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50+ Mother and Daughter Tattoos That Will Encourage Your Mom to Get One

By Jason Hamilton / December 20, 2018
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Tattoos are more than just body art. For some, these designs serve as a visual representation of who they are and what a certain symbol means to them. That is why people put a lot of thought into the designs that go into their tattoos. When done correctly, tattoos are able to truly show off who a person is just like how an owl tattoo can help you show a bit of your personality. It can even show off the deep bond between a mother and her loving daughter.

It may not be as popular as other tattoo designs such as a rose tattoo that you can even match with other tattoo symbols but, yes, mother and daughter tattoos do exist. These designs are best reserved for dashing mother and daughter tandems who want to show the world how much they love one another. Seeing as tattoos are permanent, these designs easily say that a bond between these two family members is eternal.


Mother and Daughter Tattoos Origin

There is no exact origin for mother and daughter tattoos. It comes as a result of the modernism of tattoo artists and the blossoming love between parent and child. As tattoos become more popular, past generations have become more willing to get their own. What better way to have one than by getting it with a pair.


This is one of the more surprising trends in the tattoo industry. Parents are not always open to tattoos. Since this form of body art has become less discriminated and more accepted in society, some parents are more open to tattoos. In fact, a lot of mothers and fathers today sport their own tattoos already.

In ancient history, our ancestors depict mothers as the symbol for love, devotion, support, and care. Whenever people depict motherhood, mothers are always seen as a positive image. In Christianity, Mother Mary has become the symbol of total sacrifice and devotion to one’s child. On the other hand, mythologies depict mothers as crucial beings responsible for a lot of things. And of course, in modern times, we relate mothers to our world and nature in general.


Mother and daughter tattoos are best in pairs with both the parent and her child sporting one. It is one of the best ways for the duo to showcase their love and support for one another.  This is because tattoos are not only body art, they are also a commitment. Getting these paired tattoos also serve as a symbol of a mother’s sacrifice for her daughter.

Mother and Daughter Tattoos Meaning

Understandably, not every parent is willing to let her daughter get herself a tattoo, let alone getting one for her own. However, an undeniably unique bond is created when a mother and her daughter get matching tattoos at the same time. Thus, some parents are willing to break their boundaries along the way. If the design is unique and amazing, then the mother/daughter tandem are able to set themselves apart from everyone else.


Mother Tattoos Symbolism

For the mother, the tattoo is a symbolism of her sacrifices during childbirth. It is also a representation of the nurturing she gave her daughter while she was still young. It is a common saying that there is no love that is stronger than what a mother has for her child. Hence, the mother’s tattoos are typically more meaningful than her daughter’s.

Daughter Tattoos Representation

For the daughter, the tattoo is a symbolism of gratitude and fervent devotion to the figure that gave birth to her. It is also a gratification towards the person that raised her. In some cases, the daughter’s tattoos are designed in a way that depicts how she will one day become a mother of her own child. Mother tattoos are also a way for daughters to honor the person that cared for them.


Mother and Daughter Tattoos for Men?

Mother tattoos are not limited to being paired to one for the daughter, though. As mentioned earlier, mother tattoos are a symbol for a lot of positivity but mostly for love and care. Even men can sport these tattoos to showcase their love for their own mothers. While others would think mother tattoos are effeminate, most men are willing to go the extra mile for the first woman in their life.

Mother and daughter tattoos are also a good fit for men. Some fathers love their family so much that they are willing to put both of their names in tattoo form on his body. Sticking to the central theme of the tattoo, fathers who do this often want to show off just how much they love their wives and daughters.


Mother and Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Some parents are just more adventurous and free-spirited than others. For them, tattoos are both a symbol for expressionism and a way for their children to set themselves apart from others. Getting these mother and daughter tattoos is perfect for such parents. It will strengthen their bond with their daughters and children too. All that is left is for them to pick a design that is fitting for them. If you’re one who is thinking of having a mother and daughter tattoo, here are some ideas for you.

Flower Tattoos

Flowers aren’t just a symbol for femininity. They can be used as a representation of a mother and daughter’s strength too.

An image of a mother and daughter encircled by daisies


A matching mother and daughter tattoos of a rose on the shoulder cap with lines quoted from a song

Small purple flower as mother and daughter tattoos on the middle finger


Small mother and daughter tattoos of a flower with calligraphed stems placed on the wrist

Outlined images of lotus flowers used as mother and daughter tattoos placed on the ankles


Tiny mother and daughter tattoos of purple flowers on the wrist and ankle

Cherry blossom mother and daughter tattoos with a black ink heart

A flower and mother and daughter tattoos of a deer placed on the calf


Matching yellow mother and daughter flower tattoos placed on the inner side of the wrist

Detailed mother and daughter tattoos of sunflowers inked on the wrist


Beautiful cherry blossom tattoos on the shoulder cap made using the watercolor technique

Two halves of a mandala flower as mother and daughter tattoos


Colorful mother and daughter tattoos of different flowers placed on the ankles


Classy and realistic matching mother and daughter tattoos of a rose with stems curved resembling an infinity sign

A tribal-inspired style mother and daughter tattoos of a flower placed on the shoulder

Lioness and Cub

A lioness with her cub tattoo is a representation of maternity as well as family. Thus, this pattern can definitely be used as one of the best mother and daughter tattoos designs.


A back piece of a cub and a lioness cuddling

An image of a lioness protecting her sleeping cub tattooed on the upper arm

A lioness and a cub tattoo with a crescent-shaped chain of flowers


A lioness and a cub tattoo with a lion that can also fit men

Matching lioness and cub tattoos in the arms atop a date


A watercolor image of a lioness drawn on top of her cubs


A black and white ink of a lioness cuddling with her cub

A sketch type watercolor tattoo of a lioness and a cub

Celtic Knots

Celtic tattoos aren’t just a symbol to represent a person’s strong connection to his Celtic heritage. Rather, it can also symbolize love and eternity

Intertwined Celtic knots that resemble a mother’s image hugging her daughter

Mother and daughter tattoos on the wrist that’s made with intertwined Celtic knots

Another mother and daughter tattoos made with intertwined Celtic knots resembling an image of a mother back hugging her daughter

Intertwined hearts made with Celtic knots placed on the wrist

Matching Celtic heart tattoos in black ink placed on the shoulder blades

A combination of the holy trinity and the Celtic trinity knots to represent the mother and daughter’s bond and faith

Matching Celtic trinity tattoos placed on the wrist to represent a mother and her daughters’ bond

Mother and daughter tattoos on the ankle that resembles an image of a mother hugging her child

Heart mother and daughter tattoos made with intertwining Celtic knots

Celtic knot mother and daughter tattoos in blue ink placed on the wrist


Sometimes, mothers and daughters prefer to add texts on their tattoos. But you can also quote your favorite lines from a book, poem, or song and solely use them as a tattoo too.

A matching sunflower tattoo with lines quoted from a song

A mother and daughter tattoo that shows how a mother can do for the betterment of her children

Foot tattoos that show how much the mother and daughter love each other

Mother and daughter saying their I love yous through tattoos


Sweet mother and daughter message tattoos on the inner forearm

Matching foot tattoos of a line quoted from a song

A matching colorful dotwork puzzle piece tattoo on the forearm

A wrist tattoo that shows a mother and daughter’s bond

A heart with stars tattoo on top of a “mother, daughter” text

A matching lock and key tattoo with “mother, daughter” texts


There’s nothing better than expressing your love for your mom than by opting for the most popular symbol of love – the heart. It is very versatile and you can ink it using different styles.

An image of a mother and daughter holding hands resembling a heart

A colorful heart tattoo on the wrist made with watercolor technique

A small and simple outline of matching heart tattoos on the wrist

Red roses drawn inside a heart placed on the thigh

Scribbled hearts in black in placed on the inner side of the wrist

A wrist tattoo featuring a heart outline with a small cherry blossom

A geometric line work heart tattoo with red ink accents

Heart tattoos made of swirls placed on the shoulder blades

Another wrist outline tattoo of a heart but with pink tulips

There is actually no specific design for mother-daughter tattoos. As long as the design have a significant meaning for you and your mom, it can still count as a mother-daughter tattoo. Do you know more designs that will fit to be used as mother-daughter tattoos? Tell us in the comments below.

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