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50+ Pretty Ideas for Hibiscus Flower Tattoos and Meanings Behind Each Design Variation

By Jason Hamilton / May 6, 2020
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Flowers one of the things in the world that make nice body art. They have a lot of variations and colors, plus their meanings vary depending on their type and color too. You will never run out of options. One of the popular flowers for tattoos are hibiscus flower tattoos. Yes, they aren’t just some pretty hothouse flowers but they also make nice tattoos too.

Aside from the summery vibes that it gives, it also has different meanings and variations that you can choose from. It’s really something to consider if you’re planning to go for a flower tattoo. But before anything else, wouldn’t it be nice to get to know this tattoo better? Lucky you, you’ve come to the right place as we can help you get to know this pretty flower tattoo. First off, let’s get to know what it symbolizes.


Hibiscus Flower Tattoos Meanings

Flowers are often associated with femininity. And hibiscus flowers are not different.


Generally, hibiscus flowers are associated with femininity too. And because of this, it is usually given or worn by women. But aside from this, hibiscus flowers also have other meanings. Different cultures have their own meanings for this beautiful flower.

In North America, for instance, hibiscus flowers mean a perfect wife or woman. Meanwhile, in China, hibiscus flowers are seen as symbols of the fleeting and beauty of fame or personal glory. For other cultures, hibiscus flowers symbolize young women as such flowers are delicate and very beautiful just like how young women appear to be.


Hibiscus flowers are also associated with fragility, gentleness, refinement, and charm. It is also known to represent an all-consuming love. But did you know that depending on its color, its meaning varies too?

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos’ Colors and Meanings

Hibiscus flowers also come in a number of colors and they also have their own meanings. Yes, you read it right. So if you’re eyeing on a hibiscus tattoo, might as well consider its color too and not just opt for a color merely because it’s your favorite. Doing so will make your tattoo even more meaningful. Take a look at what its color says about the color of your hibiscus flower tattoo design.



Often, we see red and pink hibiscus flowers. But did you know that there is also a white hibiscus? And this type of flower represents enlightenment. It is also associated with purity and beauty. However, it is rare to see white tattoos of hibiscus flowers. Often, people just opt for an outline tattoo of it. Sometimes, they go for gradient black ink hibiscus tattoo until the black ink fades and create the illusion that it’s white like the following:

Hibiscus flowers on the shoulder and chest


Gradient hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers paired with roses and lilies


A forearm hibiscus tattoo

A hibiscus tattoo below the shoulder


Yellow also makes a nice color for a hibiscus tattoo design. Apart from the fact that gives a fresh and sunny vibe, it is also worth having if you want to express your happiness. It is also associated with friendship, making it a perfect best friend tattoo too. In addition to that, it also symbolizes sunshine and luck. Here are some yellow-colored hibiscus tattoos.


Yellow hibiscus flowers inked on the lower back

A neotraditional tattoo of a yellow hibiscus placed on the forearm

Hibiscus flowers placed on the lower back growing up to the rib area


A yellow hibiscus inked on the upper right corner at the back

A foot tattoo of a yellow hibiscus with a shade of orange


Pink is not just most little girls’ favorite color. Pink also makes a nice color for a hibiscus tattoo. This is because this color also stands for friendship. Plus, it represents all kinds of love and not just romantic love. It is also seen as a symbol of rare beauty. Take a look at these pretty pink hibiscus tattoo designs.


A pink hibiscus on the left ankle

Another ankle tattoo of a hibiscus flower but accentuated with swirls that looks like vines


A pink hibiscus inked on the right shoulder


A pink hibiscus tattooed on the right forearm

Hibiscus flowers inked on the left side of the back


We all know that purple is a color of royalty and wealth. But purple hibiscus tattoos are also associated with knowledge and mystery. Here are some classy purple hibiscus tattoos.


A purple hibiscus tattoo giving off some Hawaiian vibe with an additional word tattoo that reads “Ohana”

A purple hibiscus on the right shoulder

A gradient purple and pink hibiscus tattoos on the arm


A purple hibiscus paired with a butterfly tattoo

A forearm hibiscus tattoo on the forearm


Red is a color of love. And red hibiscus flowers are also associated with that too. Aside from that, it is also known to represent passion and desire for something. Here are some loveable red hibiscus tattoos.


A traditional style tattoo of a hibiscus paired with sunset, banner, and word tattoos


A red hibiscus with soft details

Red hibiscus flowers paired with a close-winged hummingbird tattoo

A foot tattoo of red and blue hibiscus flowers

A red half-sleeve tattoo of hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flower tattoos are also easy to style. There are a number of design variations that you can go for that will surely enhance its beauty.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos Styles


If you’re not in for that girly vibe, you can go for a tribal design. Also, this can help you show off your heritage, especially if you’re from a certain tribe. Here are some ideas on that.

A tribal hibiscus tattoo on the arm

A Polynesian tattoo paired with a red hibiscus

A tribal forearm tattoo with Polynesian symbols

A white hibiscus paired with swirling Polynesian tattoo on the upper arm

A rib tattoo of a Polynesian and hibiscus tattoos that reaches down to the pelvis


Geometric tattoo designs can also enhance your hibiscus tattoo’s aesthetics. However, it can also enhance its meaning. Yes, they’re not just shapes but even a small circle can make your tattoo all the more meaningful. Here are some inspirations on how you can make your hibiscus tattoo geometric.

Hibiscus flowers inside a triangle inked on the forearm

Hibiscus flowers with geometric shapes in black placed on the forearm

A forearm tattoo of hibiscus flowers inside an inverted triangle

Pink hibiscus flowers with geometric details placed on the forearm

A colored half-sleeve hibiscus tattoo with geometric details in blue ink


If you’re not for loud designs, minimalist hibiscus tattoo styles are your best bet. Even if they are simple, they will still surely capture some attention because of its unique simplicity that’s always good for the eyes. Here are some inspirations on how you can make your tattoo more minimalist.

A minimalist hibiscus inked on the right ankle

A simple red hibiscus tattoo

A small hibiscus with gradient details placed at the back part of the right shoulder

An outline tattoo of a hibiscus inked on the shoulder

A simple blackout tattoo of a hibiscus inked on the left part of the hips


If you want to go all-out on your hibiscus tattoo’s design, why not make it realistic? This will surely grab a lot of attention and make jaws drop for the gorgeous details that your hibiscus tattoo has. Check out these ideas on how you can make your tattoo look realistic.

A chain of hibiscus flower tattoos placed on the lower back area looking like it is floating

Another chain of hibiscus flower tattoo with realistic details paired with a dragonfly tattoo inked on the right arm

Realistic hibiscus flowers in black in placed just below the clavicle and stretches down to the chest

A hibiscus paired with a lily with a nice shade work inked on the upper left part of the back

Huge pink and orange hibiscus flowers paired with a dragonfly tattoo and swirls placed on the back


Another aesthetically pleasing style is the watercolor design. This will make your hibiscus tattoo all the artsier. What’s even better is that such a style will surely channel the fragility of the real flower. Take a look at these samples for inspiration.

A watercolor hibiscus tattoo with a stem made with word tattoo that reads “Ohana” placed near the ankle

A red watercolor hibiscus tattoo placed just below the nape

Pretty orange and pink hibiscus flowers in watercolor style placed on the wrist

Three hibiscus flowers inked using the watercolor style on the back paired with a word tattoo that reads “Ohana” on the back

Hibiscus flowers that look like actual painting inked on the rib area stretching down to the pelvis

Huge red hibiscus flowers looking like an actual painting placed on the upper arm

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