50+ Fiery Phoenix Tattoo Ideas That Will Set You Ablaze

By Jason Hamilton / May 24, 2018
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Since time immemorial, humanity has shrouded itself with countless mythical creatures that would fascinate our minds all over. One of these creatures We fantasize is the Phoenix, a fiery bird that has mythical qualities. With the fanaticism to this mythical fiery bird are the countless stories, myths, legends, and other forms of literature that dotted our history and culture. It also captivated the artistic world with numerous works of art like paintings and sculpture wherein the mythical bird has been the focal point or rather the subject of these works of art. If this is how we glorify this legendary creature, it will come as no surprise that the body art industry and more specifically, the tattoo community with its countless tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts, have also adored the Phoenix and as a tribute to this fanaticism, the Phoenix tattoo is born.

So, in this article, we will be giving you a rich and blazing collection of images of beautiful and intricate phoenix tattoo designs that have captivated the industry. We will also be sharing with you a brief background on the inspiration of the design as well as its meaning and the perfect body placement for this tattoo.


What Is A Phoenix?

A Phoenix, in layman’s terms, is a mythical bird that has the ability to cyclically regenerate from the ashes of its former self. Well, I guess that is that, moving on.


Just kidding. Well, jokes aside though, this mythical bird, as mentioned, above, has been the subject of countless tales and artworks from the birth of the Egyptian Civilization but the first recorded use of the word was way back in the time of the great Greek civilization. These civilizations revere the Phoenix as a god-like creature due to its regenerating capabilities. Frome these civilizations, the story, and legend of the Phoenix spread across Europe and eventually, the world.

The spreading of the tales of the Phoenix gave birth to numerous appearances. In some cultures, this mythical bird has flames for feathers and could glow brightly to blind its foe. In others, they depict the Phoenix as a huge bird but with regular bird characteristics. Though the image of this fiery mythical bird varies from culture to culture, there is one thing in their tales and imageries that they can agree upon, this bird has the ability to regenerate.


No matter what the depiction of the bird is, one cannot simply deny the majesty of its form and the beauty the creature possesses which is why the world has been obsessed with the bird.

The Phoenix In Popular Culture

One may deduce that the tales of this mythical creature has died since the birth of the modern technological civilization of today. Contrary to your belief, however, this mythical bird still captivates the world which is why it has been a subject of countless modern works of the recent decades.


In the first installment to The Chronicles Of Narnia series, during the final battle, a phoenix appeared on the battlefield spraying fire on the grass so that the protagonists may retreat from the White Witch’s forces.

Another film appearance which has delighted film enthusiasts is its appearance since the second installment to the Harry Potter series. (Potterheads unite!) Fawkes, the pet phoenix of Professor Dumbledore (we want to give the whole name but it is too damn long!) has appeared numerous times since the second installment, The Chamber Of Secrets. In this universe, the Phoenix has also been given an additional capability aside from the usual regeneration; the tears of the Phoenix have a powerful healing quality.


In television, specifically in Avatar: The Last Airbender (endearingly known as The Legend Of Aang), the mythical bird did not appear in the series but it was referenced when the ruler of one of the four nations went on a mission to conquer the world. He said that he will be the Phoenix King because he will usher in the rebirth of the world like the phoenix always do.

In other forms of media, the Phoenix has been mentioned in numerous songs throughout the decades. An example of a song that features the bird is Rise by David Guetta. The lyrics go like this: “like the Phoenix, we will rise” implying the regenerating capabilities of the mythical bird.


In games, the bird has been heavily featured in Pokemon as two legendary pokemon, Moltres and Ho-Oh. Moltres is more recognizable with the phoenix imagery because it is a fire type bird pokemon with fire as its feathers. Ho-Oh, on the other hand, is also based on a phoenix but it is more muted.

You see? Phoenixes still captivate the world even in today’s modern world and if one day, phoenix tattoo designs would conquer the body industry, do not be surprised.

What Is The Meaning Of  A Phoenix Tattoo?

The meaning of a phoenix tattoo still holds the same meaning as when it is used in other mediums. Speaking on behalf of the community, however, we see the phoenix in numerous light.

A phoenix tattoo, for a majority of people, symbolizes the person’s ability to be born again or their change in character and personality. People who mostly get this tattoo would like to scream to the world that they are a changed man and that they have left their old miserable self in the ashes.

Another meaning that a phoenix tattoo may hold is victory. Nothing seems more triumphant than having a phoenix tattoo when in fact this mythical bird has conquered something that we seriously fear: death. By having this tattoo on your body, you are exclaiming that you have already passed your greatest fear or problem and that you are now at peace.

These are just some of the meanings that this mythical bird holds in the body art industry and the tattoo community in general. Each tattoo artist and tattoo enthusiast have their own meaning that this beautiful tattoo designs to hold. As a matter of fact, you can also have your own meaning to this fiery bird tattoo. Why not practice the thing that most members of the tattoo community do? Make their own meanings in each tattoo design they have.

Where Is The Perfect Place To Add Your Phoenix Tattoo?

There is no “perfect place” to place this tattoo since this tattoo design is a flexible one. Wherever you place this tattoo design, the meaning it possesses will still hold. Numerous tattoo artists and enthusiasts have experimented with its body placement and beautiful designs have emerged from this experimentation.

Though this tattoo is said to be flexible and versatile, if you are not really that sure as to where to place it, we suggest you have your phoenix tattoo design be inked on parts of the body that offers a huge amount of surface area. This will absolutely result in a wonderful design. These areas could be on the limbs area like the arms, sleeves, thighs, and legs, and the chest and back areas of the body. These places offer the largest surface area to have your tattoo that your local tattoo artists consider these parts as blank canvases.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

A lot of designs for a phoenix tattoo have sprung up since its inception a few decades ago. here are a few designs we have gathered from all over that internet that will definitely catch your attention.

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos have just been a recent trend in the body art industry and tattoo community. Since its inception almost a decade ago, tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike are pushing the boundaries as to what watercolor tattoos can do. One of the possible designs they came up with is the usage of watercolor tattoo details in phoenix tattoos hence the birth of watercolor phoenix tattoos.

This tattoo design almost always depicts phoenixes with vibrant colors with sharp contrasts to other colors.

Here are some watercolor phoenix tattoos we have seen on the internet:

1. A large thigh watercolor tattoo of an orange phoenix surrounded by flames.

2. A vibrant sleeve watercolor tattoo of a blazing orange phoenix surrounded by other colors.


3. A large side watercolor tattoo of a golden phoenix with bluish cerulean color as additional embellishment.

4. A colorful vibrant watercolor phoenix tattoo situated on the leg.


5. A large full back tattoo of a phoenix with watercolor tattoo design elements as additional detailing.

6. A chest watercolor tattoo of a colorful blue and orange phoenix with a large peacock-like tail.


7. A very colorful lower back watercolor tattoo of a phoenix flying upward.

8. A back watercolor tattoo of a phoenix with a black base and various colors.

9. A large back tattoo of a fiery orange phoenix with a large a tail and watercolor tattoo detailing.


10. A vibrant and colorful phoenix watercolor tattoo on the back near the shoulder.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

This tattoo design has been considered as a classic by numerous tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts due to its age. Tribal Phoenix Tattoos have been present in the tattoo community and body art industry for a few decades now hence its classification as a classic tattoo design. Despite its age, however, this tattoo design can still hold up against other phoenix tattoo designs out there.

The design usually depicts the Phoenix with thick black swirly lines or thick sharp lines in a flying or rising position. the tattoo artist may opt to use color for this specific tattoo design but most often, this tattoo design is seen with black ink only.

Here are a few tribal phoenix tattoo ideas that might inspire you:

1. A thigh tattoo of a phoenix in tribal detail.


2. Another thigh tattoo of a phoenix with tribal detail.

3. A large side tattoo of a phoenix with tribal detailing (polynesian).


4. A leg tattoo of a rising phoenix in tribal detail.


5. Another leg tattoo of a phoenix in tribal.

6. A long full back tattoo of a tribal phoenix that is aligned on the spine.


7. A tribal tattoo of a rising phoenix on the back.

8. A large upper back tribal tattoo of a flying phoenix.

9. Another tribal phoenix tattoo.


10. A tribal tattoo on the arm with a fire in tribal detail as an additional embellishment.

phoenix tattoo tribal arm 1

Neo-traditional Phoenix Tattoo

In recent years before the advent of watercolor tattoos, the phoenix tattoo has been considered as an aging design that might not have the ability to jump back. For this reason, tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts in the tattoo community have decided to reimagine the phoenix tattoo for the modern age. The outcome of these efforts is the neo-traditional phoenix tattoo.

This design has incorporated neo-traditional design elements to a once aging phoenix tattoo to give it a new image, a modern face. This tattoo design is most often seen with vibrant colors to complement its neo-traditional elements.

Here are a few neo-traditional phoenix tattoos that scream that the Phoenix is still not dead:

1. A small sleeve tattoo of a phoenix in neo-traditional design.


2. An intricate half sleeve neo-traditional tattoo of a phoenix.


3. A large leg tattoo og a neo-traditional red phoenix in flames.

4. A large half sleeve tattoo of a neo-traditional red phoenix blowing fire.

5. A large and highly intricate half sleeve neo-traditional tattoo of a phoenix.

6. A full sleeve tattoo of a neo-traditional phoenix in full color.

7. A large and highly detailed full back tattoo of an orange phoenix in a blue background.

8. A highly intricate and highly colorful full back tattoo of a phoenix with a golden head.

9. Another full back neo-traditional of a phoenix.

10. A large chest tattoo of a neo-traditional fiery phoenix.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Men

There is no denying that a majority of those who get this tattoo design are men since the design is considered masculine for a few decades which means that the design is highly optimized for masculine features.

Here are some of the phoenix tattoo designs that would look absolutely great on men:

1. A three fourth sleeve colored tattoo of a green phoenix.

2. A medium sized sleeve tattoo of a watercolor tribal phoenix.

3. A side tattoo of a black phoenix with a red to yellow gradient inside.

4. A highly intricate half sleeve tattoo of a phoenix.

5. A full sleeve tattoo of a highly intricate phoenix design.

6. A large full back tattoo of a highly detailed phoenix with other embellishments.

7. A full back tattoo of a phoenix.

8. A colored chest tattoo of a golden phoenix with red ink detailing.

9. An upper back tribal phoenix tattoo with Viking influences.

10. A large back tatoo of an intricately detailed phoenix.

Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Women

Due to the advent of numerous general tattoo designs in recent years, the phoenix tattoo is slowly softening its image so that women can also rock this snazzy tattoo design. With the birth of watercolor tattoos, this has become more possible as more women are now rocking their phoenix tattoo designs. It is expected that in a few years from this posting, the phoenix tattoo will hold a unisexual tattoo design status within the community and have more women ink this tattoo on their skins.

Here are some of the feminine phoenix tattoo designs we saw on the internet:

1. A large thigh tattoo of a blue and orange phoenix.

2. A large middle sleeve tattoo of a highly detailed phoenix with orange and purple feathers.

3. A large side tattoo of a blue phoenix with a long tail that reaches to the thigh.

4. A large and colorful side tattoo of a vibrant phoenix.

5. A colorful ribcage tattoo of a watercolor phoenix.

6. A leg tattoo of a fiery orange and red phoenix.

7. A large left back phoenix tattoo with a tail that reaches all the way to the lower end of the back.

8. A large full back tattoo of a tribal phoenix.

9. A large fancy back tattoo of a blue and orange phoenixes.

10. A large upper back tattoo of a pink phoenix.

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