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50+ Feather Tattoo Design Ideas with Other Symbols to Make Your Tattoo More Significant

By Jason Hamilton / November 26, 2018
dreamcatcher with feather tattoo
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There are symbols for tattoos that are already meaningful even when used alone. But there are also tattoos that will become even more significant when paired up with other symbols. A feather tattoo is one of them. Just like the praying hands tattoos, feather tattoos doesn’t just give you good aesthetics but it can convey a deep meaning as well, especially when you pair it with other symbols.


The Many Meanings Behind Feather Symbols

Feathers are one of the symbols that contain so many definitions. From its colors to even to its directions, it can definitely tell a lot of meanings. Additionally, different cultures, as well as religions, have their own interpretation on feathers.

Feathers’ Spiritual Meaning

For most religions, they see feathers as a way of communication with spiritual realms. For many believers, especially Christians, feathers contain a positive meaning. This is because they believe that it’s a sign given by an angel or by their loved ones who have already gone to heaven. Thus, when they see feathers, especially in unexpected places or situations, many people feel uplifted because they know that an angel or their deceased loved one is just around the corner, guiding them.


Additionally, just like the Celtic cross symbols, many religious groups associate feathers with divinity as well. This is probably because Christians believe that angels exist and that they depict the with wings with think feathers.

Moreover, in the Christian Bible, feathers represent God’s protection and loving care. These are described in the book of Psalms and Deuteronomy.


Feathers in Different Cultures

Various cultures have their own meanings of feather symbols too. In Native American culture, for instance, feathers play a very big role. They use in sacred ceremonies, clothing, tools, pieces of jewelry, charms, and even weapons. Their myths also tell stories that include positive representations of feathers.

Feathers also play a part in the Iroquois tribe. They even have a dance called the “Great Feather Dance” that they use to thank the deities for blessing them with the things they have now. Dancers adorn themselves with outfits filled with feathers because they believe that feathers have a connection to gods. Additionally, they consider feathers as gifts from heaven and that it carries the power of deities.


Feathers are well-known in ancient Egypt too. For Egyptians, they believe that feathers are a symbol of one of Ma’at, their goddess of justice, truth, and order. Ancient Egyptians often depicted her wearing an ostrich’s feather in her head.

Moreover, ancient Egyptians also believe that a person dies, his heart will be weighed against the feather of Ma’at. If the person’s heart weighed more than Ma’at’s feather, it means that the heart is filled with sin. Therefore, he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the afterlife.


Feather Tattoo Colors and their Meanings

Aside from its representation based on different beliefs and culture, a feather’s meaning also changes depending on its color. If you are considering a feather tattoo, you might want to take a look at its colors’ meanings. In this way, you can find more ways to express what you’re trying to say with such body art.


Feather tattoos in black ink are believed to be a symbol of protection from your guardian angel. While many people tend to associate black with negative connotations, black feathers can serve as a reminder that your guardian angels are always with you to protect and deflect any negative energy.



The color white is a classic color that’s often associated with purity or even spiritual belief. If you want to honor someone you love who has already passed away, you can have your feather tattoo in white.


People relate pink as the color of an unconditional love. Thus, if you want a feather tattoo to honor your parents or your partner in life, color it with pink to represent your love for each other. Furthermore, pink feathers symbolize a kind of love that has the power to heal wounds and overcome challenges. Thus, pink feather tattoos can serve as a reminder that love might answer your problems too.


Generally, the color red represents courage and power. But it can signify energy, passion, vitality, and strength too. If you want to show your strengths through your body art, go for a red feather tattoo. You can use a red feather piece to represent the strength you gained after facing a big challenge in life as well.


Orange serves as a symbol of emotional balance. harmony, creativity, and intuition. It’s also a good representation of your emotions. If you want to show your creativity while expressing your emotions, orange ink feather tattoos are a good idea. You’ll surely always be reminded to have more spontaneity in life.


Yellow is one happy color. It’s full optimism as well as confidence and it will definitely make you feel good even just by looking at it. If you want to be reminded of staying light-hearted and if you want to keep a positive attitude in life, yellow ink feather tattoos are the one you need.


Green feathers represent prosperity, growth, abundance, and fortune. It is also a symbol of peace and balance.


Blue feathers can express yourself as well as your trust in other people. If you want a color that will suit a matching feather tattoo with your loved one, blue is the color you should opt for.


Many feather tattoos often have this color as it’s a color that represents neutrality. It is also a color that will always remind you to step back and think of the things or situations in your life that may help you resolve a problem.


You can opt for a multicolored feather tattoo too. With feathers having multiple colors, it can represent your regeneration or even your connection with the angels.

Feather Tattoo Design with Other Symbols

Again, the feather tattoo is already meaningful. But if you want to give it more significance, you can pair it up with other symbols. Here are some ideas that you can use too.

Arrows with Feather

A feather on an arrow tattoo means independence, liberty, and triumph.

A feather tattoo twisted around an arrow situated on the upper arm


An arrow with different types of elegant feathers on the tail

An arrow outline with an ostrich’s feather on the forearm


A classic feather on the tip of a simple arrow

A blue feather tattoo swirling around an arrow to symbolize trust

Dreamcatchers with Feather

Dreamcatchers and feathers often complement each other. This is because people associate feathers with protection.


A watercolor styled dreamcatcher with feathers in multiple colors

Another pretty dreamcatcher tattoo with feathers made with soft strokes

A watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo with soft-looking feathers in multiple colors


An impressive dreamcatcher with very realistic feather tattoo on the arm

A black ink dreamcatcher tattoo with beads, feathers, and a wolf at the center


A dreamcatcher with feather tattoo and an owl sitting atop


Feathers with names will always let you remember a loved one. On the other hand, feather tattoos will always inspire you to do better every day.

A feather tattoo with an inspiring quote in blue and black ink


A feather tattoo with a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ringss


A feather tattoo with a quote reminding you to always seize the day

A feather tattoo on the wrist to inspire you to always “believe.”


A black in hope-giving feather tattoo placed on the forearm

A feather tattoo with a quote that will remind us that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes

Feathers with flowers

Feather tattoos with flowers will always look beautiful. Apart from that, it can symbolize femininity and many more meanings depending on the flower variation.

A feather with peony and sunflower for good fortune and happier days


A peacock feather with beads and hibiscus flower tattoo to represent power in spite of gentleness

A rose with feather tattoo to represent bravery and new beginnings


A blue feather with different flowers to symbolize happiness, trust, courage, and new beginnings


A double exposure tattoo of a hibiscus and a feather


Both feathers are often associated with freedom, truth, and courage. People also believe that they hold the meaning of spiritual protection.

A feather tattoo with birds spraying blue and pink colors to represent love and trust

Birds placed atop a big feather tattoo on the side of the torso with an inspiring quote

A big soft-looking realistic feather with birds drawn at the back

A solid black ink feather tattoo with birds flying away

Birds flying over a realistic feather tattoo on the forearm

A black ink birds and feather tattoo with a colorful background

Feathers on a Headdress

Feathers are also used in Native American headdresses. When used as a tattoo it can represent strength and bravery.

A colorful Native American tattoo design placed on the forearm

A richly detailed skull wearing a Native American headdress on the chest

A feather tattoo variation of a woman wearing a Native American headdress

A big and detailed feather tattoo on a Native American headdress

Clock with Feather

Clock represents time. Pair it with a feather tattoo and it could mean timeless trust, protection, or even courage.

A clock with a feather tattoo that resembles a dreamcatcher

A clock and feather tattoo with a word of inspiration

A realistic pocket watch and a feather tattoo on the upper arm

A stack of books and a feather tattoo with a clock on the background


Adding dates to your tattoos can always make you remember a very memorable day. It can also be used to honor a deceased loved one.

A feather tattoo with a birthdate in roman numerals resembling an infinity symbol

A classic feather tattoo with date drawn in black ink

An infinity sign with a feather and years to commemorate a special event

Another classic feather tattoo on the rib area with dates in Roman numerals

Feather with Beads

Apparently, beads don’t contain any significant meaning when it’s paired with feathers. Even so, it will more sophistication to your feather tattoo.

A classic black ink feather tattoo with three colored beads

A black and white ink feather tattoo with black beads

A feather tattoo with red and blue beads behind the ear

A realistic anklet feather tattoo with red and black beads

Feather with Infinity Symbol

For starters, this simple twist and loop symbol represents eternity. When it’s paired with other symbols like a feather, it means that whatever the symbol represents will last forever.

A three-dimensional feather tattoo on the center of an infinity sign

A 3D feather tattoo with infinity sign that means eternal love

A classic infinity feather tattoo but in 3D placed just below the nape

A feather quill with decorative flowers on top of an infinity sign

Feather with Tribal Style

Basically, feather tattoos with tribal design drew inspiration from traditional tattoo styles. Such tattoos feature intricate repetitive and geometrical strokes and will add more spice to your feather tattoo.

A big black ink feather tattoo with a tribal design

A medium-sized feather tattoo with tribal style on the inner bicep

A tribal feather tattoo with good line work on the lower leg

A tribal feather tattoo with birds on the side of the ribs

But these symbols are just a few of the countless designs that you can pair with your feather tattoo. Feather tattoos are very flexible and can be paired up with almost any other design. It will still be as meaningful and beautiful as it is. Which of these designs impressed you the most?


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