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50+ Dream Catcher Tattoo Design Ideas and Placements That Suits Every Dreamer

By Jason Hamilton / January 19, 2019
dream catcher tattoo
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There is no limit to what tattoo a person can have on his body so anyone can have any design on his or her body. Of all the items that are popular in the tattoo community, one that we can see most are the dream catcher tattoo designs. Tattoo artists can get really creative when making designs for this object so it is no surprise that there are many ink enthusiasts that are considering adding a dreamcatcher for their collection.

But first of, what are dreamcatchers? True to its name, almost everyone believes that dreamcatchers are a tool that can bring people closer to good dreams when sleeping. People typically place it in a bedroom, on the door or in any part of the house. Dreamcatchers are purposeful and they add a unique touch of style to the room. Some people opt to buy dreamcatchers but there are also some who would prefer to make them by hand for a personal touch.

Dreamcatchers exists in a variety of different patterns and colors but most are commonly circular in shape. Like the dream catcher tattoo styles, the designs in which dreamcatchers appear as is limitless and it is completely up to the imagination and creativity of the person making the tool to figure out how it will turn out. The star of each dreamcatcher is the centerpiece that is typically made with strings or other materials. The centerpiece is a complex series of lines often that are symmetrical. Some experts are able to create unique shapes. An array of different patterns are possible including birds, animals, arrowheads and more.


Dream Catcher Tattoo History

The dreamcatcher’s origins dates back to the Native Americans. The Native Americans are a group of people that have a strong belief in spirits and other divine beings. They also have a strong love and care for nature. This can be seen in the fact that dreamcatchers are typically made with materials like wood, bird feathers and more.

It is believed that the first people who utilized it where the Anishinabe, who were also called as the Chippewa people in America and Ojibwa in Canada. This Native American tribe lived at the border of the North-Central United States and Southern Canada. The tribe name roughly translates to original people which is fitting for their ideology that they were the first ones to live on their land.


For the Anishinabe people, they believe that a mythical creature called the Spider Woman exists. They portray her as a being that can travel to various places at any given time to care for newborn babies in cradles. The Spider Woman had the innate ability to weave magical webs on baby’s cradleboards. She does this to protect the children from bad dreams while inviting good dreams at the same time

As the Anishinabe people grew more populous, they had to move to other areas and some members began to migrate. Since her people are scattered, the Spider Woman had a harder time creating webs for all of her people’s infants. As a solution to the problem, the women of the Anishinabe tribe creating dreamcatchers. Like the Spider Woman’s webs, the dreamcatchers had a unique woven pattern at the center.


After the colonization and modernization, the dreamcatcher stayed strong throughout the years. The tool emerged once again in the late 90s and now, more families are using these to protect themselves from bad dreams and to give their homes a unique touch of Native American culture.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Interpretations

Similar to the patterns on a dreamcatcher, its symbolism is also complex. The key representation of dreamcatchers is that it is a symbol of protection and safety. This stems from the deep origin of the tool as people use it to protect themselves from bad dreams using this. To this day, people use dreamcatchers for the same purpose


To this day, this is the common association for dreamcatchers as these tools are used for the same purpose. Aside from bad dreams, modern people also believe that dreamcatchers can protect them from negative spirits and bad omens.

Another association for dreamcatchers is its ties with the Native American culture and heritage. People who still have a strong lineage to their Native American blood use dreamcatchers to represent who they are. Alternatively, some people use the design to pay homage to the original inhabitants of the U.S. If not for these two reasons, people use the dream catcher tattoo design because of its aesthetics and it can be easily inked on any part of the body.


Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Dreamcatchers are pleasing to sleep beside with and they are also pleasing to have as tattoos. The unique design gives people the chance to really differentiate themselves for others. Thus, it should be no surprise that there are many who want to have this tool inked on their bodies. Those who are dreaming about getting a tattoo one day should definitely have dreamcatchers as one of their options. Here are some common dream catcher designs for you to have an idea on your tattoo’s design.

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Owl

A dreamcatcher with owls are one of the most common design variations of dreamcatcher tattoos. Adding an owl tattoo design to you dream catcher tattoo will not just make it all the more meaningful but through this, you can also show a bit of your personality.

An owl tattoo with a chest made of a dreamcatcher


Two colorful feathery dreamcatchers strategically combined to resemble an owl

A unique dream catcher tattoo with an eye of a fierce owl


An owl seated on the centerpiece of a dream catcher tattoo

A multi-colored owl situated atop of a dream catcher tattoo


Another owl tattoo with dreamcatcher chest but has a simpler design

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Flowers

Floral patterns are also one of the popular designs in the tattoo industry. This is because it’s versatile. Adding a rose tattoo, for instance, to your dreamcatcher tattoos will make it more sophisticated and can also signify strength.

A colored simple dream catcher tattoo adorned with pink roses

A beautiful purple and blue watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo with blue lilies


A realistic dream catcher tattoo designed with various colorful flowers

A black ink dream catcher tattoo with a 3D rose on top


A memorial dream catcher tattoo with sunflowers, dates, and name

A 3D dream catcher tattoo added with an eye and rose


Butterfly tattoos aren’t’ just for symbolizing femininity. Contrary to what most people believe, this type of tattoo design can also mean freedom, transformation, and faith. Add this to your dream catcher tattoo and you can make it more significant.


A black and blue trash polka tattoo of a dreamcatcher with butterflies


A highly detailed dream catcher tattoo with a monarch butterfly

A realistic dream catcher tattoo with a butterfly lying on its centerpiece


A richly detailed dream catcher and butterfly tattoo placed on the rib area

A closed-winged butterfly atop a dreamcatcher adorned with a heart, yin-yang, and peace symbol

A combination of dreamcatcher, flowers, and names tattoo inked at the back

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Quotes

Quotes can make any tattoo more significant. If you want to be inspired 24/7, add a quote to your dream catcher tattoo.


A quote atop a dream catcher tattoo that tells you to follow your heart

A very encouraging quote just below a dream catcher tattoo


A quote beside a dreamcatcher that inspires to dream and live


A quote of a realistic dream catcher tattoo that translates to, “I’m a sister of my story.”

A quote written diagonally just below a blue dream catcher tattoo

A quote overlapping a dream catcher tattoo below the rib cage area

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Moon

Moons as tattoo designs hold vast meanings. Additionally, its significance may vary depending on how you use it with other tattoo styles.

A creative dreamcatcher with a crescent moon as a centerpiece

A moon embracing a sun situated atop a dream catcher tattoo

A blue crescent moon inside a brown dreamcatcher’s centerpiece with a name

A dream catcher tattoo in the middle of two crescent moons

A dream catcher tattoo with a sun and a moon as centerpiece

A crescent moon dream catcher tattoo on the left ankle

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Wolf

People associate both the wolf and dreamcatcher symbols as a sign of protection. Ink this on your body and you’ll always feel protected.

A silhouette of a howling wolf inside a dreamcatcher’s centerpiece

An adorable image of a wolf popping out of a dreamcatcher

An odd-eyed wolf on the center of a dream catcher tattoo

A realistic wolf image on top of a dream catcher tattoo

A close up of a howling wolf placed in the center of a dreamcatcher’s ring

A wolf seated in front of a dream catcher tattoo

Where to Place These Tattoos?

While you can place these dreamcatcher tattoos anywhere in your body, there are certain spots that you can use if you want to make your dreamcatcher tattoos look better. For men, you can opt placing your dream catcher tattoo on the arm as this can help accentuate your bicep. The back is also a good location, especially if you want big and detailed dreamcatcher tattoos. On the other hand, for women, placing your dreamcatcher piece on the thigh will accentuate your legs and will make you look sexier. You can place it on the wrist too for added sophistication.

A black ink dreamcatcher with a yin-yang symbol tattooed on the upper arm

A dream catcher tattoo on the bicep with orange feathers

A dreamcatcher overlapping with a wolf’s paw print and face

A dreamcatcher tattoo with a paw print made with black ink

A full upper back tattoo of dream catchers in black ink

An outline of connecting dream catchers on the upper back area

Two connecting dreamcatchers on the leftmost part of the back

A unique 3D dream catcher tattoo with only one feather

A big dream catcher tattoo placed on the left thigh

Another dream catcher tattoo on the left thigh but is made using the watercolor technique

A dream catcher adorned with cherry blossoms tattooed on the thigh

A 3D dreamcatcher on the thigh designed with pink roses

A dream catcher inked on the outer part of the thigh

A small but richly detailed dreamcatcher tattooed on the wrist

A gold metallic symmetrical dream catcher tattooed on the wrist

A simple image of a dream catcher with soft-looking feathers

Aside from these ideas, do you know other symbols that can complement a dream catcher tattoo too? Or where else do you think should it be placed? Join the comment section below and tell us which ones look best with the dream catcher tattoo and where should it be placed as well.

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