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50+ Popular Barcode Tattoos Ideas and Designs to Show Your Individuality

By Jason Hamilton / July 23, 2020
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Tattoos are a form of body art that help us showcase our individuality. And if there’s one tattoo design that we can suggest for those looking for tattoos that are all about identity, we recommend barcode tattoos. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place as we can give you some insights about this kind of tattoo design. So step right up and let’s have a closer look at this tattoo.


Getting to Know the Symbol and its Pros

Before you give any tattoo a go, it is important that you know the design you’re going for. And if you’re going for a barcode tattoo, it is necessary to get to know it better so you will not regret anything in the future. Now, what is a barcode?

For starters, it is the image composed of lines with different thickness that every product in the grocery has. They are usually located at the back or bottom part of the product’s packaging.


Invented by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, this image or symbol is used in products so warehouses and stores can easily track their inventory, make invoices, accounting, etc. It contains the product type, color, size, price, quantity, and almost everything about the product. In this way, businesses have better accuracy, reduced training requirements, data readily available, improved inventory control, and low cost implementation. In short, it helps in identifying products for better routine.

And it’s also the same thing when it comes to using it as a body art. This doesn’t require a scanner, though, unlike in groceries. But this tattoo can help you express your individuality better too which is one of the many reasons why you should get a tattoo like this one.


On top of that, you can also get a cool and unique tattoo. Because like the barcodes in groceries, barcodes tattoos ideas and designs are all different too. They may look the same but they’re actually not if one is to take a closer look. This is because you can play with the bars and vertical lines of this tattoo to represent Morse code. Plus, you can add more details to it that will make it all the more personal.

Barcode Tattoos Ideas and Designs

And speaking of making barcode tattoos more unique, here are some ideas on how you can make a barcode tattoo solely your own to help you showcase your individuality through body art.


Add Numbers

Numbers can make tattoos significant. With this, you can add your favorite number, your lucky number, your date of birth and/or a date that’s significant for you and your loved one. You can also use it to make barcode tattoos a memorial tattoo to honor a loved one who has already passed. What’s even cooler about this kind of tattoo is that you can make it funnier and use barcodes with numbers of your favorite item or whatnot. Take a look at these inspirations.

A barcode tattoo with thicker lines


A barcode with numbers placed near the left shoulder cap

This one is placed on the name


This barcode wrist tattoo has numbers and letters mixed

This barcode tattoo on the forearm looks scannable


Another barcode tattoo that has numbers and letter mixed

A creative barcode tattoo morphed with a flag

Another barcode tattoo morphed with a flag


A barcode mixed with numbers, zebra, zodiac sign, and geometric shapes

Add Words

There’s no better addition to tattoos than words, phrases, or quotes when you want to make it more personal. With this, you can add your name, your favorite word, or even the place where you were born. Some even go for phrases like “made in…” plus the place where they were born or where they were actually made. Take a look at these samples.

This tattoo is paired with a word that reads “Human”


A barcode paired with a name tattoo in red ink

A barcode with an inspiring quote tattoo that reads “Just do it!”


A creative barcode tattoo with a text that reads “Made in Baltimore”


This barcode tattoo, paired with a text that reads “Made in Rotterdam” is placed on the head

A realistic barcode tattoo that looks like it’s a piece of torn paper or sticker with a text that reads “Not defined by labels”

Barcode Tattoos Ideas and Designs’ Placement

Unlike other tattoos, barcode tattoos ideas and designs are not easy to place anywhere in the body. This is because this kind of tattoo requires precision and perfect details or the whole tattoo will not look great. You see, since it is composed of lines and bars, you need a surface where you can easily tattoo it – you know, spots in the body that are not wrinkled or will not easily wrinkle overtime so it will not look funny. Here are some placements that we can suggest.



A plain barcode without any number or other symbol tattooed on the left wrist

Another barcode etched on the left wrist but this time, it has numbers

Matching barcode tattoos with date


A barcode in blue ink tattooed on the right wrist

A barcode tattoo paired with number and word tattoos


A barcode with numbers on the left wrist



A barcode etched on the triceps

A barcode tattooed on the right forearm

A unique barcode tattoo with silhouettes of animals

A plain barcode tattoo without any word or number

A creative barcode tattoo paired with a zipper

A barcode with a “paid” sign


A barcode with “17770” numbers

A barcode with a word that reads “slave”

This barcode looks like the real ones we see inked on a product’s packaging

A plain barcode with no number or anything placed on the forehead

Another realistic barcode tattoo on the forehead

Another plain barcode tattoo covering the forehead


This barcode can tell when’s your birthday

A unique barcode back tattoo with colors of the rainbow

A black ink barcode tattoo with numbers

A barcode tattoo with phrase that says “made in Patti”

A barcode tattoo etched just below the nape

A barcode paired with flower tattoo

Another barcode tattoo with a date


A memorial barcode tattoo with the alpha and omega symbols

A black ink barcode tattoo but has thicker lines

This one, on the other hand, has thinner lines

A plain barcode tattoo without any other design

A faded barcode tattoo on the nape

A unique tattoo with inverted numbers


A barcode with a phrase and number tattoo on the calf

A barcode used as a memorial tattoo etched on the right calf

A barcode with an image of a zebra that looks like it’s melting

A barcode on the right thigh

A barcode incorporated with Japanese details

Another barcode with a date but is placed on the right thigh

Barcode Tattoos Ideas and Designs Cons

But no matter how nice this tattoo design is when it comes to helping one show his or her individuality, bear in mind that not all good things are all good. You see, this kind of tattoo doesn’t always sit well with everyone, unlike other tattoos. This is because of the fact that while it can be full of individuality, it oftentimes lacks creativity – you know, because it’s merely all straight lines with numbers or words. And for some tattoo artists, they would rather tattoo their own designs because it doesn’t showcase their skills and talent that much.

And speaking of design, with barcode tattoos, you have limited options for its placement as well. It is true that it doesn’t require specific placements. However, if you want its aesthetics to last long, remember not to place it in areas where the skin tends to sag and/or wrinkle faster like on the neck and hands. In this way, the design will not get affected when premature wrinkles and fine lines start. But over time, it will not really look good because our skin is meant to wrinkle as we grow older even if it’s on the forearm, thighs, etc.

Barcode tattoos, regardless of its design, also don’t sit well with religious people. This is because some people believe that barcodes are the mark of the Beast, the same symbol that is explained in the Bible’s book of Revelations. But it doesn’t always mean that someone with such tattoo is trying to symbolize such meaning. If there he/she is, they would probably wear a barcode tattoo on their head with the “666” into the tattoo. But then again, it’s hard to explain to other people, which can be a downside of this tattoo.

In spite of it all, it is such a tattoo that is worth considering, especially if you want something that would really help you show your individuality.

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