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50+ of the Cutest Black Cat Tattoo Design Variations for the Cat Lovers

By Jason Hamilton / June 5, 2020
black cat
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Cats are adorable, cuddly, they bring joy and so much more that makes them one of the popular house pets. They’re always nice to have around the house. And they’re nice to use as an inspiration for a tattoo too, just like a black cat tattoo.

For some cultures, black cats are often being avoided because of the superstitious beliefs that they bring bad luck. But did you know that cats, regardless of their print and color, are nice to have too? They are all cute and lovely. Some studies say they can also be therapeutic and they help lower blood pressure. And the best part of it is that they make nice inspirations as a tattoo as well.

Like in real life, such tattoo is always cute and attention-grabbing. But cat tattoos are more than just that. Aside from the aesthetics that it has, cat tattoos are also seen, in general, as a symbol of wisdom, intellect, and a connection to the divine. Cats are also well-known as representations of power and femininity.


There are many cat tattoo designs, though. But today, we’re going to focus more on black cat tattoo designs as it is one of the popular variations of cat tattoos. In case you want to have a black cat tattoo inked on your body, here are some black cat tattoo designs that we recommend.


Sailor Moon’s Luna

Cats are one of the most popular animals in the world that they have even occupied important roles in some films, series, and books. One of the most iconic ones is Luna, a cat with a golden crescent moon on the forehead, from the series, Sailor Moon. Known as one of the guardian cats in the popular anime series, this cat can represent your love for cats and the said anime when you use it as an inspiration for your black cat tattoo. In addition to that, it can also represent wisdom as Luna is known as one of the guardian cats who give pieces of advice to Sailor Moon. Here are some ideas on how you can wear this unique anime character.


Sailor Moon’s Luna the cat paired with a crescent moon inked on the arm


A friendship tattoo of Luna and Artemis


Sailor Moon’s Luna and Artemis resembling a Maneki-Neko, a Japanese cat figurine


A galaxy-inspired tattoo of Sailor Moon’s Luna


A blackout tattoo of Luna’s head


A cute tattoo of Sailor Moon’s Luna’s head placed on the forearm


Minimalist tattoos of Luna and Artemis

Black Cat Tattoo with Moon

While some cultures don’t sit well with black cats because for them it’s a sign of bad luck, Egyptians see them as sacred. In fact, cats are sacred to the goddess Bast and Isis. In Chinese culture, cats are also credited for the ability to ward off evil spirits away. The moon, on the other hand, is known to symbolize the powers and influence of celestial powers. It can also represent the expulsion of negative energies from your life and symbolize creativity and growth. When combined, they both have a nice meaning and aesthetics that go well with each other. Here are some samples on how you can combine these two symbols.

A silhouette of a black cat sitting on an intricately crescent moon


A black cat that appears to be smiling at the crescent moon

A black cat and crescent moon also looking at each other


A black cat sitting on a crescent moon while trying to reach a star

A black cat sitting on a floral crescent moon


A cat sitting on a Celtic crescent moon


Two black cats resting on a crescent moon adorned with roses

Realistic Black Cat Tattoo

There’s actually no other symbolic meaning behind realistic black cat tattoos than a representation of your lovely black fur baby. Adding realistic details just make it look more unique and it’s as if a picture that you carry with you anywhere you go. It’s also great to memorialize a fur baby if he or she has already gone to heaven.

A realistic head of a black cat inked on the forearm


A realistic tattoo of a black cat looking sideways

A huge forearm tattoo of a cat’s face with realistic details

Two realistic tattoos of cats’ face


A realistic face of a black cat tattooed on the calf

Another realistic tattoo of a black cat with his toy


A black cat tattooed on the upper arm with a colorful backdrop

Black Cat Tattoo with Rose

Both cats and roses symbolize femininity. And when paired, aside from its meaning, it also makes a great tattoo because of its aesthetics. Rose tattoo designs have various meanings too such as new beginnings, joy, protection, love, and more. In case you want to have them inked on your skin, here are some ideas as to how you can combine these two gorgeous tattoo symbols.


A watercolor tattoo of a black cat and rose with the cat’s name

A beautiful realistic black cat tattoo with roses placed on the forearm

A black cat and roses tattoo overlapping each other

A neotraditional tattoo of a fierce cat paired with a rose and moon tattoo

Another black cat and rose tattoo overlapping each other but this time, the owner only opted for one big rose

A maneki-neko tattoo placed on the right thigh

A chest tattoo of a black cat facing sideways paired with a rose tattoo

Panther Tattoo

When we say black cat, we meant all cats – including the big ones like the panther. Thus, we also recommend having a panther tattoo inked on your body too and not just black house cats. Aside from its fierce yet gorgeous aesthetics, panthers also make a good tattoo because they represent wisdom, honor, great courage, and the beauty of the Feminine Divine. This black tattoo variation is all the more perfect for when you also want to show the world of your personality. Here are some inspirations in case you’re eyeing on this kind of tattoo.

A realistic and fierce panther tattoo

An angry panther’s face inked on the left thigh

A realistic fierce face of a panther tattooed on the upper part of the arm

A half-sleeve tattoo of an angry panther

A tribal-inspired panther tattoo on the left thigh

Another fierce tattoo of a panther placed on the upper arm

A classic tattoo of an angry panther paired with a rose


Nope, we’re not talking about the coffee chain. We’re talking about the black and white (also known as tuxedo) cat from the 1940 animated movie Pinocchio. Yes, in case you’ve already forgotten, there is a cat there. He is the pet cat of Pinocchio’s father (or maker) Geppetto. He also starred in a few Disney cartoon shorts such as Figaro and Cleo, Bath Day, Figaro and Frankie, and made a cameo in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. He has also appeared in some episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Minnie’s Bow-Tons as Minnie Mouse’s pet cat. As for its meaning when used as a tattoo, there’s nothing really but to symbolize your love for this character as well as the series and shorts that he has starred.

A watercolor-inspired tattoo of Figaro

A Figaro tattoo showing his playful side

A classic tattoo of Figaro with a backdrop of Mickey’s head

Figaro, Marie, and their friends tattooed on the forearm

Figaro surrounded by flowers as he plays with a butterfly

Figaro kissing a goldfish tattooed on the forearm

Another tattoo of Figaro and his friends

Felix the Cat

If we’re going to talk about the most famous black cat in the TV and film industry, it’s probably going to be Felix the Cat. From 1919 to 2004, this cartoon character has been appearing in both big and small screens. He’s so popular that he was even used as a mascot by several organizations. The US Navy’s Bombing Squadron even used him as an insignia. Like Sailor Moon’s Luna and Pinocchio’s Figaro, Felix the Cat also makes a nice black cat tattoo to show your love for his character. You’ll surely grab a lot of attention from people of all ages because of this famous cartoon character. Here are some ideas on how you can use it as a tattoo.

An image of Felix the Cat whistling placed on the forearm

Forearm Felix the Cat tattoo paired with a quote tattoo

One of the scenes from Felix the Movie turned into a tattoo

Felix the Cat carrying his bag as he waves

An outline tattoo of Felix the Cat

A laughing Felix the Cat tattoo

Felix the Cat holding a beer

Watercolor Black Cat tattoo

Black cat tattoo designs can be a bit plain and boring sometimes because, needless to say, you only use black ink. If you want to give it a little oomph, why not add some style to it and make it look like a watercolor painting? You can also add more colors to it by using splats of colors for its backdrop.

A cute watercolor tattoo of a black cat on the ankle

A watercolor tattoo of a black cat with a long tail

A silhouette of a cat playing with butterflies

A tattoo of a leaping cat in black and purple ink

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