50+ Pine Tree Tattoos and Ideas for Nature Lovers

By Jason Hamilton / June 17, 2020
pine tree
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Trees are one of the most meaningful tattoo designs. It also has a number of variations with different meanings – there’s the tree of life, palm tree, pine tree, etc. – you will never run out of options with tree tattoos. But if you were to ask us about which tree tattoo should you go for, we say go for pine tree tattoos.

But it’s not just because Christmas is fast-approaching again that we’re recommending this. We’re not talking about a Christmas tree tattoo here – you know, the ones decorated with lights, balls, gift boxes, etc. Rather, we’re just drawn to this tree because of its uniqueness and versatility, especially when used as a tattoo design.


Getting to Know Pine Trees

For starters, this tree became unique to the eyes of many because of its needles (not the literal one, though). Compared to the other trees, pine trees don’t have the same leaves as others that are broader. Rather, its leaves (also known as conifers) are long and thin, resembling needles. And unlike the others, pine trees replace their conifers or leaves slowly and continuously. And because of this, it easily draws more attention when used as a tattoo.


Pine Trees as Tattoo

Like other tree tattoos, pine trees also have their own meanings too. One of which is its representation of long life and the ability to adapt to growth. In general, trees are strong and they live long naturally. That’s why many also see pine tree tattoos as a symbol of long life and the ability to adapt to changes.

And speaking of one’s ability to adapt, pine trees can also represent a person’s endurance through a tough chapter in his or her life. This is because of the ability of this tree to survive even the most brutal storms and harsh elements.


Pine trees can also show one’s love for nature and can even represent a person’s hometown, particularly if one lives in Colorado wherein anyone will get to fill their eyes with the sight of gorgeous pine trees lining the sides of the driveway as he or she drives through the mountains. It’s such a great tattoo to remind you of this breathtaking and relaxing place.

Another thing to love about pine trees as tattoos is that they are versatile. They can be tattooed in all sorts of styles. You can have it in different colors, detailed, or even pair it with other symbols or animals which don’t just add aesthetics to it but adds meaning as well. The list could go on, actually. But in case you want to see some inspirations, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place as we can give you some ideas for that as well as shed light on its meanings. Here are some pine tree tattoos and ideas that you might want to take a look at plus their meanings.


Plain Pine Tree

Plain pine tree tattoos are already beautiful and meaningful. And having it etched on your skin the simplest way it can be can already turn heads. What’s good about it as well is that such design is good for when you want to add more design to it in the future. And if you are a minimalist type of person, this one will work for you too. Here are some plain pine tree tattoos and ideas that you might want to consider, especially if you haven’t decided yet on what symbol should you pair it with.

A simple pine tree tattoo behind the arm


Another pine tree tattoo on the upper part of the arm

A pine tree etched on the right ankle


A lush pine tree tattooed near the armpit

A combination of dot and line work techniques of pine tree tattoo


A silhouette of a pine tree

Geometric Pine Tree Tattoos ad Ideas

Geometric details can make any tattoo hip and aesthetically pleasing. It can even give pine tree tattoo designs some more oomph to it. Here are some ideas for that.

A tall-looking pine tree paired with different geometric shapes

A pine tree with a circle placed on the back


A pine tree morphed with long straight lines

Another pine tree paired with a circle in gray ink


A pine tree forearm tattoo with geometric details

Pine Tree and Mountain Tattoos

Mountains and pine trees aren’t just a nice combination for the best views of nature. When used as tattoos, these two can also represent the days how you’ve become resilient during the toughest times in your life. Here are some inspirations on how you can combine these two for your tattoo even better.

A combination of pine tree, mountain and geometric tattoos around the thigh


A pine tree tattoo with mountains tattooed on the forearm


Different trees, mountains, and sun paired with pine trees tattooed on the forearm in a sketch type technique

Another forearm tattoo of pine trees with sun and mountains


Small image of pine trees with mountain tattoo

Pine Tree with Bird

Bird tattoo designs represent freedom, spiritual self-direction, and physical capability. While it has a different meaning compared to pine trees, it still makes a nice pair for the latter not just for aesthetics but also because of the multiple meanings that it can add. Here are some samples on how you can pair them.

Pine trees with birds flying away

A forearm tattoo of pine tree with birds


A red cardinal bird resting on a pine tree’s branch

A pine tree tattoo with flying birds etched on the calf


A combination tattoo of arrow, bird, sun, and pine tree with geometric details

Pine Tree with Moon

The view in the woods with pine tree and the moon looks nice, right? Why not have this view inked on your skin? The moon tattoo also holds a number of meanings depending on its type which makes it a nice pair even more. Take a look at these samples.


A medium-sized pine tree and moon tattoo with realistic details

A pine tree tattoo paired with various shapes of the moon

A pine tree tattoo with a star and crescent moon

A pine tree with a full moon

A dotwork pine tree tattoo with a full moon

Pine Tree with Roots

If you want to show how strong and well-grounded you are through your pine tree tattoo, adding some extensive roots to it will do. Roots can also represent your connection to the past like your family, ancestors, or family honor. Here are some designs for that.

A forearm tattoo of a pine tree with roots

A pine tree tattoo with geometric details on the roots

A colored pine tree tattoo with roots on the ankle

A simple pine tree forearm tattoo with roots

A pine tree with roots tattoo on the leg

Colored Pine Tree

If you just want to make your pine tree tattoo look more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, you can add color to it too. Make it realistic, add watercolor details, or whatnot, it will surely make your tattoo even more beautiful. Here are some ideas on that.

A pine tree tattoo in black and brown ink

A watercolor pine tree tattoo with geometric details

A colored tattoo of a pine tree on the back

A pine tree tattooed on the nape

A unique watercolor pine tree tattoo

Pine Tree with Bear

Bears, like pine trees, also symbolize strength because of their nature. So if you want to show your character through this body art, here are some ideas for that.

A pine tree forest morphed with an image of a bear

The Northern Woods Forest with a realistic image of a bear

A landscape morphed with a bear tattoo

A sleeve tattoo of a bear and pine trees

A pine tree and bear tattoo combination paired with other symbols

Pine Tree with Wolf

Aside from looking adorable yet fierce, wolves also make a nice addition to pine tree tattoos because of its representation. For starters, wolves symbolize power, perseverance, and loyalty. When talking about aesthetics and meaning, these two match each other as well. If you’re eyeing on this combination, here are some inspirations for you.

Pine trees with a wolf’s face

A forest of pine trees with a wolf’s face

A combination tattoo of pine trees and wolves

Another tattoo of pine trees morphed with a wolf’s face

Pine trees with a howling wolf tattoo

Pine Tree with Deer

Deer tattoos have a number of variations too. A doe symbolizes gentleness, deep spiritual connection with nature, and motherly love. On the other hand, a stag means power, strength, masculine virility, and fertility. But in spite of their differences, they also make a nice pair with pine tree tattoos both when talking about their meanings and their aesthetics. Here are some samples on how you can combine them.

Silhouette of pine trees with an outline of a deer

Pine trees with a deer and birds enclosed in a triangle tattoo

A pine tree with a deer tattooed on the forearm

Pine trees with a realistic image of a deer

A dotwork deer tattoo with pine trees, a moon, a star, and geometric details

Pine trees and a deer morphed




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