50+ Family Tree Tattoos Ideas and Designs that are Forever

By Jason Hamilton / October 15, 2020
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For tattoos, people often look for the trendiest designs, the most aesthetically pleasing, or the most jaw-dropping 3D tattoo designs. What some people sometimes forget is to tattoo something they love, something that inspires them, something that has become a part of them, and/or something that shows who they are and where they came from. Luckily, there are a few symbols for that that you can easily get and that is the family tree tattoo.

What makes it a nice tattoo is that it’s not just something that’s aesthetically pleasing. It is also a design that will help you show a big part of yourself. This is because, needless to say, it can tell something about your past and your roots. But how can you design such tattoo?


Family Tree Structure and Importance

Families often make one to set a record for their family’s lineage. Aside from that, it can also impact inheritance – rights to property, rights of inheritance, and they can also be critical to proving or even disproving important questions of law. It is also helpful in helping medical professionals answer questions and even obtaining clues to cure diseases embedded in family trees. Hence, many families create this.


You’ve probably seen a family tree before.

Basically it’s just an image of a tree with names of family members. But how can you strategically place each name?


For starters, there are a number of ways to construct your family tree. But commonly, people often structure it by starting from the roots where the grandparents’ names are placed. For the biggest branches connected to the trunk, you can place your parents or your aunts and uncles’ names. Your name, siblings, cousins, and their spouses’ names go to the smaller branches. Meanwhile, your and your cousins and siblings’ children go to even smaller branches and so on. Sometimes, people place their grandparents or great grandparents’ names on the trunk.

Other families also go for the easier aesthetics wherein they just make an image of the tree as a background and the names are placed in a diagram. Here, the names of the oldest members in the family are placed on top and their own families are then branched out going down.


As for a tattoo, you can still use this structure. But you are free to get more creative with your family tree tattoos ideas and designs.

Family Tree Tattoos Ideas and Designs

In the world of body art, you are more than free to do what you want with your family tree tattoos ideas and designs or any other tattoo. But if you need some inspirations to imagine how your tattoo would turn out in case you go for this design, don’t worry, we got your back. We listed some of the most inspiring and pleasing family tree tattoos ideas and designs for you. On top of that, we added more information about what they mean.


Tree Tattoo with Names

Sometimes, people often go for normal tree tattoo designs and then they would randomly place their family members’ names. With this, it’s easier to add more names in case your family grows bigger over time.

Image result for tree tattoo with names

This family tree tattoo has names in banners wrapping the tree


This family tree has names on its branches and leaves

A tree with no leaves has names overlapping the branches


Another tattoo of a tree wrapped in banners with names

A bald tree with names but the surname is placed on the roots


A unique tree with names written on the branches

Abstract Family Tree Tattoo

If you want to go for a more artsy tattoo, you can go for abstract details for your family tree. It is also easier to add more family members with this since its abstract – no need to be pressured for symmetrical details or whatnot.

A tree with swirled branches made with names

A tree with branches made with names in cursive


Another unique tree tattoo with branches made with names in cursive

A minimalist family tree tattoo with just the first letters of the names of the member of the family


A unique abstract tree tattoo with names and birthdates of the family members

Tree Tattoo with Family Word

If your family is too big that there won’t be enough spaces for all of your family members and relatives, you can just have a tree etched on your skin and have the word “family” next to it.

Image result for tree tattoo with family word

A tree tattoo disguising as letter F paired with the “family” word tattoo and quote


A small tree tattoo with the word “family” written below the root


A wrist tree tattoo with the word “family” connected to the tree’s trunk

A flowering tree with a banner family tattoo placed on the roots

Image result for family tree tattoo with quote


A unique family tree tattoo with the Hawaiian word “Ohana” which means “Family”

Tree with Family

For those who are just starting their own family or have a small family, you can just tattoo a tree and add images that represent your family members. It can be cartoonish, silhouette, etc.

A creative tattoo combination of heart, tree, family, and skeleton

A dotwork tattoo combination of family, tree, heartbeat, names, and infinity symbol


A cute tattoo of a family of owls sitting on a tree to represent the members of the family

A family of skeletons paired with bald trees


A tattoo of a mother and her children sitting on a swing attached to a tree

Colorful Tree Tattoo

If you are more of a private person, you can just go for a tree tattoo wherein the leaves have different colors that can represent your family members or relatives.

Image result for colorful tree tattoo


A colorful tree with swirled branches

Image result for colorful tree tattoo

A small forearm watercolor tattoo

A tree tattoo with colorful leaves covering the whole back area

Another colorful tree tattoo paired with other different symbols

A watercolor tattoo with leaves made with different colors

Oak Tree Tattoo

Oak trees also make a nice tattoo to represent your family. This is because oak trees symbolize life. Aside from that, it is also associated with longevity and wisdom.

Image result for oak tree tattoo

An oak tree tattoo paired with birds

A huge oak tree tattooed on the back

A dotted forearm oak tree tattoo

A geometric oak tree tattoo on the forearm

A realistic oak tree tattoo on the right rib area

Palm Tree

For a unique tree, you can go for palm tree tattoo designs too. Palm trees are also associated with life. On top of that, it represents strength, knowledge, wisdom, and eternity.

A cute and small palm tree tattoo

A small palm tree tattoo on the left ankle

Another small palm tree tattoo on the ankle but is paired with a wave tattoo

A small palm tree tattooed on the index finger

This palm tree is tattooed on the left thumb

Realistic palm trees tattooed on the right arm

Pine Tree Tattoo

Trees, in general, are associated with life. And pine tree tattoo designs are no different. What’s even better is that they are unique too. Apart from that, pine tree tattoos also symbolize, beauty, strength, eternal life, and wisdom.

A minimalist but intricately detailed pine tree tattoo paired with a full moon

Tall pine trees inked on the right foot

Pine trees etched on the right arm

A realistic pine tree tattooed on the calf

A pine tree forearm tattoo paired with the flower of life and mandala

Celtic Tree of Life

If you are Irish, you can show off your heritage with the Celtic tree of life. This is because this symbol originated from the Celts, hence the name. Also, it is associated with life, harmony, and balance.

A tree of life tattoo with roots made of Celtic knots

A Celtic tree of life tattooed on the right arm

A small Celtic tree of life etched on the back

A Celtic tree of life etched on the right chest area

A combination of blackwork and Celtic tree tattoo placed on the back

Other Family Tree Tattoos Ideas and Designs

There are a lot of tree species out there that you can use and each of them has its own meaning. But in general, again, trees are associated with life and one’s roots. You can also add more symbols or even quotes that will all the more inspire you.

Image result for family tree tattoo

A family tree tattoo paired with a quote and heart tattoo

A family tree with no leaves but its branches are formed to shape like a heart

A family tree that’s shaped like an old man with open arms placed on the back area

A unique family tree made with vines, heart, and initials

Image result for family tree tattoo

A family tree where the grandparents from both sides of the family are included

But then again, you shouldn’t be confined with trees for a family tree tattoo. You can get even more creative with your designs.

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