50+ of the Best Aries Tattoos Ideas and Designs for the Arians

By Jason Hamilton / August 15, 2020
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Trends come and go. But if you were to tattoo something that’s about you – something that describes you, your favorites, etc. – you will not easily grow tired of it.

That’s why it is always advisable that you choose tattoo designs that are more about you. One of which is zodiac sign tattoos. And if you’re born between March 21 and April 20, you’ve come to the right place as we can give you some of the best and timeless Aries tattoos ideas and designs.


The Aries Zodiac

Before anything else, it’s always best to know what a tattoo means or represents. For the Aries tattoo, it is actually the zodiac sign of March 21 to April 20 birthday celebrants who are known to possess traits of being independent, uncomplicated, courageous, spontaneous, and outgoing.


There are three symbols that represent the Aries zodiac, particularly in the world of boy art: The ram, an astrological glyph ♈, and its constellation.

The Ram

The word “aries” is actually a Latin word that means ram – as in the animal; hence the symbol. And if you were to use it as a tattoo, it symbolizes innovation and boldness too. For the Christians, the ram also has a meaning. For them, it represents protection as in the Bible, the ram protected the herd. Aside from that, it represents sacrifice too. This is because, in the Bible’s Old Testament, the ram was the first animal to be sacrificed on alters. So even if you’re not born under the Aries sign, the ram tattoo can still work for you, especially if you are a Christian.


An image of a ram tattooed on the upper right part of the back


A ram paired with a sun tattooed on the right arm


A majestic tattoo of a ram placed on the right arm


A ram’s head tattooed on the right are of the chest


Astrological Glyph

The astrological glyph that represents the Aries zodiac is ♈. This looks like a letter V with curved ends that resemble the curve of a ram’s horns. This also carries the same meaning as the ram symbol. However, it is what most minimalist prefer, especially in the world of body art.

A simple Aries astrological glyph placed on the right part of the chest


An Aries astrological glyph etched on the wrist

A hand tattoo of Aries’ astrological glyph

Another simple Aries astrological glyph placed on the left wrist

Aries Constellation

Discovered by Ptolemy back in the 2nd century, Aries’ constellation is composed of a few stars, named 41 Ari, Hamal, Sheratan, and Mesarthim, that are visible to the naked eye. This constellation has different connotations in different cultures. But the Greeks and the Egyptians usually associated it with the ram. According to the Greeks, the ram was golden and was sacrificed to Zeus, who then placed it in the sky as the constellation. Like the astrological glyph, the Aries constellation as a tattoo is also great for minimalists. It is also recommendable for Aries who are astrophile.


An Aries constellation tattooed on the left arm

An Aries constellation on the wrist


This constellation is placed just below the collarbone

A simple Aries constellation on the ribs

These three symbols are already great for simple tattoos. But the good thing about zodiac sign tattoos, like that of Aries, is that they are versatile as tattoos too. This means you can design them however you want as well. And speaking of which, we have the best ideas on how you can step up your Aries tattoo design game.

Variations of Aries tattoos Ideas and Designs


Whether you love aesthetics, mathematics, or whatnot, the geometric details will never fail you. This is because aside from the aesthetics, geometric tattoo designs can also become very meaningful as each shape has its own meaning and representation too.


A ram’s head paired with geometric details


An intricately detailed ram’s head paired with the flower of life, mandala, and geometric tattoos

A ram’s head paired with an inverted triangle


A geometric Aries tattoo on the right arm

Aries Tattoo with Flowers

Flower tattoo designs are also meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. The best thing about floral details is that you have a lot of flower species to choose from and each of them has different meanings. They also come in different colors which can vary in significance too. For the Aries tattoo, people usually go for an image of a ram adorned or paired with flowers. Arians who are minimalist also go for constellation tattoos made with flowers and vines.

A ram tattoo paired with an intricately detailed lotus

An outline tattoo of ram and roses placed on the chest


A combination tattoo of ram and rose placed on the left arm

A traditional style tattoo of ram and rose in black ink


An Aries constellation paired with a rose tattoo


An Aries constellation made of different colorful flowers

An Aries constellation made of cherry blossoms

A sunflower and a daffodil morphing with an Aries constellation

Aries Goddess Tattoo

If you want to a sultry and fierce tattoo, you can etch an image of a goddess with horns that resemble the ram’s.

A realistic tattoo of a goddess with horns of a ram

A woman wearing a ram’s skull

An Aries goddess paired with crystals and a rose

Tribal Aries Tattoo

For Arians who are looking for cooler tattoo vibes, you can add tribal details to your tattoo. People who go for such Aries tattoos ideas and designs often choose the image of the head of the ram and then add tribal details to it.

A tribal Aries tattoo on the right arm

A tribal Aries astrological glyph in black and red ink

A combination of tribal astrological glyph and tribal ram tattoo

A tribal abstract Aries tattoo placed on the back

Aries Tattoo with Fire

Arians are courageous. Hence, fire can also fit into Aries tattoos. For this design, people often use the image of the ram or the astrological glyph to pair with fire tattoos.

Image result for aries tattoo with fire

Wrist tattoos of fire and Aries astrological glyph

A tribal Aries tattoo with fire on top

A ram with blazing horns


 A ram’s head with a blazing crown

Aries Tattoo with Moon

Moon tattoo designs are also meaningful. Each moon shape tells different meanings which can add more significance to Aries tattoos, especially if you choose constellation tattoos.

An ankle tattoo combination of moon, star, and Aries constellation

Aries astrological glyph paired with other zodiac signs, sun, and moon

Aries Watercolor Tattoo

For the spontaneous and outgoing Arians, it is best to show such personality with colorful tattoos. If you want to lean on the artsy side, watercolor Aries tattoos sure are great ideas that hard to say no to.

Image result for aries tattoo watercolor

A geometric Aries tattoo with watercolor details in blue and purple ink

Image result for aries tattoo watercolor

An outline Aries tattoo with watercolor detailed background

A watercolor outline tattoo of a ram paired with a mandala

A watercolor Aries goddess

Word Tattoo

You can do a lot with word tattoos – you can use it to make your tattoos more personal or even memorialize someone who has already passed. You can even use it to always inspire you. It’s one of the most versatile tattoos and, of course, it can match Aries tattoos ideas and designs however you want.

A word tattoo paired with an astrological glyph placed on the wrist

A quote paired with an Aries astrological glyph

An Aries ram tattoo paired with a quote

A combination of ram and word tattoo

Ram Skull Tattoo

For a badass-looking tattoo, we suggest that you also go for a ram’s skull. It will still carry its meaning but its aesthetics will surely enhance.

Image result for aries tattoo skull

A geometric tattoo of a ram’s skull placed on the left arm

A skull of a ram paired with vibrant red tattooed on the right arm

A sketch style tattoo of a ram’s skull placed on the back

Image result for aries tattoo skull

A ram’s skull adorned with sunflowers tattooed on the back

Aries Tattoos Ideas and Designs with Other Symbols

Of course, you can also pair Aries tattoos with other zodiac signs. In this way, you can have a matching tattoo to represent your relationship with your sibling, parents, best friend/s, or even your significant other.

Image result for aries tattoo with gemini

An Aries astrological glyph paired with Pisces and Libra glyphs tattooed on the calf

Image result for aries tattoo with cancer

A tattoo combination of Cancer and Aries zodiacs in black and red ink placed on the rib area

Aries and Sagittarius’ astrological glyphs morphed together added with initials etched on the forearm

A combination tattoo of Aries, Pisces, and Scorpio’s astrological glyphs placed on the lower area of the back

Tattoos should always have a connection to its wearer. And if you’re planning for a tattoo, it is recommendable that you go for something personal like a zodiac sign tattoo. They’re timeless, significant, and aesthetically pleasing.

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