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50+ Fairy Tattoos Ideas and Designs That Will Make Your Tattoo Wishes Come True

By Jason Hamilton / January 19, 2021
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For tattoos, you should always look for the ones that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also meaningful. It’s a good thing that there are fairy tattoos ideas and designs that will make such wishes come true. And you have a lot of options to choose from. But let’s dig deeper on the details about such tattoo first, shall we?


Fairy Tales

Fairies have been a part of our cultures and folklores even back in the old days. For starters, these are mythical creatures that are depicted in many ways. For some, they are beasts or monsters. On the other hand, fairies are demons or fallen angels, for some. Some say fairies are small, others are tall, and sometimes they look like humans.

The way people depict these fairies differs from one culture or folk tradition to another. But commonly, people depict them as mythological girls or women who have unusual beauty and power. They are often described as young girls who live forever with lush hair donning airy dresses living in forests, caves, old hills, and springs.


Fairies as Tattoo

Fairies can make your tattoo wishes come true as they aren’t just mesmerizing to look at. They are also meaningful which a tattoo should possess as they will forever be etched on your skin. And speaking of meanings, yes, fairy tattoos can be meaningful too.

Fairies are a result of creative minds. Hence, tattooing them on your skin can represent your creativity.


These mythical creatures can also represent your culture, especially if fairies play an important role in your culture.

And because fairies are often depicted as women or young girls, they can also symbolize femininity. They also have this elegant vibe that can represent your elegance.


In most cultures and depictions, fairies are powerful enough to make your wishes and desires come true. And because of that, you can also use fairy tattoos as a symbol of your already fulfilled wishes and desires.

You can also use fairy tattoos as a creative symbol for your faith or for whatever you believe in. this is because of the literal meaning of the origin of the word “fairy,” which is translates to “faith.”


Variation of Fairy Tattoos Ideas and Designs

No one really has ever seen a fairy. Hence, there’s no fixed depiction of it. And because of that, you can easily design it and make it your own. But in case you need some inspirations, take a look at our list.


Of course, it’s so hard to forget about Tinkerbell when talking about fairies, especially if you’re a Disney kid. For those living under the rock, Tinker Bell is that blonde fairy donning a green dress from the play-turned-film Peter Pan. She’s surely a nice tattoo to have, especially if you’re a fan of the film Peter Pan.


A black ink Tinkerbell tattoo on the ribs


A Tinkerbell memorial tattoo with name and date

A goth Tinkerbell tattooed just below the nape


A classic image of Tinkerbell etched on the back

An impressive 3D tattoo of Tinkerbell on the upper left part of the back area

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers)

Speaking being a Disney kid, you’re probably familiar with the fairy godmothers in the 1959 Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. These fairies, dressed in green, pink, and blue hats and dresses debating whether Aurora’s gown should be pink or blue also count as a fairy tattoo, will surely represent your love for the said Disney film.

Image result for flora fauna merryweather tattoo


Cute matching minimalist tattoos of Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, with Maleficent

An outline tattoo of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather with their favorite colors as accent

Image result for flora fauna merryweather tattoo

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather tattooed on the right wrist


A tattoo of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather paired with an infinity symbol


Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather tattooed on the left arm

The Fairly OddParents

If you’re a fan of the Nickelodeon TV series The Fairly OddParents, you’ll know that it’s full of fairies that you can also use as a tattoo. But among those fairies, two of the well-loved are, of course, the protagonists Cosmo and Wanda who doesn’t just make Timmy’s wishes come true but also guides him to be a better person. Wanda can represent wisdom while Cosmo can symbolize your funny and quirky side. You can even use it as a couple tattoo.


Cosmo and Wanda transformed into lime and a cocktail


Cosmo transformed into a goldfish


A matching tattoo of Cosmo and Wanda


Another matching tattoo of Cosmo and Wanda but with different expressions

Cosmo tattooed on the left wrist

The Winx Club

Another Nickelodeon series filled with fairies is the Winx Club. From the protagonists to the antagonists, they are all fairies with different powers and character traits. You’ll definitely find someone who matches you. On top of that, all of them are very stylish – definitely a plus in aesthetics!


Musa tattooed on the right arm

fairy winx

A tattoo of Flora placed on the arm


Yes, you read it right. Just because she has horns and she can be a bit cruel doesn’t mean she’s a devil or the like. While she doesn’t have that colorful fairy vibe, Maleficent is actually a fairy – an evil one, though. But hey, she has reasons. Express your love for the Disney film or even for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent with such a tattoo.

Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent combined with the cartoon Maleficent


An impressive realistic tattoo of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Maleficent adorned with roses

Image result for maleficent tattoo


A tattoo of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with her crow tattooed on the forearm


Another gorgeous tattoo of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

Maleficent from the classic Disney Movie Sleeping Beauty

A minimalist Maleficent tattoo placed on the left wrist

A jaw-dropping tattoo  of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent


If you want to show off your gamer side or just your love for the Legend of Zelda, a tattoo of Navi is what we recommend. In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Navi is Link’s sidekick who helps him navigate, hence the name. It can also be a gamer’s alternative tattoo for a compass because of its role in the game.

Triforce tattoo paired with Navi

Another Navi and Triforce combination tattoo but this time, it’s placed on the forearm

Navi tattooed behind the right ear

A cute ankle tattoo of Navi

Navi tattooed behind the left ear

Fairy with Moon

If you want a generic yet unique and eye-catching fairy tattoo, you can add a moon and/or a star tattoo to it. This adds more mystical and feminine vibes. But aside from that, both tattoos also carry different meanings which can make your fairy tattoo all the more significant. You see, moon tattoo designs have various meanings depending on its shape. But in general, the moon symbolizes regeneration, power, and change. Meanwhile, stars can represent your fight against darkness. It can also mean spirituality, truth, direction, and even security.

A combination of moon, flower, fairy, and star tattoos

A black ink tattoo of a fairy sitting on a crescent moon

An ankle tattoo of a fairy sitting on top of a crescent moon in black ink

A silhouette of a fairy sitting on a moon etched on the right forearm

Another silhouette of a fairy sitting on a moon tattooed on the back

Fairy with Flower

Like the moon, flower tattoo designs also vary depending on its kind and color. Hence, you have a lot of flower tattoos to choose from to pair with your fairy tattoo. They will not just enhance their looks but also its meaning.


A tattoo of a fairy holding a flower

A  fairy sitting on flowers and vines tattooed on the upper right part of the back

A fairy sitting on a pink lily etched on the ankle

A tattoo of a fairy sitting under a daisy to take cover from the rain

A tattoo of a fairy paired with an anklet tattoo of flowers and vines

Fairy with Butterfly

Like fairies, butterfly tattoo designs are also associated with beauty. But it’s not all that. Butterflies also signify change, transformation, and freedom because of their life cycle.

Image result for fairy tattoo with butterfly

A fairy with butterfly wings sitting on a tree filled with butterflies

A silhouette of a fairy blowing her magic dust along with butterflies

Another silhouette of a fairy with butterfly wings

A fairy with colorful wings that resemble a butterfly’s

A combination tattoo of fairies, dragon, butterfly, dragonfly, and flowers covering the whole back area

Watercolor Fairy

If you want to draw more eyes on your fairy tattoo, adding watercolor details to it is definitely an idea not to be missed. And depending on the color you choose, you can make it even more meaningful as colors have their own representations too.

Image result for fairy tattoo watercolor

A detailed watercolor tattoo of a fairy, sitting on a crescent moon with dangling stars, looking at planets

A fairy tattooed on the lower back

This watercolor fairy tattoo is made with black and red ink

A unique abstract fairy tattoo placed on the back

A gorgeous watercolor fairy tattoo paired with a constellation and crescent moon

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