50+ Pretty Daisy tattoos for the Anthophiles

By Jason Hamilton / June 23, 2020
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Flowers always make a nice tattoo. It has a lot of types and design variations. What’s even better is that it has a lot of different meanings depending on its type and color too. However, there are countless flowers out there to choose from. But if you’re going to ask us, one of the flower tattoos that you might want to consider is daisy tattoos.


Getting to Know Daisies

Now before you give any daisy tattoo a go, it is, of course, important to know what it looks like. It’s easy to identify a daisy. In general, it is characterized by a long smooth central stem that terminates in a single flower head. Usually, the star-shaped flower head has a center composed of yellow disc florets surrounded by ray florets with long petals. It kind of looks like a sunflower, basically. That’s why even if you know what a daisy looks like, it’s kind of hard to distinguish it when compared to a sunflower side by side.

However, to give you a better idea, the latter has a bigger center. Meanwhile, the former’s center is much smaller. And daisies come in different colors too compared to sunflowers. And they all have different meanings, especially when used as a tattoo.


Daisies for Different Cultures

In general, daisy tattoos represent purity, innocence, new beginnings, childbirth, and chastity. It can also refer to transformation and cheerfulness. But aside from that, people from around the world also have various definitions for such flower.

In Roman mythology, daisies’ meaning is associated with Belides, a nymph who turned herself into a daisy to get away from Vertumnus’ sleazy attention. That is where the flower’s Latin name, Bellis, came from.


Meanwhile, in Norse mythology, it was the love goddess Freya who gave meaning to the flower. In this mythology, daisies symbolize motherhood, fertility, sensuality, and childbirth.

For the ancient Celts, however, daisies represent a bitter-sweet meaning. For them, the gods created daisies to cheer up the grieving parents of children who died.


For Christians, daisies also represent a whole different meaning. For them, they associate daisies with the Virgin Mary. This is because of the flower’s representation of chastity, humility, and innocence.

In Old English, on the other hand, they see it like an eye – closed for night time and opened during day time. They named in “day’s eye,” where our modern name for the flower came from. Hence the saying “fresh as a daisy” for someone feeling chirpy and bright in the morning.


Today, daisies, even when used as a tattoo, still carry the same meaning no matter how you design them.

Daisy Tattoos Designs

Speaking of designs, there are a lot of ways to design daisy tattoos which makes it a tattoo that’s hard to ignore. However, it will take forever to mention them all. But to give you some idea, we compiled some of the most popular design variations for daisy tattoos. Take a look at these options if you’re considering a daisy tattoo.


Black Ink

If you want to keep it simple, we suggest that you go for black ink daisy tattoo designs. It is also much cheaper as colored ones require more budget and touch ups. This also leaves you more room for when you want to add more details to your daisy tattoo in the future. Go for a plain outline, play with its texture, add some shading, etc, black ink daisy tattoos are still versatile. Here are some samples for that if you want to go for a simple daisy tattoo.

A small dot work tattoo of a daisy


A daisy tattoo with a stem

A realistic rib tattoo of a daisy


A daisy with a black background

A chain of daisies


If you want something eye-catching, we say go for realistic details. It does require some expert level of skills, though, so choose your tattoo artist wisely. When perfected, it will surely catch a lot of attention. Take look at these jaw-dropping realistic tattoos of daisies.


A white daisy

A daisy tattoo with a nice shading

A daisy tattoo with intricate details


Another daisy tattoo with intricate details but this time, it is paired with a quote

An intricately detailed daisy paired with a monarch butterfly tattoo


Another attention-grabbing daisy tattoo design is opting for a watercolor technique. The colors, strokes, and overall appeal give off some hip and artsy vibe. Here are some ideas on that if you want to go for some artsy tattoo.


A daisy tattoo with a splash of different colors

A unique daisy tattoo on the leg


A white daisy with splats of colors for backdrop


A blue daisy with a chain of leaves and a ladybug

A blue watercolor daisy tattoo


If you want to keep it small, simple, yet pretty and eye-catching, we highly suggest that you go for dainty pieces. It also shows the fragility of this flower. You’ll definitely make people talking about your tattoo with this one. Here are some samples for some inspirations.


A small yet pretty tattoo of a daisy on the rib area

A small and simple daisy tattoo

A dainty daisy tattoo in black ink


Another small and simple daisy tattoo

Dainty daisies paired with different flower tattoo designs


If you want timeless designs, go for traditional daisy tattoo designs. It will never go out of style. Here are some ideas for that.


A traditional daisy tattoo in yellow, green, and blue ink


A traditional daisy tattoo in pink ink

Daisies with roots

A daisy with a name tattoo

A chain of daisies paired with a butterfly tattoo

a daisy paired with a lucky horseshoe tattoo

Daisy Tattoos Placement

Daisy tattoo designs require no specific placements unlike Buddhist tattoos and the likes that have some restrictions when it comes to placements as some placements offend their culture, beliefs, etc. And that makes it even more beautiful – you can place them anywhere in your body as much as you like, However, we suggest these placements to make the beauty of your daisy tattoo stand out all the more. However, be ready to take some pain because not all of the placement suggestions we included on this list will not hurt.


The wrist makes a nice spot if you couldn’t care less about who sees your tattoo. It’s a great spot to show off your tattoo too.

A chain of daisies etched on the wrist

A black ink daisy placed on the left wrist

A dainty daisy tattoo on the right wrist

Another chain of daisies but in black ink

An outline tattoo of daisies on the left wrist


The shoulder also makes a nice spot in the body if you want some more feminine vibe. Such placement can also accentuate your shoulders.

A watercolor daisy tattoo on the left shoulder

Daisies in black ink tattooed on the right shoulder

A daisy paired with different flower tattoo designs

A realistic daisy paired with a quote tattoo

A simple daisy tattoo with a stem in black ink

A daisy tattoo on the left shoulder


Another spot for the brave-hearted ones, the forearm. Like the wrist, it is also a nice placement if you want to show the world this pretty tattoo.

Hand-poked daisy tattoo with long stems

Daisies etched on the forearm using black ink

A daisy paired with a peony tattoo on the right forearm

A dainty chain of daisies tattooed on the right forearm

Daisies paired with a sunflower tattoo placed on the right forearm


Ankle tattoos are also great no matter what type of shoes you wear so why not add a daisy tattoo here too?

An outline tattoo of a daisy etched on the right ankle

A pink watercolor daisy tattoo without an outline etched on the left ankle

Another outline tattoo of a daisy but is placed on the left ankle

A chain of gerbera daisies paired with swirly vines on the right ankle

A daisy tattoo wrapped around the left ankle looking like an anklet


On the ear or behind the ear, daisies also make a nice tattoo in these areas. This is because they’re versatile so their design will not be easily compromised when you adjust its size. Also, such flower doesn’t require much detail.

A blue daisy tattooed on the left ear

A colored daisy tattoo placed behind the left ear

A chain of daisies in black ink tattooed behind the left ear

A daisy with a long stem outlining the ear

An outline tattoo of a chain of daisies etched behind the ear

Daisy tattoos are one of the flower tattoos you should miss having etched on your skin. It has nice meanings and it definitely has some aesthetics that everyone will surely love.

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