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50+ of the Most Popular Naruto Tattoos Ideas and Designs for the Otakus Who Love the Series

By Jason Hamilton / August 16, 2020
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Body art is a form of self-expression. You can use it to define who you are, you can use to show where you’re coming from or what made you as you are today, just like a mountain tattoo. You can also use it to accentuate your body depending on the tattoo placement or you can even use it to merely show your favorites.

Yes, there are actually no strict rules as to which designs should you ink on your skin. You can even etch your favorite anime character. And speaking of which, in case you are a fan of anime, one of the anime tattoo designs that we recommend are the Naruto tattoos ideas and designs that we have under our sleeves. But why Naruto?


Getting to Know Naruto as Tattoo

Naruto is actually a Japanese manga series which later on found its way to both big and small screens. It tells a story of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who seeks to gain recognition from his peers and aspires to become the Hokage (the leader of his village). It was first published in August 1997 and ever since that day of its release, it has gained a lot of attention. Heck, it’s even hard to meet someone who doesn’t know Naruto even just a bit. It also has a nice storyline that’s full of action that everyone loves.


And because of this, it also found its way to the world of body art that many people often have Naruto characters and other related symbols etched on their skin.

What’s even better is that Naruto has a number of different characters with different goals and traits that you might relate to as well. So without further ado, let’s get to know the characters, as well as the symbols that would perfectly pass for a tattoo.


Naruto tattoos Ideas and Designs


Of course, the protagonist, Naruto. He is very simple-minded, easy-going, and a cheerful person that everyone who has seen Naruto (be it the manga, TV series, or film) would definitely love. And, of course, he is the strongest character. So if you also love his character or you think you have similarities with his traits, he’s definitely a fit for your Naruto tattoo.

Fierce-looking Naruto and his nine-tailed demon fox


Another tattoo of Naruto morphed with his nine-tailed demon fox

A black ink tattoo of Naruto facing back


Naruto tattooed on the left calf

A tattoo depiction of Naruto in six paths mode


Naruto’s face etched on the calf using gray ink

This Naruto tattoo looks like it’s glowing

This colored tattoo of Naruto is placed on the left forearm


Naruto and his demon fox combined

Naruto with ears of his demon fox


Also one of the well-known symbols or things about the Naruto series is the Sharingan, which literally translates to “copy wheel eye.” It’s actually a special type of pupil technique that naturally occurs in all members of the Uchiha clan. And when a fan sees it, with just one glance, he or she will already know that it’s from Naruto.


Itachi’s Mongekyo and Nagato’s Rinnegan sharingan

Different types of sharingan tattooed on the forearm


Sasuke’s sharingan, the mangekyo


Sasuke’s mangekyo and rinnegan’s sharingan


Another thing that the Naruto series is famous for is the fox. But we’re not just talking about some plain common fox here; rather, we’re talking about a majestic nine-tailed fox. But don’t be fooled by its looks because it’s a dangerous fox-like entity that was sealed within Naruto’s body. Again, it’s powerful and if you want to show your strength, this makes a nice symbol to represent it. Needless to say, it can also scream how much of a Naruto fan you are.

A fierce nine-tailed fox demon on the arm and chest


A black ink geometric kurama tattoo

A nine-tailed fox with galactic details

A fierce kurama tattooed on the calf

Naruto Leaf Village

In Naruto, every village where the characters come from has its own symbol etched on their headband: the Leaf, Mist, Sand, Sound, Waterfall, Rock, Cloud, Rain, and Grass. This headband, made of a metal plate engraved with their village’s symbol, and a band of cloth also protects their forehead and is worn as a sign of their pride and fealty for their village. As for Naruto tattoos, the Leaf Village (also known as Konoha) symbol is the most popular among others.


A Hidden Leaf Village symbol tattooed on the forearm

Another Hidden Leaf Village symbol tattoo but has thicker details


This Leaf Village symbol is smaller than the first ones


The different symbols for the villages with an Akatsuki cloud

Akatsuki Clouds

In Naruto, you’ve probably seen characters donned in a black cloak with red cloud patterns that are called Akatsuki Clouds. Apparently, this is a symbol of justice by the original members of the Akatsuki clan. The red cloud symbolizes the rain of blood that fell in Amegakure during the wars.

An Akatsuki cloud near the ankle

Akatsuki clouds paired with geisha and Hannya mask

A plain Akatsuki cloud on the forearm

A black ink Akatsuki cloud tattoo placed on the left ankle

Sasuke Uchiha

Another fan-favorite among the many characters in the Naruto series is Sasuke from the Uchiha clan. He may be cynical, antisocial, and resentful but he was kind and cheerful when he was a child. He only changed after he witnessed his clan massacred when he was seven years old. Sasuke is also an introverted person. He is also probably the coolest character in the series which is why many love him too in spite of his dark traits. If you can relate to him or even if you just find him cool, there’s no better character than we can suggest for you to etch on your skin.

A close up image of Sasuke revealing his sharingan

A colored tattoo of Sasuke on the arm

A tattoo of crying Sasuke in black ink

Sasuke vs. Itachi tattoo on the arm

Sakura Haruno

Another powerful and popular character in the series is Sakura. But aside from that, she is also well-loved by many because she has a kind heart and is caring for her friends. She is also intelligent, compassionate, and courageous. If you can relate to her, she definitely deserves that tattoo spot on your skin.

A chibi Sakura tattooed on the forearm

A Dakura tattoo in black ink

A colored Sakura tattooed in the left forearm

Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kurama

Hinata Uzumaki

Of course, who wouldn’t forget Hinata? She’s also one of the most popular characters in the series. In fact, she always ranks high in character popularity polls among Naruto fans. Although shy, she’s very thoughtful, kind, and very gentle. And, of course, (spoiler alert for those who just started reading or watching Naruto) she eventually married Naruto. She’s definitely the best bet for those who have similar traits with her and even for those who love the Naruto-Hinata ship.

A black ink tattoo of Hinata

A colored tattoo of Hinata on the left arm

A black ink tattoo of Hinata in a Samurai outfit

Matching Hinata and Naruto tattoos


He may be initially introduced as an antagonist but it’s hard not to like him. He also has some nice character traits and he is also one of the coolest characters in the series. If you like his angst, he’s definitely worth considering for a tattoo.

A colored tattoo of Gaara placed on the forearm

A black ink tattoo of Gaara

A tattoo of the tattoo on Gaara’s forehead

A behind ear tattoo of Gaara’s curse mark tattoo in red ink

Rock Lee

Rock Lee is also hard not to like in the Naruto series because he is optimistic, energetic, and passionate. He’s just the epitome of a “nice guy” compared to other Naruto characters.

An iconic image of Rock Lee from his fight scene against Gaara

A cute Rock Lee tattoo on the left wrist

A colored tattoo of Rock Lee paired with a flower tattoo

A cute tattoo of Rock Lee placed on the forearm

Kakashi Hatake

Another cool character that Naruto fans love the most is Kakashi. Aside from his cool outward appearance, he also has this laid-back personality, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude. Even in heat of serious battles, he would still remain chill. But he’s a great leader.

Kakashi tattooed on the left ankle

Kakashi tattoo in black and red ink

A combination tattoo of Kakashi and Obito placed on the forearm


An outline tattoo of Kakashi adorned with flowersWhether you are an anime fan or not, Naruto tattoos ideas and designs are worth considering as the series has a lot of characters with different traits that you would surely relate to.

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