50 of the Very Best Mesmerizing Hamsa Tattoos Ideas and Designs

By Jason Hamilton / August 28, 2020
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Some tattoos don’t always sit well with other cultures. The skull tattoo, for instance, isn’t always viewed positively in spite of the optimistic ideas that it can also portray like overcoming obstacles and/or protecting valuables.

But there are always the good one too – these tattoos are like the epitome of the good guys/gals that have no bad sides. One of which is the hamsa tattoo; and it’s one of the best symbols that you should go for if you want to play safe. It’s not just nice to the eyes but it also carries a good meaning.


Getting to Know Hamsa

For starters, the hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet that initially became popular in the Middle East and North Africa. It’s commonly used in jewelry, as well as wall hangings. But as time goes, it eventually made its way to the world of body art that draws the attention of all genders. It became that popular because its structure isn’t just mesmerizing to look at but because it also has different meanings and representations.


Hamsa Origin and Meaning

The hamsa craze may have started in the Middle East and North Africa. However, the ancient Greeks and Romans are the first ones to use this symbol. For them, it is a sign of protection. The Muslims see it as a symbol for protection too, especially against illnesses.

Other religions also see it as a symbol of protection. This is because hamsas are often drawn with eyes. And many people see it as a representation of the all-seeing eye of God.


For the ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, they believe that it is associated with Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky with a head of a hawk. And this symbol means that one is always being watched and that no one can escape the eye of their conscience.

Types of Hamsa Tattoos

Many of us are probably familiar with the upright hamsa tattoos ideas and designs. However, did you know that you can wear it in another way aside from that?


Yes, you read it right. There are actually two types of hamsa tattoos: the upright and the upside-down – in case you’re thinking the latter is wrongly drawn or whatnot.

The upright hamsa tattoo is believed as a symbol for protection and bravery. They can also mean success and good luck.


A hand-poked hamsa tattoo placed on the upper part of the back

Meanwhile, we have the upside-down hamsa that also means success and good luck. But unlike its sibling, the upright one, the upside-down hamsa is believed to bring its wearer harmony and peace.


An upside-down hamsa etched on the wrist

You can design your hamsa tattoo however you want, though. It’s so versatile that no matter what your gender preference is, it will surely suit you. It can also work well with other symbols. In case you need some ideas, don’t worry, we got your back.

Hamsa Tattoos Ideas and Designs

There are a lot of hamsa tattoos ideas and designs out there. However, because of that, you might find it a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we can give you some of the best hamsa tattoos ideas and designs that you can take inspiration from. Take a look at these:

Plain or Simple Hamsa Tattoo

If you’re not into hamsas paired with other symbols, a simple hamsa can work. This design is perfect for those who are into the minimalist style or for those who don’t want their hamsa tattoos mixed with other symbols. It can also work well for those who still haven’t decided what to pair their hamsa tattoo with.

A small hamsa etched on the right ankle


A dotwork hamsa tattooed on the left forearm

A hamsa paired with hearts and cross tattoos


A matching tattoo of simple hamsas placed on the side part of the wrist

Another dotwork tattoo of a hamsa but this time it’s much bigger and is placed on the back


A hamsa with elaborate details placed on the left forearm


A simpler hamsa placed on the right ankle

Colored Hamsa Tattoo

The simple hamsa tattoo can already catch the attention of others because of how mesmerizing its details are. But if you want to give it more oomph, you can make it more vibrant and make it colored.

A hamsa tattoo with a blue eye


A colored hamsa drawn using the traditional style

A hamsa tattoo with blue, pink, and white color accents


A hamsa tattoo in different shades of blue ink


A hamsa tattoo accentuated with green ink

A multi-colored hamsa tattoo in watercolor style


An elegant hamsa tattoo with green ink accent

Hamsa with Star

The star tattoo designs are one of the versatile symbols that can work well with any tattoo. Needless to say, it can also work for your hamsa tattoo and make it all the more meaningful. For starters, it can represent your relationship to God. It can also serve as your protection against the darkness. You draw the usual depiction of stars or you can also add the Star of David, which represents King David’s shield.

A dotwork hamsa tattoo with the star of David

Another detailed hamsa tattoo with the star of David but is placed on the side of the torso


An upside-down hamsa with the star of David

A hamsa with the star of David placed on the upper part of the right arm


A traditonal style hamsa tattoo with a unique star


A huge hamsa tattoo with two stars of David

An upside-down hamsa with the star of David

A geometric hamsa with the star of David etched on the calf

Hamsa with Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoo designs are also versatile and can work with any other tattoo designs – even the hamsa. It can also enhance its meaning depending on its type and color. The rose tattoo alone can depict hundreds of meanings depending on its color. The red represents beauty, love, passion, and respect. The white rose represents purity and youthfulness. The yellow one is associated with friendship the pink is for happiness; and so on.

An upright black ink hamsa tattoo with roses underneath

A black ink hamsa and cross tattoo with a yellow rose

A hamsa with a realistic red rose tattoo

A realistic tattoo of a rose and an eye morphed in a hamsa tattoo

A combination of hamsa, rose, crown, and word tattoo designs

A rose placed below a geometric hamsa tattoo

The lotus tattoo is also a popular choice in the world of body art because of its aesthetics and meaning. Like the rose, the lotus can also represent beauty and purity. However, it leans more on the spiritual side of the person wearing it. It is also often associated with the gods Lakshmi, Vishnu, and Brahma. And when drawn with opening petals, it can symbolize one’s spiritual awakening and expansion of the soul which is also a perfect pair since the hamsa tattoo is also associated with the god above us.

A dotwork hamsa with a lotus flower and infinity symbols

A hamsa and lotus tattoo with an eye of Horus in the middle

A back tattoo of hamsa and lotus with lace details

A graceful dotwork tattoo of a hamsa with lotus

A hamsa and lotus tattoo accentuated with green and pink ink

An ornate hamsa and lotus tattoo placed on the sternum

A hamsa and lotus tattoo paired with other tattoo symbols

This upside-down hamsa has a lotus on top and a Buddha below

A brightly colored watercolor tattoo of hamsa and lotus

There are also a lot of flower tattoo designs that you can pair with different hamsa tattoos ideas and designs. It depends on your liking based on its look, color, and/or meaning.

A black ink hamsa tattoo topped with a blue and purple ink flower inked on the leg

A watercolor hamsa tattooed on the back area

A black ink hamsa and flowers tattoo placed on the left arm

A hamsa paired with lace details and bright sunflower tattooed on the right forearm

A traditional style hamsa and flower tattoo with shades of blue and pink ink

Hamsa with Elephant

Elephant tattoos are majestic and they make a good pair with hamsa tattoos ideas and designs too. Just like the hamsa, elephants are also associated with good luck. Apart from that, it is also known as a depiction of prosperity, power, dignity, longevity, and strength because of the character of elephants.

An elephant shaped like an upside-down hamsa

Another elephant shaped like an upside-down hamsa but is adorned with more flower details

An elephant-shaped upside-down hamsa with red ink accent details on its trunk

An upside-down hamsa and elephant morphed together but this one has a bolder outline for the image of the elephant

A hamsa with an image of an elephant camouflaged

A colored traditional-style tattoo of a hamsa with a head of an elephant at the center

A hamsa and elephant tattoo with lace details

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