50+ Faith Tattoos Ideas and Designs to Strengthen Your Beliefs

By Jason Hamilton / January 13, 2021
faith wrist tattoo
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When talking about religious tattoos, it’s hard not to mention faith tattoos ideas and designs. This is because, needless to say, the word faith is widely known as the act of trust and belief in God, as well as all divine beings. It’s one of the literal tattoos that can show your belief in divine beings.

But this tattoo is not always about religious convictions as the word faith also has other meanings. The word faith, as well as the tattoos, can also refer to a person’s trust, belief, and confidence in someone, even yourself.

So whether you’re a religious person or not, it’s one of the most wholesome tattoo design choices out there. But how can you design this kind of tattoo? What other symbols can you use? And what other symbols can you pair it with? Don’t fret much, we got your back as we listed some faith tattoos ideas and designs, as well as their meanings, that you can use for your first (or maybe nth!) tattoo.


Meanings of Faith Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Some tattoos that are easy to pair with other symbols and are easy to design alone. Faith tattoo is one of them. Here are some ideas on how you can design them.

Plain Faith Word Tattoo

If you want to keep things simple, you can just opt for a plain faith word tattoo. The only problem that you’ll likely have, though, is choosing the font for this kind of tattoo. For an idea, most people often go for cursive word tattoos of faith and you should too, especially if you want it to look simple yet pretty.


A cursive faith tattoo placed on the wrist


This faith tattoo on the wrist looks like a real handwriting


A unique faith word tattoo in gradient black and white ink


A faith word tattoo that starts a little bit on the side of the wrist


Faith and Cross Tattoo

Of course, it’s hard to talk about faith without mentioning the cross tattoo, which is a symbol of Christianity. For this tattoo, many people make the letter T stand out and look more like a cross. You can also make the letter F look more like a cross instead of designing the letter T. Or you can just separate the two symbols and ink them side by side.

A faith tattoo where the letter T looks more like a cross


The letter F in this faith tattoo resembles a cross

A cross and faith word tattoo morphed together

A plain faith word tattoo paired with a cross

Faith with Infinity Tattoo

A lot of people also like to combine the faith word tattoo with an infinity symbol – which looks like the number eight turned on its side. Nope, this isn’t Math-related but this tattoo combination signifies the wearer’s never-ending faith be it in divine beings, other people, or even the wearer’s faith in themselves.

infinity tattoo 10


A faith tattoo connected to an infinity symbol

infinity tattoo 7

A combination of infinity and heartbeat symbol (which also represents faith)


A combination of infinity sign, cross, and faith word tattoo

A simple henna faith tattoo paired with the infinity sign

Faith with Bird Tattoo

Faith and bird tattoo designs also go well together. While we’ve known birds as a symbol of freedom, it also represents one’s spirituality. For this tattoo combination, people often pair it with an infinity tattoo. But if you’re not feeling the infinity symbol, you can just add more flying birds instead.


This foot bird and faith tattoo reads “Walk by Faith”


A simple faith word tattoo below the images of birds

A forearm faith word tattoo paired with lots of flying birds


A dove-faith tattoo combination placed on the back

Faith with Feather Tattoo

Some cultures and civilizations see feathers as messages that came from the spirit world. The Native Americans also see it as a symbol that represents spiritual protection. And because of this, feather tattoo makes a nice pair with faith tattoos ideas and designs too. For this tattoo, many people also like to pair it with the infinity symbol. But, of course, you’re free to combine it with other symbols other than the infinity sign.

A combination of bird, feather, and faith word tattoo on the forearm

A combination tattoo of faith, love, infinity, and feather with 3d details


A quote tattoo about faith paired with a feather

Another tattoo combination of faith, birds, and feather but with watercolor details

Faith with Arrow Tattoo

There are also a lot of people who like to pair their faith tattoo with arrow tattoo designs. But this tattoo combination can depict two meanings: your religious conviction and your confidence in yourself. You see, to shoot arrows, you’d have to pull it back. This action represents struggles and the tension you experience in life that holds you back. Now to survive, you need to trust yourself, as well as God or other divine beings, during the process. For this tattoo, many people often place the word faith in the arrow’s shaft or spine.


A minimalist faith and arrow tattooed on the forearm


This faith and arrow tattoo is paired with a small minimalist cross

A combination tattoo of arrow, faith, love, and heartbeat on the forearm

An arrow and a quote about faith that reads “keep the faith”

Faith with Flower Tattoo

A lot of people in the world of body art use flowers on their tattoo because it doesn’t just add aesthetics. Rather, it also makes it more significant as different flower species and colors have their own meaning. One of the well-favored flowers in the tattoo field is the rose. For faith-flower tattoo combinations, people often make the cursive faith word tattoo as the flower’s stem.

A rose and faith tattoo placed on the calf

A realistic rose paired with word tattoos love, faith, and hope

A nicely shaded rose paired with a faith word tattoo

A rose tattoo paired with a phrase that reads “have faith”

If you’re not fond of word tattoos and if you want to add a bit more mystery to your faith tattoo, you can just opt for symbols that represent faith.

Cross Tattoo

Of course, the cross tattoo can easily stand alone in symbolizing the wearer’s faith. However, this tattoo only usually works for Christians.

Small yet creative cross tattoo

A minimalist cross tattoo with flowers

A simple cross tattoo with initials placed on the chest

A winged cross chest tattoo with a quote that reads “have faith in all that you make”

A cross inspired by trash polka tattoo design

A small Celtic cross tattooed on the nape

A realistic Celtic cross with a shamrock and claddagh

A huge Celtic cross tattoo with blackwork details

A small and simple blackwork cross tattoo paired with a semicolon

Another simple blackworkd cross tattoo but this one has a small heart at the center

Ichthus Tattoo

Also known as ichthys, this symbol also counts as a symbol of faith. For starters, this symbol is made of two intersecting arcs that resemble a fish. It is not known how this symbol was invented to represent faith, though, but a lot of people use this as a Christian symbol.

A barely-there ichthus tattoo on the wrist

An ichthus tattoo with the word “Jesus”

An ichthus tattoo paired with the word tattoo that reads “saved”

The World's Best Photos of ichthys and tattoo - Flickr Hive Mind

An ichthus tattoo with a cross

A plain ichthus tattoo placed on the left wrist

Fe Tattoo

“Fe” is actually a Spanish word that literally translates to “faith.” And if you don’t want the usual “faith” word tattoo, you can just go with this one as it’s much simpler and, of course, it piques the curiosity of many, especially if they’re not familiar with the Spanish language.

A fe tattoo paired with birds etched on the ankle area

A nice abstract fe tattoo placed on the forearm

D47 tattoo Studio

A fe tattoo paired with a rosary etched on the right arm

Another creative fe tattoo that also resembles a cross

Faith Hope Love

Of course, who wouldn’t forget about the faith hope love tattoo? It’s also one of the most popular symbols in the tattoo field and it’s also a perfect tattoo to use for when you want another creative faith tattoo. For starters, this tattoo is often made of the cross symbol to symbolize faith, a heartbeat to signify hope, and a heart to represent love.

An Arabic version of faith hope love tattoo placed on the left wrist

White tattoo Faith Hope Love | Hope tattoo, Love tattoos, Faith ...

A white ink faith hope love tattoo

A faith hope love tattoo in black ink etched on the right rib area

A faith hope love symbol paired with a watercolor infinity tattoo on the wrist

There’s still a lot of ways to ink a faith tattoo. Just don’t limit your imagination.

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