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50+ Hummingbird Tattoo Designs That Will Show Both of Your Strong and Romantic Sides

By Jason Hamilton / January 24, 2019
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Many people use various species of birds as their tattoo’s template. Some of the most popular ones include designs for eagles, hawks, and crows. With such diverse species available, it is really easy getting creative when it comes to bird tattoos. But for those that want to stand out from others, a hummingbird tattoo should sound like a pretty solid idea.


Getting to Know Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are a unique species that are native to the Americas. They are some of the smallest birds with most species clocking in at around 7.5-13 cm in length only. Among all species of birds, they are the only bird that’s able to hover at will. This is because their wings typically flap up to 80 times per second and this gives off a high-frequency sound audible to humans, hence the origin of the hum in its name.

Different Cultures on Hummingbird Tattoo

Birds are very prominent in Native American and South American legends, literature, folklore, and mythology. The Mayans, for one, believed that the first ever wedding on Earth was between two hummingbirds. Because of that, many people consider hummingbirds as a symbol of love. Additionally, they believe that the Great God created such birds from leftover parts from all the other birds. With this, they think that it’s the reason why hummingbirds have vibrant colors.


On the other hand, hummingbirds play an even bigger role for the Aztecs. They believe that hummingbirds are a symbol of rebirth. For them, those people who died in battle are reincarnated as one of the tiny birds. Moreover, Aztecs also believe in a god named Huitzilopotchli which literally translates to “the hummingbird on the left.” He is the god of the sun and war who sports a bracelet made of hummingbird feathers around his left wrist.

The Taino people also saw the hummingbird as a symbol of rebirth. However, for them, the bird is also a representation of the one that spreads life across the world. Aside from this, they consider hummingbirds as a symbol of peace and protection. Even so, historians are yet to uncover why the Taino adopted such a belief. Oddly enough, the hummingbird was never used as a central symbol for the Taino warriors.


Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings

Bird tattoos are usually associated with a person’s freedom and free will. This is especially the case when it comes to the eagle tattoo designs which most people associate with patriotism in the United States. However, since hummingbirds are a smaller and more fragile species, many people use them to symbolize other warmer emotions too.

A Symbol of Love

More often than not, they are used as a symbol of love. Yes, heart tattoos aren’t the only body art designs that can represent love but a hummingbird tattoo too. This is because when a hummingbird flaps its wings, it makes the symbol for infinity thus allowing it to represent everlasting love. Beyond this, the bird is also used as a symbol for persistence and the unwavering devotion into pursuing what one needs and wants as hummingbirds are always on the lookout for precious nectar.


A hummingbird tattoo is often inked alongside flowers or nectar. This represents the vital give-and-take relationship between two individuals. This is due to the fact that the hummingbird could not survive without the food it gets from flowers. Flowers cannot survive without the hummingbird too as it plays an important role in pollination.

A Symbol of Strength

Perhaps the best way to justify a hummingbird tattoo is with how it is a representation of one’s struggles and successes in life. Hummingbirds are small creatures with a very fast metabolism. They have to eat up to fifty times a day to keep up with the constant burning of its energy. For hummingbirds, daily life is an uphill battle but they manage to push through nonetheless.


Hummingbirds work hard to survive and they can represent life’s difficulties. These birds could be a lot meaningful for a person who has been through a lot of downs in their life. Many others use the bird as a symbol of strength as it is able to rise above all the challenges it faces.

Tattoos allow us to tell our stories with a simple glance. If that is the case, then hummingbird tattoos are able to tell story after story. As it is able to symbolize love, peace, rebirth, hardship, and strength, the hummingbird design is something that a lot of people can relate to. When lost and confused about which design to pick, tattoo enthusiasts should definitely consider the small but strong, gentle but versatile hummingbird. Here are some hummingbird tattoo ideas that you’ll definitely love.


Hummingbird Tattoo Designs for Women

Pair it with Flowers

Floral patterns aren’t just a symbol of femininity and they aren’t just used merely because they are aesthetically pleasing. What many people don’t know is that flowers bear different meanings that can complement a hummingbird tattoo as well.

A cute hummingbird tattoo with pink flowers made using watercolor technique


A hummingbird tattoo with an orange lily placed on the rib area

A traditional tattoo of a hummingbird and cherry blossoms placed on the thigh


A hummingbird tattoo atop a pink lily situated on the forearm

A combination of images of a hummingbird, a lily, a peony, and bellflowers


A purple and green hummingbird tattoo on top of a chain of different flowers

A combination of pink flowers and hummingbird tattoos made with watercolor technique

A blue and green hummingbird tattoo with a pink hibiscus


A watercolor tattoo of a hummingbird and pink roses on the upper arm

A hummingbird tattoo with different images of flowers on the hip that stretches down to the thigh


An upper arm piece of a flower, calligraphy, and hummingbird tattoo

A rose tattoo on the shoulder cap and a hummingbird tattoo just below the collarbone


A realistic sleeve tattoo of a hummingbird, a clock, and flowers


A soft and classy hummingbird and lily tattoo on the chest

A realistic image of a pink rose and a hummingbird placed on the hip


An elegant hummingbird image with dotwork tattoo of daisies

Add Calligraphy

Calligraphy won’t just add aesthetics to hummingbird tattoo designs. Rather, it can make any tattoo more personalized, meaningful, and inspiring.

A multicolored image of a hummingbird combined with names and a unique image of a flower

A memorial hummingbird tattoo for grandparents with a date placed on the foot


A hummingbird tattoo on top of a name placed on the foot

A double exposure of a hummingbird, clock, and lilies, with a quote on top


A realistic hummingbird tattoo with a quote about family placed on the arm


A multicolored hummingbird tattoo in watercolor with a quote that looks like a handwriting

A hummingbird tattoo in 3D on top of a quote that says “this too shall pass”

A hummingbird tattoo for those who want to honor their moms

A combination of a flower and hummingbird tattoo with a name

A colorful memorial hummingbird tattoo placed on the back portion of the shoulder

Raise Awareness with Breast Cancer Ribbon

Inspire and empower women who are battling breast cancer by adding a breast cancer ribbon to your hummingbird tattoo. It’s also a good design for cancer survivors.

A watercolor hummingbird tattoo with flowers and a breast cancer ribbon placed on the thigh

An image of a hummingbird carrying a pink ribbon on its beak

A big multicolored tattoo of a hummingbird with a breast cancer ribbon on its feet

A hummingbird tattoo in pink ink with a breast cancer ribbon

Hummingbird Tattoo Designs for Men

Mix it with Flowers

Floral patterns aren’t;t just for women. This is because flowers also have other meanings that just symbolizing femininity.

A closed-winged image of a hummingbird on top of a rose

A hummingbird image beside a rose tattoo placed below the collarbone

A chain of roses placed on the upper part of the chest with two hummingbirds on the side

A hummingbird tattoo beside a crescent-shaped wreath of flowers on the chest

A blue and yellow hummingbird beside a red rose tattoo

A geometric tattoo of a peony and a hummingbird in black ink

A classic hummingbird image with pink flowers placed on the upper am

A half sleeve tattoo of different colored flowers with a hummingbird

A soft tattoo of a hummingbird with flowers made using the watercolor technique

Go for Plain

Who says plain is boring? While there are countless symbols that will complement your hummingbird tattoo, opting for a plain image of it can still make you stand out and define who you are.

A chest piece of two hummingbird tattoos facing each other

A detailed blue hummingbird tattoo on the left side of the chest

Two hummingbird tattoo designs in black ink placed just below the collarbones

A hummingbird tattoo at the back of the shoulder with dotwork geometric pattern

A hummingbird tattoo placed on the inner side of the bicep

A realistic hummingbird tattoo on the inner part of the forearm

Another realistic hummingbird tattoo but placed on the left forearm

A blue and green hummingbird tattoo placed on the right side of the ribs

An impressive vividly inked hummingbird tattoo placed on the chest

A blue and gray hummingbird tattoo on the inner side of the bicep

A multicolored forearm hummingbird tattoo made using the watercolor technique

A hummingbird tattoo situated at the back of the bicep

A hummingbird tattoo that’s placed at the center of the neck

A multicolored hummingbird tattoo placed on the side of the head

These designs are just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are still countless symbols that would complement any hummingbird tattoo. If you know other designs that you think would also look best with hummingbird tattoos, tell us in the comment section below. Which one of these designs did you like?

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