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50+ Meaningful Friendship Tattoos Ideas and Designs for the Best of Friends

By Jason Hamilton / August 22, 2020
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Tattoos should be special. This is because, needless to say, you will have etched on your skin for the rest of your life. In addition to that, it sometimes starts conversations. That said, you don’t want a tattoo that’s embarrassing to talk about, right?

There are countless tattoo designs out there, though. But one of the things that we can suggest are friendship tattoos. It’s special, it’s meaningful, plus it’s surely full of stories of you and your best friend.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place as we have compiled the cutest and the most meaningful friendship tattoos ideas and designs that we’re sure you and your best friend/s would love to get. Take a look at these samples and their meanings.


Friendship Tattoos Ideas and Designs with Meanings

Pinky Promise

This one might be a no brainer as we’ve all been probably making pinky promises with our friends since we were younger. But aside from the pinky promise also represents loyalty. It means being true to each other and never hurt each other through thick and thin. It also symbolizes the honor that one has. Usually, it is depicted by an image of two hands wrapping pinkies just as how you would do it with your friend.

Matching pinky promise tattoos on the ankles


These matching pinky promise tattoos are placed on the forearm

These pinky promise tattoos were paired with word tattoos that read “Forever” and “Always”


Unique pinky promise tattoos placed on the left rib area

These pinky promise tattoos are placed just above the elbow



Anchors, in case you don’t know yet (which we doubt), are heavy pieces of metal that connect ships to the bed of a body of water. In this way, the vessel will not drift due to current or wind. And in metaphors, our friends are our anchors. They help keep us grounded whenever things don’t go well. They keep us calm and help us no matter how strong the “currents” try to make us drift away in life. Hence, anchors make a nice tattoo to represent our friends too.


A white ink anchor tattoo on the right wrist


Black ink anchors etched on the forearm

A simple anchor etched on the left ankle


A beautiful watercolor anchor tattooed on the forearm

A combination of anchor, cross, and heart symbols tattooed resembling an anklet


An anchor paired with a ship’s wheel tattooed on the right rib area

An anchor adorned with  flowers placed on the side of the breast


Puzzles will never be complete even if just one piece is missing. Puzzles are like friendships too. Who will not live without a friend? Maybe some can but will they feel complete and happy? They probably won’t – just like puzzles. For that reason, puzzles also make one of the perfect friendship tattoos ideas and designs that are worth considering.


Jigsaw puzzle pieces paired with heart tattoos placed on the ankle


Another pair of matching tattoos on the ankles but this time, it’s black ink jigsaw puzzle pieces

Outline tattoos of jigsaw puzzle pieces near the heel


Matching forearm puzzle tattoos with pixelated heart

Intricately detailed heart and key jigsaw puzzle tattoos in black ink


Avocado on your toast isn’t the only thing that’s good. It is also good to be etched on the skin, especially if you use it as a friendship tattoo. This is because this tasty and versatile fruit also symbolizes love. And like arrow tattoos, avocados don’t just represent the romantic kind of love but all kinds too, including your love for your best friend. It’s also a plus if you both love avocados.

Realistic avocado tattoos on the side of the breast and on the ankle


Animated avocados that look like besties too and waving at each other

Nearly the same avocado tattoos as the first one but are etched on the skin in black ink


Matching avocados placed between the heel and the ankle


Realistic avocados placed on the forearm


Yin-yang tattoo designs are also a popular choice in the world of body art. Often, it is associated with Chinese symbols. But did you know that you can also use it as a friendship tattoo? The yin and yang embody the balance of good and evil. And it’s like friendship – you both balance each other out, right? So why not consider this tattoo as well?

Yin-yang tattoos on the wrist

An intricately detailed matching yin-yang tattoos with flowers

Yin-yang tattoos placed on the Achilles tendon

A minimalist pair of yin-yang tattoos on the wrist

Yin-yang tattoos disguised as feather tattoos


The infinity symbol isn’t just a popular sign among the math wizards. It has also made it at the top of the world of body art. This is because aside from its unique shape, it also has a nice meaning to it. As its name suggests, this symbol holds an eternal value for someone or something. And since there’s no end in its loop, it also represents limitless or never-ending possibilities.

Matching infinity tattoos with dates placed on the wrist

infinity tattoo 7

A combination tattoo of infinity and heartbeat symbols

An infinity tattoo with names placed on the wrist

women infinity tattoo 1

A combination of infinity, anchor, and word tattoos placed on the right rib area

A matching infinity ouroboros tattoo with galactic details


Arrow tattoo designs have different meanings depending on how it’s drawn. It can represent your struggles in life, moving forward, or peace. It can also signify strength, unity, a direction in life, and even love. And we’re not talking about just romantic love between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Arrow tattoos can also mean love that binds you and your best friend – just like how it defines Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels’ sisterly love for each other.

Matching arrow tattoos placed on the ring finger

Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels’ hand arrow tattoos

An arrow giving off some tribal vibes paired with a semicolon tattoo on the forearm

watercolor arrow tattoo 14

A watercolor arrow tattoo on the shoulder

A gorgeous bow and arrow tattoo made of flowers


They say real queens fix each other’s crown. People are stronger if they help each other and not try to pull each other down. And friendships are like that too – which makes crown tattoo designs worth considering as well.

A crown tattooed on the middle finger

A realistic lioness wearing a crown tattooed on the thigh

A crown sitting on top of a diamond tattoo

A crown paired with sunflowers tattooed on the chest

A combination of heart and crown tattoos on the ring finger

Tin Can Telephone

Remember those days when you used to play with tin cans with strings like a telephone when you were younger? You can also have it tattooed. It will always remind you of your childhood, as well as your childhood friends. And even if you’re not introduced to it in your childhood days, you can still use it to symbolize you and your BFF’s friendship. This is because we often turn to our friends for pieces of advice and they also lend ears for us whenever we need someone to talk to and vice versa.

A matching tattoo of girls with tin can telephones

This matching wrist tattoo portrays grown-up women communicating through tin can telephones

A tin can telephone forearm tattoo for three best friends

A stick image of girls talking through the tin can telephone

Another stick image of friends talking through tin can telephones tattooed on the Achilles tendon


Who says humans are the only ones who we can be the best of friends with? Our fur babies are also always there for us too. In fact, they are the ones who always see and are always there whenever we ugly cry, when we cry out of happiness, and whatever mood we have had. Heck, they probably know of even our deepest darkest secrets that we never tell even to our closest friends. They will not have a tattoo, though.

Small but colourful pet tattoos

Cute realistic tattoos of cats and dog placed on the forearm

Puppy or pet memorial tattoo

A pet’s paw print with watercolor details tattooed on the arm

watercolor cat tattoo 7

A tuxedo cat tattooed with watercolor details placed on the right side of the torso

geometric cat tattoo 5

A realistic tattoo of a cat’s face paired with geometric details etched on the upper right area of the back

An outline tattoo of a dog paired with a small heart tattoo

There are still a lot of friendship tattoos ideas and designs out there, though. You can tattoo your favorite food, book, flower, or whatever you and your besties love or that connects the both of you. Just remember, tattoos will forever be etched on your skin so you have to have a design that is special for you and your best friend/s.

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