mythology also feature the crescent moon that conveys hidden powers, wisdom, and even influences. Of course, the moon also has several qualities that men possess too – like power, dark side, and influence. There are also a number of male deities in mythologies.

Without mentioning genders, the crescent moon is also associated with shadow, purity, dreams, and magical mystique. Many people also see it as a symbol that connects us with our ancestors.


And because the moon reflects light from the sun, people also see it as their eye in the darkness – literally and figuratively.

There are also different kinds of the crescent moon. And each of them has its own meaning. The waxing crescent moon is a symbol of creativity, growth, attainment, and manifestation. Meanwhile, the waning crescent moon symbolizes letting go, reflection, and contemplation.


Crescent Moon Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Aside from these meanings and representations, a lot of people also love it because of how it looks when etched on the skin. It’s also one of the nice symbols out there that can easily go along with other tattoos. In case you want to have ideas, here are some combinations and other crescent moon tattoos ideas and designs that we’re sure you will love.


For those who want to keep their crescent moon tattoos simple, it’s fine. It is still significant. If you want to spice it up a bit, though, you can just play with your tattoo’s texture.


Small moon tattoo on the collarbone

A simple dotwork tattoo of a crescent moon placed just below the right collarbone

Moon and dots tattoo


A simple outline tattoo on the middle finger


A crescent moon tattoo with dotwork details placed on the nape


An outline tattoo of a crescent moon placed on the thumb

This blackwork moon tattoo is strategically placed on the finger to look like a ring


Another simple blackwork crescent moon placed on the ring finger


Watercolor tattoo details are popular in the world of tattoo too. While they don’t always add significance to tattoos, such detail greatly enhances the aesthetics of a tattoo.

A watercolor crescent moon tattoo paired with a witch

Matching tattoos of geometric crescent moons with galactic watercolor details


A tattoo combination of a crescent moon, lace, and watercolor details

A crescent moon tattoo with gradient watercolor details


A sketch-style crescent moon tattoo with purple watercolor accent detail

Moon with Star Tattoo

Of course, the night sky will not be complete without stars. Hence, what could go wrong if you were to pair your crescent moon with star tattoo designs, right? But this tattoo isn’t just a combination for aesthetics as stars also represent one’s fight against darkness. In addition to that, stars are associated with truth, spirituality, as well as a person’s divine relationship with God.

Small moon, planet, and sun tattoos on the foot

A crescent moon tattoo paired with star, planet, and sun symbols


A crescent moon and stars tattoo on the arm


A crescent moon and stars tattoo paired with an image of a man

This crescent moon and stars tattoo has blackwork details

Moon with Cloud Tattoo

The clouds have different meanings. Some see it as a symbol of bad luck and misfortune. In spite of this, other people believe that clouds symbolize change and transformation. It is also usually linked to potential, mystery, dreams, emotions, and secrets.


A tattoo combination of crescent moon, clouds, mountains, and an image of a man

A forearm tattoo combination of crescent moon, stars, and clouds

A watercolor crescent moon paired with clouds, stars, and rain


A crescent tattoo giving off some surrealism vibes

13599-tattoosso-crescent-moon-with-little-boy-and-clouds-tattoo ...

A tattoo combination of crescent moon, baby, stars, clouds, and banner

Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo designs are also well-favored in the world of body art. This is because they both look good together and they also represent wholeness, harmony, and balance. They are like yin and yang.


A minimalist sun and moon tattoo on the left arm


A tattoo of the sun kissing the crescent moon

An intricately detailed tattoo of sun and crescent moon placed on the back

The sun and moon morphed together paired with mandala details

A tattoo that looks like the moon is kissing the sun

A forearm sun and moon tattoo paired with a dreamcatcher

Flower Tattoo

Flowers are also prominent in the world of tattoo. This is because you have a lot of options for flower tattoo designs – there are countless species and colors of flowers for you to choose from; and the best part of it is that each color and flower type represents different meanings.

Moon & Sun Tattoo 4

Different flowers shaped like a crescent moon and paired with a sunflower tattoo

women moon tattoo 10

This crescent moon is paired with flowers and a butterfly

women moon tattoo 6

A crescent moon adorned with flowers and pine trees

A dotwork crescent moon paired adorned with cherry blossoms

This crescent moon is adorned with lace, flowers, and mandala details

Moon and Fairy Tattoo

From cartoons to folklore, we have a lot of stories to tell about fairies. But no one can actually prove their existence. One thing is for sure, though, a lot of us associate them with fulfillment of one’s wishes and desires due to their alleged powers. Fairies are also often depicted with unparalleled beauty and grace. Hence, people associate them with femininity, beauty, and grace.

A crescent moon tattoo with flowers, lace, and a small fairy

A tattoo of a beautiful fairy sitting on a crescent moon

Realistic Fairy On Celtic Half Moon Tattoo On Right Back Shoulder ...

A fairy sitting on a crescent moon with tribal details

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A sad fairy sitting on a crescent moon

Sweet moon fairy tattoo for a girl. #misterbufo #misterbufotattoo ...

A fairy and cat sitting on a crescent moon while playing with snowflakes

Moon and Cat Tattoo

Cats are cute and cuddly. However, they are also known for being fierce, independent, and sometimes mean. In spite of their character, a lot of people love them. And even in the tattoo world, they are well-loved too. This is because aside from symbolizing one’s love for cats, cat tattoos are also associated with luck, mystery, quiet intelligence, and grace. Some people also use it to remember their beloved cats that have already passed on.

A tattoo of a black cat shaped like a crescent moon as he sleeps

A cute minimalist tattoo combination of cat and moon

Another tattoo of a cat sitting on a crescent moon

A tattoo of a cat paired with the different phases of the moon

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A cat lying on a crescent moon filled with pawprints

Moon and Owl Tattoo

Another animal that people mostly pair with the crescent moon is the owl as it is also rich in symbolic value. Aside from symbolizing a night owl’s personality, it is also a representation of knowledge, wisdom, and transition. For other cultures, owls are considered as protectors and guardians of the dead and are believed to have an ability to communicate with the departed.

A cute owl tattoo that will remind you to “never lose hope”

This one nearly looks identical with the previous one but is not paired with a quote tattoo

A realistic owl with moon tattoo and geometric details

A combination of own, moon, tree, and bird tattoos

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Minimalist tattoo of owls sitting on a smiling moon

Moon and Skull Tattoo

The moon and skull tattoo designs might not actually please a lot of people because of the dark image that it gives off. But skulls aren’t only morbid. Apparently, this bold aesthetics also stands for optimistic ideas such as protecting valuables and overcoming obstacles.

A skull moon tattoo

A trash polka-inspired tattoo of a skull paired with a small crescent moon

A combination tattoo of moth, skull, and moon

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A skull and a crescent moon drawn face to face

A dotwork crescent moon paired with a rose, skull, and spider web tattoo

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