50+ Moth Tattoos that are Equally Beautiful as Butterfly Tattoos

By Jason Hamilton / May 30, 2020
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A butterfly? Nope, it’s actually a moth. And yes, believe it or not, it also makes a nice tattoo just like its look-alike. But before you ink this on your skin, wouldn’t it be nice to get to know moth tattoos first? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place as in this article, we will show you the things you need to know about moth tattoos; so read on.


Moth vs. Butterfly

You’ve probably seen this butterfly-like creature flying at night that’s usually brown in color but don’t be fooled. Apparently, it’s not a butterfly. It’s actually a moth. But how can you tell the difference?

For starters, take a look at their shape. Moths look more triangular compared to butterflies that usually resemble the letter X. Also, don’t miss out on their antennas. Butterflies have a long thin antenna. On the other hand, moths have shorter and feathery antennas. In addition to that, moths are usually grey, white, black, or plain brown in color, especially if they are nocturnal moths. However, there are also brightly colored ones but they are day-flying moths and can be toxic. But compared to butterflies, moths are not as colorful as butterflies.


Moth vs. Butterfly as Tattoos

Butterflies are one of the most popular tattoos designs because of how you can play along with their colors and their versatility. But moths make a good tattoo design too. Aside from the fact that it also has its own beauty as it also resembles butterflies, moth tattoos can also be meaningful like its cousin.

Yes, you read that right. Many people might see these creatures as some clothes-eating nuisances, nocturnal invaders of home, copycats of the fancy-winged butterflies, and/or some ugly kind of butterfly but when used as an inspiration for tattoos, they carry more meanings than just that.


In the world of body art, moth tattoos can also represent one’s faith. This is because moths live their lives constantly pursuing the light of the moon. And for that reason, they have been seen as somewhat of a spiritual symbol.

They can also serve as a great reminder to always seize the day, especially the luna moth. Thmoth tattis is due to the fact that moths only have a short lifespan. Hence, they live their lives purely to reproduce, especially the luna moth that don’t even eat!


And like its beautiful cousin, they can represent transformation as well. However, they don’t always mean beautiful transformations. Rather, they represent the kind of change that is not always perfect, which is the reality of life.

Here’s another reason to love moth tattoo designs: they come in various designs that you can choose from. Here are some moth tattoo designs that you can take inspiration from.


Moth Tattoos Ideas

Like its cousin, moths also come in a variety of designs that you can opt for. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of ideas out there available on the internet alone. But here, we’ll only take a peek at the popular designs that most people usually go for. Don’t worry, though, you’ll still be able to make it more unique and own your designs with these ideas.


Moon tattoos are also meaningful and will definitely make any moth tattoo significant. Of course, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Depending on the kind of moon that you opt for, moon tattoos have different meanings. A waxing moon, for instance, represents growth, manifestation, creativity, as well as attainment. On the other hand, the waning moon symbolizes letting go, reflection, and contemplation. Here are some ideas on how you can combine moon and moth tattoos.


A dotwork tattoo of a moth with a crescent moon on top placed on the forearm


A back tattoo of a moth surrounded by five moons

A combination of moth and moon tattoo design with added lace details


A gorgeous moth and moon tattoo designs placed on the right calf

A moth that looks like embracing a crescent moon


A dotwork sternum tattoo of a moth with a moon above its head

Another forearm tattoo of a moth but with an outline tattoo of a moon

A dotwork tattoo combination of a moth and a moon with rays


A back tattoo of a moth and a moon with realistic details


Both skull and moth tattoo designs also represent death, in general. When combined, you can use it to remember a loved one who has already gone to the other side. And since moths also mean transformation, you can also use it to show how you’ve overcome death – literally or figuratively. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate a skull to your moth tattoo.

A moth with a small skull image on its head


A traditional tattoo of a moth with a skull on its head

A forearm tattoo of a moth with a skull in black and gray ink


An intricately detailed death moth placed just above the belly button



A colorful death moth placed on the nape

A death moth tattooed on the leg


A moth with a sugar skull tattoo design

A death moth in black and yellow ink

A trash polka-inspired chest tattoo of a death moth


If you want something that’s really eye-catching, you can make your moth tattoo realistic. Don’t worry, it will still retain its meaning. It will just give your tattoo some cool upgrade. Here are some inspirations for that.


A huge back tattoo of a moth in black and brown ink

Another huge realistic tattoo of a moth but in black and yellow ink


A realistic moth tattoo on the forearm


A huge chest tattoo of a moth with realistic details in gray and black ink

Another colored realistic tattoo of a moth

Another realistic tattoo of a moth morphed with a woman’s face

A unique rib tattoo of a green moth also with realistic details

A tattoo of a moth placed on the left thigh

A realistic moth tattooed on the calf


Speaking of aesthetics and attention-grabbing, another detail that you can add are geometric shapes. These will definitely give your tattoo more symmetry and, believe or not, deeper meanings. This is because these shapes also come with meanings too. Even a simple circle can make your moth tattoo more significant. Here are some ideas on that.

A dotwork forearm tattoo of a geometric moth

An outline tattoo of a geometric moth

A death moth with a geometric backdrop inked on the chest

A pretty moth tattoo paired with a dotwork moon and flower tattoos

A traditional tattoo of a moth paired with intricate symmetrical geometric details

A forearm tattoo of a yuli moth and lotus with geometric patterns connecting them together

A forearm tattoo of a moth and an inverted crescent moon

A dotwork chest tattoo of a death moth with a moon and geometric details

An intricately detailed moth with geometric details and a crescent moon tattooed on the thigh

With Eyes

Adding an all-seeing eye tattoo to your moth tattoo can also make it more significant. In Christian iconography, this represents God’s eye watching over you or humanity. Here are some samples for that.

A moth tattoo morphed with a realistic tattoo of The Eye of Providence

A colorful moth with eyes on its wings

A moth with four eyes on its wings

Another tattoo of a moth with eyes on its wings but is paired with a name tattoo

A death moth with eyes on its wings

A forearm tattoo of a moth with an eye on its head

A combination tattoo of moth, lace, geometric patterns, rose and the eye of providence

A death moth with eyes placed on the sternum

A trash polka-inspired tattoo of a death moth with realistic eyes and geometric details

With Flowers

Flowers, depending on its kind, also have various meanings. You have plenty of flower designs to choose from – from rose to lotus, name it, you can add it all to your moth tattoo. What’s even better is that they also add aesthetics to any tattoo. Here are some ideas on how you can add flowers to your moth tattoo.

A moth tattoo with flowers inked on the left forearm

A moth tattoo paired with red roses

A combination traditional-style tattoo of a moth and a rose inked on the nape

A luna moth paired with vines and a yellow flower

A dotwork tattoo of a death moth paired with flowers on the upper arm

A traditional style tattoo of a moth with red flowers

A skull tattoo surrounded by moths and flowers placed on the chest

A colorful luna moth paired with flowers and gem tattoos

An outline tattoo of a luna moth with lotus flower


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