50+ Exquisite Mandala Tattoo Designs You Will Love

By Jason Hamilton / September 29, 2018
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The mandala has been a religious symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism and with almost two billion people adhering to these religions, it comes to no surprise that this symbol slowly crept into the body art industry and the tattoo community. Numerous mandala tattoo designs sprung up from all corners of the globe, capturing the attention of millions, if not billions. We are one of those fascinated by the mandala tattoo which is why we want to share with you our fascination with the said tattoo design.

In this article, We will be sharing with you the things that made us be fascinated with mandala tattoo designs. We will be discussing here a brief background on mandala tattoos, the various tattoo designs you can do with them, the preferences of men and women for this design, and the perfect body placement for this kind of tattoo design.


What is a Mandala?

A mandala, a word in Sanskrit that literally means “circle”,  is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe. (source: www.wikipedia.org)


The mandala has basically been the international symbol of Indian culture and most especially the Hindu sector of Indian society and you can clearly see why since most of their historic structures are fully adorned by mandalas in one form or another. From these structures, the mandala symbol caught on in popular media through famous Bollywood films and is now a mainstay tattoo design in the tattoo community with a variety of designs available for both genders.

Mandala Tattoo Designs

Like we have said earlier, various tattoo designs sprung up on all corners of the globe (with a majority of them coming from Indian diasporas in various countries)  which now makes this tattoo one of the most common and famous. Different communities will have different interpretation or modification of the design but overall, you can still see the form of a mandala.


Here are some mandala tattoo designs we have gathered from all over the globe.

Flower Mandala Tattoo Designs

This type of Mandala design is associated with the flower pattern due to its natural circular patterns. As the floral design combines with the creativity of making a pattern, it exhibits the balance of feminity and eternity. It gives off the feeling of peace and vibrancy of the floral patterns which makes you feel that you are one with nature. The other design elements that can be included here are bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, or any other objects or critters that are related to flowers.


An intricate mandala tattoo inked on the upper left pectoral of the chest.

Detailed Floral Mandala Chest Tattoo

A vibrant and colorful flower mandala tattoo design on the upper half of the sleeve.


An exquisite and highly detailed floral mandala design on the thighs.

An alluring floral mandala tattoo inked on the hand.


Alluring wrist mandala Tattoo


 An intricately designed mandala tattoo perfect for your forearm.

A floral-inspired mandala tattoo embracing the shoulder and sleeve parts of the body


A painful yet beautiful Mandala tattoo emphasizing the back part.

A floral mandala tattoo embracing the shoulder part.

A very detailed floral mandala full sleeve tattoo with various Indian design elements to accentuate the design.

Full Sleeve Floral Mandala themed tattoo


This beautiful underboob tattoo of a floral mandala was exquisitely made!

Tribal Mandala Tattoo Design

If you want a tattoo linked with the indigenous and tribal origins of humanity, tribal mandala tattoos are what we can recommend for you. These designs have a closed relationship with a circle, which are usually incorporated in ceremonies and rituals. Mandala tattoos are very prominent in tribes as a sign of their wholeness as a group.

Here are some tribal mandala tattoo designs we gathered on the internet that might interest you

A tribal themed mandala tattoo with various Polynesian tribal tattoo design elements incorporated to further accentuate the design.


An intricately designed tribal tattoo on a chest with mandala themes implemented on the design.

A very intricate and artistically designed mandala tattoo with tribal tattoo design elements used to enhance the design.

Amazing Sleeve Mandala Tattoo


This Polynesian mandala themed tattoo creates a valiant aura for every person who wears it.


Animal Themed Mandala Tattoo Designs

Since the mandala is one of the most versatile tattoo designs out there, most mandala tattoo designs you will see now are fusion tattoo designs where animals or other objects are infused with mandala design elements to make this unique and highly intricate design.

These tattoos are mostly in black ink to further place emphasis on the design elements themselves and not let flashy colors drown out the details put into the tattoo.

Here are some animal themed mandala tattoos we gathered on the internet that would basically make you squeal to have one.

An elephant with mandala design elements as the perfect thigh tattoo for you.

This highly intricate lion tattoo on the upper arm with mandala tattoo design elements gives off this unique epic feeling whenever you see it.


This fierce full sleeve unicorn enhanced with tribal mandala tattoo elements makes a unicorn a very masculine tattoo design.

Amazing Full sleeve Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Designs for Women

Mandala tattoos are very popular with women especially the floral mandala tattoo variant of the design because of its association with feminity and fertility. Other mandala tattoo designs are famous as well. Well generally, mandala tattoos are really famous for them because it holds a lot of mean for each individual.

Now if you are thinking of getting this tattoo, here are some of the body placements that we think are perfect for mandala tattoo designs.


Wrist tattoos, despite its high pain levels, are very stylish nowadays. Since mandala tattoo designs often have this symmetric vibe to it, we think the tattoo design is very much perfect for the wrist because it can mimic wrist accessories we usually wear like watches and bracelets. What is also great about this tattoo placement is that you can show off or cover up the tattoo depending on your choice.

Here are some mandala tattoos inked on the wrist for your reference.

This watercolor based mandala tattoo will make your wrist vibrant and bright.

A fairly large floral mandala tattoo flawlessly inked on a woman’s wrist.

Floral Mandala Themed Tattoo



Foot tattoos are now considered as one of the most painful tattoo body placements out there. Its very think skin and its close proximity to the bones really make this one painful as hell! Now, having to endure even the simplest designs out there inked on the foot is already painful, what more if you will ink a very intricate tattoo design which usually takes hours to make? Mandala tattoos are one of the most intricate tattoo designs out there and having this one on your foot speaks a lot about you and your courageousness.

Despite the excruciatingly painful tattoo process for this one, if you can tolerate it, we are pretty darn sure that you will have one of the most beautiful mandala tattoo placements out there. A plus for this tattoo placement is the fact that it can be easily concealed if you wear shoes and it can always add that flair whenever you rock on with sandals or flip-flops.

One advice we can give you before getting this tattoo is to weigh in everything first before planning to get this one because if you proceed carelessly and start the tattoo process, there is no turning back even if the inking process is excruciatingly painful as hell.

A beautifully crafted and intricately designed mandala tattoo inked to perfection. (imagine the pain the wearer goes through just to get this one perfect)


Collarbone tattoos are now very trendy because you can easily hide it with a shirt or reveal it whenever you wore a strapless, sleeveless, or cut out shirts. It actually adds an interesting flair to your looks and would really look cute with your summer outfit. Beware of the pain when you get this tattoo placement though, thin skin that is near to the bone would always make the tattooing process extremely painful.

An enticing mandala flower tattoo on the shoulder that can attract anyone’s eyes.

Perfect collar bone tattoo inspired by Mandala Themed



Back tattoos are one of the most famous tattoo placement out there for mandala tattoo designs. Because its large skin area and fairly thick skin in some parts, Mandala tattoo designs in this portion of the body are often the most intricate and highly detailed among the bunch. You can also easily hide your tattoo whenever the situation demands it by just wearing your everyday clothes or by wearing clothes that are not backless.

Here are some mandala tattoo designs inked on the back portion of the body.

two detailed half flower mandala tattoo designs on both side of the back creating a fierce aesthetic sense to the design.


A highly detailed flower mandala tattoo with chandelier-like design elements added to accentuate the design even further.

Jaw-dropping Back Mandala themes tattoo

Upper Arm

Every upper arm tattoo screams boldness! This actually very trendy because it can perfectly blend with any top. The design is perfect in any form. You can be as bright with colors or be as bold of black and white themed.

This stunning floral tattoo gives off a vibrant vibe on the center.

A lovely full-length nature art represents feminity in every inch.

Sternum and Hips

These next tattoos are quite interesting because of its bizarre but gorgeous appearance. You should know that the best part is quite painful but generally have brilliant outcomes. It brings feminity and sexy to a woman but not going overboard.

This aesthetic sternum mandala tattoo adds a sexy and seductive aura to any women who have it.

This brown colored hip floral mandala tattoo will definitely bring out your inner seductive personality.

Another intricate hip tattoo overflowing with confidence and sultriness.

Mandala Tattoo Designs for Men

Mandala designs are quite fascinating because of its authenticity and angsty style in which men are more attracted to. So here we are to help you find the perfect mandala tattoo body placement that will further accentuate your masculinity and body.


The most common area for men to have their tattoos inked are the sleeves since it offers one of the larger skin areas to work with. Now if you are new to the tattoo community, be warned that the upper arm portion of a sleeves tattoo will be painful since the skin in that portion of the body is thin. Nevertheless, we still think the visual impact of a sleeve tattoo heavily outweighs the pain you will experience when getting this tattoo.

This diverging tribal mandala style perfectly crafted in the upper right back and arm portions of the body.

Another tribal mandala tattoo on the sleeves with intricate details.

A floral mandala tattoo on the upper arm portion of the sleeves area.

 This full-length sleeve mandala tattoo is intricately designed as if it is some kind of expensive artwork.

Powerful Sleeve Mandala Tattoo

A beautiful crafted modern digitalized mandala tattoo wrapping around the full length and circumference of the arm.


Forearm has become everyone’s favorite because of its edgy and cool feel. It is also one of least painful body parts to have a tattoo. It is a bold and beautiful piece that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for tattoos.

This feather shaped tattoo with mandala detailing represent nature with an edge.

This flower shaped mandala tattoo was carefully inked on the forearm.

forearm mandala inspired tattoo

A highly detailed and non-colored neotradtional mandala tattoo on the forearm.

Mandala Inspired Tattoo

A forearm tattoo of a very intricate mandala giving off a sharp and edgy vibe to anyone who wears it confidently.

Tribal Mandala Forearm Tattoo

Disclaimer: If you think that some of the designs we showcase on the gallery are not associated with the circle or the wholeness, think about the authenticity of the tattoo. Mandala designs don’t define for men or women alone, but it’s neutral. It still depends on you what design will modify your creativeness. 

An art is changeable and diverse as always. What matters is how you deepen your unspoken thoughts and could create a beautiful body art piece. Speak silently but work diversely.


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