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50+ Heartbeat Tattoo Designs to Express Your Love More this Valentine’s Day

By Jason Hamilton / February 11, 2020
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Body art like tattoos isn’t just for expressing your personality. It can also show your love for someone or something, just like how a heartbeat tattoo can. And speaking of this tattoo, today’s talk is all about this unique and symbolic tattoo to help you decide on your next (or first) tattoo.


Getting to Know the Heartbeat Tattoo

Also known as the EKG line tattoo, the heartbeat tattoos look exactly like the irregular line bouncing up and down that we see on monitors in the hospital and even on the lie detector test. For starters, a bouncing line means there is life and a flat line means the owner of that heartbeat has officially passed on.

Heartbeat Tattoo Meaning

Generally, this symbol refers to life as in the medical field, this indicates if a person’s heart is still beating or not. And its meaning is also the same when used as a tattoo. Thus, having this tattoo can serve as a reminder that each heartbeat is a blessing.


But aside from that, the heartbeat tattoo can also represent love. It could either be love for something or for someone.

The Beauty of the Heartbeat Tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo is one of the most versatile and beautiful tattoo designs in the world of body art. This is because it can be used as a sentimental or inspirational tattoo. Hence, it’s one of the safest bets for starters. And when combined with other tattoo designs, its meaning becomes all the more beautiful. To help give you some ideas as to how to use this tattoo and/or make it all the more meaningful, here are some samples we’ve gathered as well as their meanings. So read on if you want to find out more.


Heartbeat Tattoo Variations


Heartbeat tattoos are already meaningful on its own. What’s even better is that it is versatile too. Thus, if you want to play it safe and if you’re unsure if you’re going to add another symbol to it in the future, the plain heartbeat tattoos are the best for you. Here are some samples for that.

A simple heartbeat inked on the wrist area


Another simple, but larger plain heartbeat located right at the bicep.

Plain heartbeat tattoos worn by a couple, which when put together becomes longer



A simple heartbeat tattooed on the left wrist

A baby’s heartbeat copied from an actual ultrasound


A heartbeat taken from a real electrocardiogram result tattooed on the ribs

A simple heartbeat tattooed on the chest

Watercolor Heartbeat Tattoo

If you want your heartbeat tattoos to look more unique, you can also add a pop of color and use a watercolor style. Basically, it looks as if the paint was splattered on your heartbeat tattoos which makes it look more artsy. Combine all your favorite colors or choose a color that represents your emotions or describes you too. For instance, an orange ink can show off your energetic and spontaneous side, blue can show off your compassionate side, pink can tell the world how in love you are, and so on. Here are some ideas on the color combinations and styles for a watercolor version of your heartbeat tattoo.

Aside from a heartbeat, this watercolor tattoo also features two other elements; a heart and a church


This watercolor heartbeat features drops of red on the heart

This distinct watercolor heartbeat features splatters of red and blue all around


A heartbeat tattooed on the forearm with splats of yellow, pink, blue, and green ink

A rib tattoo of a heartbeat with a heart at the center and splats of colors


A tattoo of a heartbeat also with a colorful heart tattoo placed at the center


A leg tattoo of a heartbeat with splats of galactic colors

Heartbeat Tattoo with Name

Since heartbeat tattoos also represent love, you can add a name to it. In this way, you can express your love to the owner of the name – may it be a significant other, your sister, brother, parents, or even yourself. Heartbeat tattoos with a name can also be used to memorialize a loved one who had already gone. To give you a better idea as to how you can combine these two tattoos, here are some samples that we have gathered.

A heartbeat forearm tattoo that starts off with a name


Another heartbeat that starts with a name but this time it also has a name at its end

A friendship tattoo of a heartbeat placed on the wrist; one ends with a name while the other has the name under the heartbeat tattoo

A tattoo of a heartbeat that starts with a heart, has a heart at the center, and ends with a name tattoo


This tattoo of a heartbeat also starts with a name but ends with a heart tattoo

A big name tattoo that ends with a heartbeat placed on the forearm


A name under a tattoo of a heartbeat


This tattoo starts with a heart symbol and ends with the full name of the owner

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

Another variation of the heartbeat tattoos is the Faith Hope and Love symbols combined together. For starters, it’s actually a combination of symbols of a heart, a heartbeat, and a cross that appears to connect with each other. These symbols are very inspirational which makes it one of the perfect tattoos, especially for anyone who’s facing a lot of challenges in life. The heart tattoo symbol will always remind you to love, the heartbeat symbol will remind you to never lose hope no matter what, and, of course, the cross represents faith and will always remind you to keep your faith in God regardless of the situation. What makes this tattoo all the more awesome is that can fit all genders and is very timeless. Here are some samples on how you can ink this tattoo combination in your body.

Here, the cross comes first, followed by a heartbeat, then a heart tattoo

A faith hope and love tattoo with a word tattoo that explains the symbols

An Arabic version of the faith hope love tattoo

A minimalist 3D version of the faith hope love tattoo placed on the ankle

A faith hope love tattoo with a watercolor splash in the shape of infinity, a semicolon, and a number tattoo

A word tattoo that says “Faith Hope Love” under a heartbeat tattoo

A basic forearm tattoo of faith hope and love symbols

Heartbeat and Music Tattoos

Another tattoo variation of heartbeat tattoos is pairing it with any symbol related to music. Again, heartbeat tattoos can represent your love for something. Thus, if you love music, you can opt for this combination. Usually, people use the G and F clef to pair with heartbeat tattoos. People often use the eighth and/or the sixteenth notes too. Here are some ideas on how you can combine more musical notes with heartbeat tattoos.

A heartbeat tattoo that mimics a guitar paired with musical notes

A wrist tattoo of a heartbeat with a G clef at the center

A tattoo of a heartbeat that starts with a G clef and ends with a sixteenth note

A heartbeat with G and F clefs at its center

A heartbeat wrapped around the forearm with a G clef at the center

Another heartbeat that starts with a G clef

A heartbeat with a sixteenth note at the center and ends with a small heart tattoo

Heartbeat and Pawprint Tattoos

You can also combine heartbeat tattoos with pawprints. If you have fur babies, this is what we highly recommend. In this way, you can always keep them close to your heart wherever you go. Through this tattoo, you can also show off your love for your fur baby/ies. And if you have a fur baby that has already passed on to the other side, this tattoo is great to immortalize your memories of them. Here are some cute ideas on how you can pair heartbeat tattoos with your furbaby’s pawprints.

A heartbeat and pawprint tattoo with an outline of a dog’s face

A tattoo of a heartbeat that ends with an outline of a pawprint

A forearm tattoo of a heartbeat with a realistic pawprint

A tattoo of a heartbeat that starts with a red ink heart tattoo and ends with a pawprint

A foot tattoo of a heartbeat that starts with a huge heart with a pawprint at its center

This one, on the other hand, ends with two pawprints

Wave with Heartbeat Tattoo

Because of the resemblance of wave patterns to the heartbeat patterns, people also combine these two together; and they look good too. But aside from aesthetics, this kind of tattoo also has a deep meaning to it as it can also means strength in Japanese culture. Aside from that, it is also a great way to express your love for beaches.

A simple tattoo of a heartbeat with three waves at the center

This one, on the other hand, was place don the forearm

A heartbeat and wave tattoo placed below the collarbone

A wave tattoo that kind of resembles a heartbeat

Mountain and Heartbeat Tattoo

Aside from the wave, mountains resemble heartbeat patterns too. And like the former, people also often combine it with the heartbeat pattern for aesthetics. But contrary to what other people think, this kind of tattoo combination also has a nice meaning to it. You see, mountains, when used as a tattoo, also represents overcoming a challenge and strength. And when paired with a heartbeat tattoo, they can both symbolize how strong you have been and how you encountered life’s challenges. It can also serve as a reminder of how you overcame life’s challenges in the past and you can overcome it again too.

A combination of heartbeat, mountain, and snowflake tattoo

A heartbeat bicep tattoo that ends with a mountain symbol

A tattoo of a heartbeat with a mountain at the center placed on the nape

A tattoo of a heartbeat with a huge mountain tattoo with a quote tattoo

A mountain tattoo placed at the center of a tattoo of a heartbeat

A dotwork tattoo of a mountain in the middle of a heartbeat tattoo

A heartbeat with mountain tattoo in brown ink


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