50 Magical Unicorn Tattoos for the Kids at Heart

By Jason Hamilton / February 23, 2020
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Unicorns are cute magical creatures that kids know all too well. But have you heard of a unicorn tattoo? Yes, even if you’ve already grown up, you can still carry your favorite magical creature close to you anytime anywhere – and that it by having it inked on your skin. And no one’s going to look at you as if you’re a weird adult who still likes cute things made for kids. You would even catch their attention with your cute tattoo. But before anything else, let’s get to know this childhood favorite magical creature of ours, shall we?


A Closer Look at Unicorns

In case you have already forgotten how it looks, a unicorn is just like a horse. However, what makes it different and easily distinguished from a horse is that it has a horn projecting from its forehead. Also, it is always portrayed with shades of blue, purple, and pink hair and tail. Sometimes, it is drawn with rainbow-colored hair and tail. And usually, its body is often white.

Aside from the real-life horse, you might also confuse the unicorn with a Pegasus. While Pegasus also looks like a horse, this yet another magical creature is also portrayed with wings and is also often white in color. But to differentiate them faster, just remember, unicorns are horned and are more colorful.


Unicorn Origin

There isn’t actually a proof of unicorns’ existence. However, these magical creatures have already been existing in the imagination of people since 15,000 BCE as the first known depiction of this horned horse was found in the ancient Lascaux Caves in France.

In the1930s, on the other hand, the first written account of the unicorn in Western literature made by Greek doctor Ctesias was found that dates back to 4th century BCE. According to the text, the doctor heard tales from fellow travelers about a single-horned “wild ass” roaming the eastern part of the world. As per them, the creatures look like large horses with white bodies, blue eyes, and redheads. And like the common description today, they described the spotted creature with a horn that’s a foot and a half in length in various colors.


The unicorn was also mentioned in the Bible several times, especially in the King James version.

However, what seems to be the “evidence” appears to be more like misinterpretations and lack of knowledge about other creatures.


According to scientists, what Greek doctor Ctesias heard of may actually have been a rhinoceros. Rhinoceros actually fit the description. And this theory became so widely-held that the scientific name given to the Indian rhino is “rhinoceros unicornis.”

As for the Bible verses that mentioned the unicorn, it seems as if it’s just a simple case of a simple mistranslation. This is because, in the Hebrew Bible, there are several references to a creature known as “re’em,” which scholars believed to be the now-extinct type of wild ox or the now endangered Arabian oryx.


Unicorns as Tattoo

Today, while the existence of the unicorn is still being debated and as proofs of this magical creature are yet to be found, they are often seen in cartoons and other fictional movies and/or series. And their cute image is also used as one of the top tattoo designs.

Speaking of tattoos, here’s what you also need to know about this creature if you’re eyeing to use it as a tattoo design.


How much would it cost?

Unlike other tattoo designs, a unicorn tattoo is usually inked more intricately to get that magical vibe that it should have. Hence, it usually costs more because of the details that it has compared to other tattoos. Also, to capture the magical vibe that it has even more, many people often have it drawn with various colors. And if a tattoo has more colors, expect more dollars to pay compared to a black ink tattoo.

There are also other factors that determine a unicorn tattoo’s price like its size and placement. Remember, the bigger it is, the costlier it gets. Also, tattoos placed in areas that are hard to ink like the knuckles, feet, etc. cost more because aside from the difficulty of the tattooing process, there are certain areas in the body that might require you to have your tattoo get touched up frequently so they won’t fade.

Does it hurt?

The amount of pain that you will feel depends on the placement you’ve chosen. If it is placed on the areas where there are less fat and muscle to cushion you from the needles, needless to say, it would hurt more.

Also, bear in mind that how your unicorn tattoo looks determine the amount of pain that you will feel. Unicorn tattoos usually have more details compared to other tattoo designs. Thus, you’ll likely feel more pain.

Should I go for it?

Aside from being pretty, unicorn tattoos are also nice to have because of the meaning that it holds – a symbol of femininity, courage, and power. And if you’re going to ask us if you should give this tattoo a go, we say yes. Who doesn’t want this cute (and pretty at the same time) and magical creature inked on the body?

However, don’t forget to ask yourself if you can handle the paint based on the unicorn tattoo design that you have chosen plus the amount of money that you’d have to pay for.

In addition to that, ask yourself if this tattoo is really what you want. You see, it’s permanent so be sure that it is the kind of design and placement that you really want.

In case you’re still thinking about your unicorn tattoo design, read on and let us give you some ideas. Here are some unicorn tattoo designs that you might want to have in your body.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Outline Unicorn Tattoo

There are a lot of ways to make your unicorn tattoo look unique and all the more aesthetically pleasing. But if you want to lean on the safer side, an outline unicorn tattoo is what we recommend.

This one is probably the most unique as the tattoo owner opted for a fat but cute unicorn


This one is just a temporary unicorn tattoo on the wrist but it still looks pretty if it’s permanent

This one is a cute ankle tattoo of a baby unicorn with a rainbow-colored hair


You can also show off your funny side with this kind of tattoo design that looks like a rainbow-pooping unicorn

This one’s a very small minimalist unicorn tattoo at the back of the arm


This outline unicorn tattoo was paired with a small four-leaf clover that will also bring you more luck

You can also have both unicorn and pegasus tattoos inked on your body

This tattoo owner opted to have a unicorn’s head inked on the forearm instead


This forearm tattoo of a unicorn is paired with a mandala to add more aesthetics

A small unicorn tattoo on the left shoulder paired with a tiny heart tattoo



An outline tattoo of a unicorn paired with heart and star tattoos in red and black ink

Geometric Unicorn Tattoo

If you’re not into too simple designs and what to spice it up a bit without being too loud, why not add geometric details to it? Here’s how you can make your unicorn tattoo more geometric.

A unicorn in an upright position with geometric details


This unicorn was added with wings and drawn as if it’s about to leap or fly


A forearm tattoo of a geometric unicorn that looks like it’s about to leap

This geometric unicorn tattoo looks more abstract but it still gives nice aesthetics


On the left, you see a geometric unicorn in an upright position with minimal colors of pink and purple

A geometric forearm tattoo of a unicorn’s face in blue and violet ink

Another geometric unicorn in an upright position


Another geometric position in an upright position but placed on the ankle


A geometric unicorn’s head


This is yet another temporary unicorn tattoo but it also makes a nice permanent tattoo design


A paper crane style geometric tattoo of a unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo

If you have more budget, why not opt for a more colorful unicorn tattoo? It’s not just cute but it is definitely eye-catching.

A rainbow tattoo of a unicorn on the upper part of the arm

A baby unicorn with a rainbow-colored hair

This unicorn may not be rainbow-colored but its backdrop is

A feet tattoo of a rainbow-colored unicorn that looks like a painting

A sparkly unicorn paired with rainbow tattoo

A unicorn with rainbow-colored hair

Another unicorn with a rainbow-colored hair

A unicorn’s head with rainbow hair

A unique unicorn with aa rainbow horn

A glittery rainbow unicorn

Watercolor Unicorn Tattoos

You can also opt for a watercolor style for your tattoo. This style will surely make your unicorn tattoo look more aesthetically pleasing and artsy.

A geometric watercolor tattoo

A watercolor tattoo of a unicorn in shades of blue, pink, and violet ink

A unicorn paired with butterfly tattoo design

A combination of watercolor and geometric tattoo styles

A combination of sketch and watercolor style

A matching watercolor tattoo of unicorn

A galactic style watercolor tattoo

A unicorn in blue ink

Another combination of sketch and watercolor style tattoo

A big watercolor tattoo of a unicorn’s head on the arm

Realistic Unicorn Tattoo

You can also go for more realistic unicorn tattoos if you’re not into cute versions of this tattoo.

A dotwork tattoo of a unicorn’s head

A unicorn paired with a moon tattoo

A small tattoo of a unicorn’s head but you can still see its details

A unicorn’s head adorned with beads and flowers

A realistic running unicorn


A unicorn’s head adorned with flowers and lace

A unicorn with golden hair and wings


A unicorn inked on the thigh


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