50+ Fantastic Arrow Tattoo Ideas You Will Like

By Jason Hamilton / May 1, 2019
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Arrow tattoo designs are famous body tattoos that are worn by thousands of tattoo lovers in the world. These tattoos have been the favorite of many people even in the past years. What is being loved by many regarding an arrow design is the fact that it is very simple in design. Even though it is just a simple design, it cannot be denied that it looks very elegant. Just in case you do not know, there are also a lot of tattoo first-timers out there who are choosing them to be engraved on their body. Because of the simplicity of the design, you will only spend a lesser amount of money for it. One reason is that the tattoo artist that you choose will have easier moments in engraving the tattoo on your body. Aside from that, such a tattoo will only require minimal effort and time. In other words, this tattoo would be the perfect choice of many.

In this article, we will be showing you our carefully curated gallery of arrow tattoo designs as well as the various designs you can do with the said tattoo.


Why Get An Arrow Tattoo?

Arrows are very old and familiar objects, probably recognizable by anyone who can talk. They’ve been around since before recorded history, after all, and were invented long before the wheel. Although Neanderthals probably didn’t use arrows, early humans did, and that might explain what happened to the Neanderthals.


One trick of human intelligence is converting ideas to symbols. We like to translate big ideas into simple marks that represent those things, like how a musical note illustrates a particular sound and the action a musician must perform to make it. Thus, the weapon-arrow has morphed into the graphic design you see on street signs.

The arrow tattoo represents all this—history, utility, beauty, intellect—and more.


The Designs You Can Do With An Arrow Tattoo

The arrow tattoo is most of the time a simple tattoo design. With just a line, a handful of intricate details, and an arrowhead, you already have an arrow tattoo! For those who like to have something that is better visually, however, it would be better if you would go with a slightly different approach to it with the arrow as a design element of another design or spice it up by mixing it with another.

An arrow can also be accompanied by other design elements, for a more sophisticated tattoo. An arrow passing through a heart is usually, as you might have already guessed, a symbol for a broken heart and pain in love. If the arrow passed through a diamond, on the other hand, that’s a symbol of courage and success. If you decide to get an arrow with a compass, this represents direction – maybe you’re now choosing a path in life, or you’ve decided to adopt a more Zen attitude and go wherever life takes you. Another popular design features a bow with an arrow ready to be shot; a symbol that you’re ready for the greatest things that lay in your future. Or you can choose from another multitude of design elements to accompany your arrow – flowers, a dreamcatcher, feathers, and so on, each with their own particular meaning.


Here are some of the tattoo ideas we can think of that uses the arrow tattoo as a design element:

The Sagittarius Tattoo

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign on the Chinese Calendar. The astrological sign is associated with the constellation Sagittarius that spans the 240 to the 270th degrees of the zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between late November and late December. The Greeks associated the constellation with Chiron, a centaur that was mentored by Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War.


Enthusiasts often get this tattoo design because it is their zodiac sign but some still get this tattoo design even if they are not a Sagittarius. To those people who still get this tattoo even if they do not belong to the zodiac sign often tell that the Sagittarius signifies courage, will, and passion. It can also symbolize a victorious life because no matter you face numerous problems and challenges in life, you will still come out of those problems victorious and stronger because of your will.

Sagittarius Tattoo designs often depict a centaur but there are a lot of interpretations out there. Some prefer their Sagittarius to be a male centaur running while drawing a bow and others prefer their Sagittarius to be a woman preparing to aim their bow and arrow. More intricate designs often show their Sagittarius tattoo design as a Greek centaur warrior in full armor while drawing a bow and arrow.


Here are some of the best Sagittarius Tattoo we saw that features a bow and arrow:

A detailed rib tattoo of the Sagittarius centaur.

An intricate shoulder tattoo of Sagittarius as an assassin.


A tribal-inspired tattoo of Sagittarius holding a bow and arrow.

The Sagittarius centaur as a greek warrior holding a mace (a large arrow)


A small back tattoo of Sagittarius with a bow and arrow.

The upper body of the centaur of Sagittarius drawing a bow and arrow.


A tribal-themed tattoo of Sagittarius with a bow and arrow.

A detailed shoulder tattoo of Sagittarius as a woman aiming with a bow and arrow.

An intricate tattoo of Sagittarius as a woman inside a frame.


A sleeve tattoo of Sagittarius as a male centaur while pointing his bow upward.

A painting-like tattoo design of Sagittarius.


Another artsy tattoo of Sagittarius now as a female inked on the ankle.

The Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Bow and arrow tattoo designs are becoming truly fashionable, especially among women. Bow tattoos are great because they can come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. A simple bow on its own or added to another image can be simple or may have personal meaning to make a statement about a problem or a global issue.

Bow tattoos need not be for girls, though, as there are male options as well. Unlike ribbons and bows, a bow and arrow is a great custom tattoo. It can show you love to hunt or can reference to Cupid and puppy love. A simple bow with a heart and arrow your significant other name is a proof of your relationship.

Depending on how you translate, the meaning of arrows and bows may be related to both the world of art and creativity while also keeping a relationship with the ancestral world. Since the arrow is part of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, you could be tattooed on hand to portray a part inside than outside of the skin.

An arrow may also be symbolic of how determined and goal-oriented you are. An arrow can only be fired by pulling it backward. Therefore, when you run up against problems in life, it means that eventually there will come something good stay focused.

Here are just some of the bow and arrow tattoo designs we have collected from the internet that you might be interested in:

An arm tattoo of an arrow with an intricate tail and rope detail.


An intricately designed leg tattoo of a bow and arrow.


Another small highly detailed tattoo of a bow and arrow with a wing.

An arm tattoo of an arrow with other embellishments.


An artsy tattoo of an arrow with circles and curves and other geometric design details.

An arm tattoo of three arrows and a bow with a broken line circle and other geometric details.

An arm tattoo of two intricately desingned arrows.


A small bow and arrow tattoo on the ankle.

A small intricate bow and arrow tattoo.


A highly detailed tattoo of a bow and arrow.


The Feathers And Arrow Tattoo

A feather on an arrow tattoo means independence, liberty, and triumph. This can be attributed in ancient societies since the arrow was the most used ranged weapon before and during the early introduction of gunpowder, cannons, and rifles. The feather takes its meaning from the bird. A bird is free to fly and soar through the clouds which is our figurative image of freedom.

Here are some of the best feather and arrow tattoo we saw that you might like:

A feather tattoo twisted around an arrow situated on the upper arm

An arrow with different types of elegant feathers on the tail

An arrow outline with an ostrich’s feather on the forearm

A classic feather on the tip of a simple arrow

A blue feather tattoo swirling around an arrow to symbolize trust

A highly intricate feather and arrow tattoo on the forearm.

A very colorful feather and arrow tattoo on the forearm.

A forearm tattoo of a feather and arrow with geometric detailing.

A forearm tattoo of a feather and arrow.

A leg tattoo of an intricately designed feather and arrow.

A rib cage tattoo of an arrow with feathers tied to it.

A leg tattoo of a feather and arrow with watercolor.

A medium sized chest tattoo of an arrow and feather.

Another leg tattoo of an arrow and feather.

An intricately detailed feather and arrow tattoo on the upper sleeve.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

Over the last decade, the explosion of various tattoo ink colors resulted in an idea that is then considered bold and inconceivable by old tattoo artists and enthusiasts: Watercolor tattoos. Everyone thought that mimicking modern art on the skin will never be possible until the first batch of watercolor tattoos sprung up in the latter half of the 2000s. These tattoos were considered out of this world because of its richness in color that was never before seen in the industry. Soon, the design caught on and it is now a trend for both tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

A broiling debate regarding watercolor tattoo exists in the body art community. The point of contention is on how the tattoo would age and the community is divided 50-50 on this one.

On one side, tattoo artists and enthusiasts claim that when watercolor tattoo designs fade within ten to fifteen years, it would not be discernible and it will just be a blob of color on your skin. The other side rebutted saying that retouching a tattoo after a few years is a common occurrence and can be used to remedy the fading issue of a watercolor tattoo.

Other tattoo artists and enthusiasts made suggestions on how to make your watercolor tattoo age well. By having a black baseline on your tattoo will make the design live longer despite the colors mixing together. others also suggest that since most watercolor tattoos are derived from abstract art that fading is not an issue at all since there is no form to be followed just like in paintings. Most agree, however, that if done correctly, a watercolor tattoo’s lifespan can be as long as a regular black tattoo.

Despite the debate, here are just some of the watercolor arrow tattoo we saw that you might extremely like:

A vibrantly colored watercolor tattoo of an arrow and a semicolon.

watercolor arrow tattoo 15

An intricately detailed arrow tattoo with incorporated watercolor design elements.

A small watercolor bow and arrow tattoo on the forearm.

A highly detailed arrow tattoo with watercolor details.

a watercolor tattoo of an arrow inked on the forearm.

A watercolor tattoo of an arrow with various colors.

A vibrantly colored watercolor back tattoo of a compass and an arrow

A watercolor tattoo of an intricately designed arrow and compass.

a tattoo of a rose and arrow with pink, violet, and blue watercolor design elements.

A vibrantly colored and intricately made arrow tattoo with watercolor.

A watercolor tattoo of an arrow.

An intricately designed arrow with small watercolor tattoo details.

watercolor arrow tattoo 4

A tattoo of an arrow and a lotus flower with pink and blue watercolor tattoo design elements.

A vibrantly colored watercolor tattoo of an arrow on the forearm.

A simple forearm tattoo of an arrow with pink and blue watercolor.

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