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50+ Ohana Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Family-Centered Individuals

By Jason Hamilton / August 10, 2020
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If you’re a Disney kid and have watched Lilo and Stitch, you’re probably familiar with the word “ohana.” In case you’re living under the rock, Lilo and Stich, a 2002 movie which later on was given a chance on the small screens as a cartoon series, is about a little Hawaiian girl who adopted a strange-looking “dog” which turned out to be an alien. And in this film, the Hawaiian word “ohana” was made quite popular which later made it to the world of body art. The film and series made a huge impact on this. However, there’s more to this design than you can imagine and we’re here to share what we know in case you plan to use this for your first or maybe next tattoo.


Ohana: A Closer Look

We’ve seen Lilo and Stitch in the English language and some might wonder if the word “ohana” that they often say is just made up. Apparently, it is a Hawaiian word that means family. And yes, the creators of Lilo and Stich didn’t just make up the line “Ohana means ‘family;’ ‘Family’ means no one gets left behind.”

And this word doesn’t just refer to its traditional meaning. Its context can also include extended family, as well as friends who are so close to your heart that you think of them as your own family.


In addition to that, this word also means family sticks together and always support each other.

Ohana Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Ohana as a tattoo makes a nice idea. This is because, needless to say, it has a nice meaning to it. Especially if you’re a type of person who is family-centered, it’s definitely hard to say no to it.


What’s even better is that ohana is a versatile tattoo. Since it is a word tattoo, you can easily pair it with other symbols.

There out countless symbols out there to choose from, though, which can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t fret too much as we got your back. Below are some of the popular ohana tattoos ideas and designs that we’ve found that we think you might like.


Lilo and Stitch

Of course, Lilo and Stitch (both the movie and series) made this word even more popular even for the non-Hawaiians. So, isn’t it one of the worthiest design to go along with the ohana tattoo? This word tattoo with any of the characters from Lilo and Stitch make a nice pair but most people just usually choose Stitch. In case you’re wondering how you can combine them, take a look at these samples.

Ohana tattoo on the leg with a happy image of Stitch


Stitch wearing a cool Hawaiian polo and a lei paired with an ohana tattoo

Ohana tattoo and Stitch paired with a quote that reads, “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”


A simple gray ink ohana tattoo with Stitch

Ohana and Stitch tattoos placed on the ankle


A black ink Stitch with ohana word tattoo

A cute outline image of Stitch with ohana tattoo and watercolor details


When we think of Hawaii, images of its native flower often comes first to our mind. And one of which is the plumeria flowers. And since “ohana” is a Hawaiian word, it also makes a nice pair with plumeria flower tattoos. But this tattoo combination doesn’t just scream Hawaiian or tropical. But adding plumeria flower tattoos also symbolize charm, new life, new beginnings, and beauty. If you’re eyeing on this tattoo combination, take a look at these samples for some inspirations.

An ohana foot tattoo with a yellow plumeria


A tribal infinity tattoo with plumeria connected to an ohana tattoo

A Polynesian turtle with plumeria paired with ohana tattoo


A white plumeria with an ohana tattoo below

This one is paired with a chain of pink plumerias

This one is paired with purple plumerias

A combination of ohana, plumeria, and hibiscus tattoos


Another thing that plays a big part in the culture of Hawaii is the hibiscus. It’s not just some tropical flower that you can easily find in the said state that made it popular and worthy to be paired with the word tattoo “ohana.” Apparently, this flower is the state flower of Hawaii which makes it one of the perfect tattoos to pair with ohana tattoo. But what’s nice about it is that it’s not just something that will your tattoo more Hawaiian vibes. It also carries nice meanings. Depending on its color, it could represent love, passion, desire, friendship, enlightenment, loyalty, and devotion. Check out these samples on how you can combine hibiscus and ohana tattoos ideas and designs.

An ohana tattoo paired with a pink hibiscus


A minimalist ohana tattoo with a small pink hibiscus

This one has Stitch’s face too

This hibiscus replaced the O in ohana


A hibiscus placed above the ohana tattoo

A traditional tattoo of hibiscus under an ohana tattoo


A watercolor blue and purple hibiscus and ohana tattoo combination


A pink watercolor hibiscus with ohana tattoo

A hip watercolor ohana and hibiscus tattoo combination


And if you’re not into some Hawaiian vibes, don’t worry, you still have a lot of options to choose from to make your ohana tattoo more aesthetically pleasing. One of which are the feather tattoo designs. Since ohana tattoo is about family, you can add a feather tattoo too because it can also represent protection for you and your loved ones. Also, it is also used as a representation of our departed loved ones. Here are some feather and ohana tattoos ideas and designs that we can recommend.

A feather tattoo with the word ohana in its center

This ohana word tattoo looks like it’s penned using the feather

A feather and a flower connected to a cursive ohana tattoo

Matching friendship ohana tattoos paired with a feather, rose, bat, and arrow tattoos

Ohana Tattoos Ideas and Designs Placement

Unlike some tattoos, especially the religious ones, ohana tattoos require no restrictions when it comes to its placement. Thus, you can place it anywhere in your body. However, since this tattoo is about family love, there are certain spots in the body that are more ideal for this tattoo’s placement. Here are some of the tattoo placements that we highly suggest for this kind of design.

Wrist and Forearm

The wrist and the forearm are common spots in the body to place a tattoo. But it has become a popular spot for some reason. One of which is that these parts of our body can be easily seen by anyone – even you. Thus, these are the perfect spots for such kind of tattoo as you, as well as other people, will always be reminded of your tattoo’s meaning because these parts are often exposed.

But the downside is that tattoo placement in these areas can be painful. This is because of the thin muscles that can cushion us from the needles. Still, the pain you feel will all be worth it.

A gradient blue ink ohana tattoo

A simple ohana tattoo paired with a chain of watercolor flower tattoos

A plain black ink ohana tattoo

Another simple ohana tattoo but with a different font

A combination of wave, ohana, and Polynesian tattoo designs

A small minimalist ohana word tattoo

Ohana paired with Polynesian tattoo designs

A matching minimalist cursive ohana tattoo

An inspirational ohana tattoo with a semicolon

A watercolor tattoo combination of Stitch, ohana, and hibiscus flowers

Ohana paired with an arrow tattoo

Ohana paired with a tree, sun, and flower tattoos

Chest and Shoulders

Another place where you can ink ohana tattoos is the chest and shoulder areas. But unlike the wrist and the forearm, tattoos on these spots are not that easy to see. Even so, tattoos in these areas can be more meaningful too. This is because of the fact that these areas are closer to the heart. Since “ohana” means family, placing it in these areas can also mean that they are close to your heart too.

The only downside of etching a tattoo in these areas, though, is that it’s painful because of the fact that these are bony areas in our body. But another good news is that tattoos in these areas are so easy to hide.

A combination tattoo of ohana, hibiscus, and Hakuna Matata

An ohana and an outline of a hibiscus flower placed just under the right collarbone

Ohana connected to a small heart tattoo etched below the left collarbone

A matching tattoo combination of ohana, bird, cross, heart, infinity, and anchor tattoos

A simple cursive ohana tattooed on the chest

A combination tattoo of a Polynesian turtle, hibiscus, and ohana tattoos

A combination tattoo of ohana, hibiscus flowers, and Stitch covering the whole chest

Another simple cursive ohana tattoo below the right collarbone

A minimalist cursive ohana tattoo on the right shoulder

A watercolor ohana tattoo with birds

This quote tattoo reads “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

Ohana tattoo combined with birds etched on the top part of the left shoulder

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