50+ Legend of Zelda Triforce Tattoo for the Zelda Fan in You

By Jason Hamilton / January 31, 2019
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A lot of tattoo enthusiasts are gamers and a lot of gamers are tattoo enthusiasts. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see countless tattoo designs that are centered on iconic video game characters. There are also tattoos that feature items like the 1-up mushroom from Super Mario or even the clad in red Italian plumber himself. But of all the gaming designs to choose from, there is nothing more stylish and simplistic that the Triforce tattoo.


What is a Triforce?

The Triforce is a legendary artifact that comprises three triangles that make up a larger one. The inhabitants of Hyrule call it the “Golden Power” as well. Throughout the franchises, the symbol has been crucial to the story and having control over the three pieces means having absolute power. As such, the bad guys are always working to make sure that each of the pieces is in their hands. The design is very simplistic. Furthermore, it is something that is well-known all throughout the world. Thus, it is no surprise that there are a lot of individuals who sport the Triforce tattoo in their body.

The Origin of Triforce Tattoos

Since its debut in 1986, the Legend of Zelda from Nintendo is still one of the most prominent gaming franchises to this date. For starters, it tells the story of the neverending battle between good and evil represented by the silent hero Link and Princess Zelda against the menacing villain Ganondorf. The game has a ton of various symbolisms, including the acclaimed Master Sword of Link and Navi from Ocarina of Time. However, it is the Triforce tattoo that remains popular to this date.


Triforce Tattoo’s Meaning and Representations


Three matching Triforce tattoos with different representations situated on the wrist

Triforce Representations

The Triforce isn’t just something that’s an item from a game. What some people don’t know is that it has more meanings and representations too. That said, you can also use it as a tattoo to signify a few emotions. This makes it the ideal tattoo design for a lot of people.


Each of the piece in the Triforce represents one of the core characters and the virtue they convey. One of the pieces represents courage which is, of course, for Link who is the main protagonist. The other piece is for wisdom and Princess Zelda. Meanwhile, the last piece represents Power and it is correlated to Ganondorf. This is the most basic representation of the iconic Triforce but there is more to it than this.

Triforce Meanings

The virtues that the Triforce pieces represent correspond with the Soul for courage, the Mind for wisdom and the Body for power. The courage or the spiritual virtue is what drives us to do the things we do and it is what drives all living beings. It allows us to do things we would not normally do. On the other hand, the wisdom, or the intellectual virtue gives us the capacity to make the best decisions. While the power or the physical virtue is a display of the body’s capacity and the force that makes all things possible. It also represents the human’s capacity to overcome various obstacles through strength


As a whole, the pieces represent the composition of living things and the path towards peace. This depth allows people to use the tattoo to symbolize their belief in how humans are all made equal and that we are all part of a greater good.

Triforce as a Tattoo

There are no Triforce tattoos that feature only a piece of the entire artifact. In the video game, the artifacts can be split apart but there is virtually no way of distinguishing one from the other. As such, a Triforce tattoo is always made up of all the three pieces. In a sense, it represents the importance of balance within oneself.


Without one or the other, the Triforce cannot function properly. If only the Triforce of courage is present, then a person will be reckless and incapable of doing physical feats. If the Triforce of power is solely present, he will have the capacity to do great things but he will not have the willpower and intellect to do so. Lastly, having the Triforce of wisdom alone means that a person will have the proper mindset but will not have the heart and strength to do things.

Its representation of balance is also supported by the fact that the symbol is fractal. The Triforce figure can be repeated outwards and inwards endlessly without creating an imbalance in the overall figure. This allows it to represent the infinite expanse of inner and outer space.


Triforce Tattoo Placement Ideas

To those unfamiliar with the Legend of Zelda series, the Triforce means nothing and it is just an item in the game. However, for those who have been longtime fans of the franchise, the Triforce means a lot and it represents balance and a few vital virtues that people should have. If you are a gamer, then Triforce tattoos are the perfect design to have on your body. It’s not that hard to choose the right Triforce tattoo design but it might be difficult to choose your tattoo’s placement. The tattoo placement is important as it can determine the pain level that you’ll feel during the process. Additionally, its placement can also help accentuate your body. To have more idea on where you could place your Triforce tattoo, here are some samples you might want to take a look at.


A Triforce tattoo with a trash polka style placed on the inner forearm


A realistic golden image of a Triforce on the forearm with great shade work

A Triforce tattoo on the upper part of the forearm


An outline tattoo of a Triforce with geometric patterns and dotwork

Black and yellow Triforce tattoo surrounded by other various Legend of Zelda symbols

A stone image of a Triforce that looks as if it’s real


A black ink Triforce tattoo on top of a Sheikah script

A small Triforce tattoo on top of the images of Princess Zelda and Link


A black ink Triforce tattoo over splats of different colors

A blue and purple ink Triforce tattoo made using the watercolor and sketch technique


A yellow and black ink Triforce tattoo on the upper portion of the forearm


A Triforce image featuring a master sword and a Hylian shield

A bright multicolored Triforce tattoo made using the watercolor technique


A combination of line and dot work Triforce tattoo on the inner forearm

A highly detailed Triforce tattoo that you can match with your friends


A Triforce tattoo in black ink on the left wrist


Another black in Triforce tattoo but on the right wrist

Matching Triforce tattoos with blue, red, and purple ink accents placed on the wrist and ankle


An impressive 3D tattoo of a Triforce placed on the wrist


A small outline of a Triforce tattoo in maroon ink

Another small wrist tattoo of a Triforce but in black ink

A minimalist yellow Triforce tattoo with a black outline on the wrist

A Triforce wrist tattoo on top of an image of Link

An impressive dotwork Triforce tattoo in black ink on the right wrist


A stunningly detailed Triforce tattoo covering the whole chest area

A big Triforce tattoo on the chest area that extends down to the sternum

An impressive chest piece of an image of a Triforce in 3D

A simpler but still an excellent chest piece of a Triforce with good shade work

A colored contrasting Triforce tattoo covering the entire chest area

A Triforce tattoo in black and red-orange ink placed on the upper area of the chest

A realistic Triforce tattoo on the upper part of the chest

A gradient dot work Triforce tattoo on the chest area

A Triforce tattoo outline in black ink covering the entire chest region

A medium-sized Triforce tattoo placed on the upper portion of the chest

A unique Triforce tattoo with cherry blossoms on the upper right part of the chest


A realistic Triforce image with Kokiri’s emerald, Goron’s ruby, and Zora’s sapphire

A bright watercolor image of a Triforce in red, yellow, and green ink

A Triforce symbol combined with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tattoo

A simple outline of a Triforce tattoo placed on the left calf

A gold Triforce tattoo on the left leg with a good shade work

A yellow ink Triforce drawn over a master sword plus an image of Navi

A tattoo featuring a Hylian shield and a master word on the left calf

A dot work tattoo of a Triforce with blue and green splats of ink

A Triforce tattoo with a black ink image of a master sword

A simple yellow ink Triforce tattoo in black outline placed on the right calf

A Triforce design inspired by the trash polka tattoo but isn’t as messy-looking as the latter


A cool sketch type Triforce tattoo on the inner side of the bicep

A black ink bicep tattoo of a Triforce placed near the shoulder cap

Triforce tattoo in yellow ink with a thin outline

A gold ink Triforce tattoo with a nice shade work placed near the shoulder cap

While you can place your Triforce tattoo anywhere in your body, these ideas are what we think are the best, especially if you want to show off your geek side. Where do you plan to place your Triforce tattoo? Tell us in the comment section below.

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