50 Ruby Rose Tattoos Ideas and Designs that Will Surely Inspire You to Get Inked

By Jason Hamilton / December 20, 2020
ruby rose
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Celebrities are some of the most influential people in the world. And did you know that they also play a big part in the world of tattoo? They even made tattoos more popular and normalized than ever.

One of the huge names who have contributed a lot in the tattoo field is Ruby Rose, an Australian model, actress, and television presenter. Some of the TV series and movies that she starred in are Orange is the New Black, Pitch Perfect, and Resident Evil. But aside from these projects, she has also become the talk of the town because of being one of the artists that have a lot of tattoos. In fact, she has more than 50 tattoos in total. Hence, a lot of people also look for Ruby Rose tattoos ideas and designs. In case you’re also looking for some inspiration, don’t worry, we got your back as we listed some of her tattoos and their meanings.


Popular Ruby Rose Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Ruby Stone

At first glance, one might probably easily conclude that she had it inked a ruby stone on her forearm because she’s named after the stone. But this stone tattoo is more than just that as ruby stones are actually seen as the stone of divine creativity. People also see it as energy level and intuition power booster. It is also known to attract positivity, wealth, as well as progress in life.


Trust in God


If you can get a closer look, her inspirational religious tattoo reads “TRUST IN GOD.” What makes it even more awesome is that she chose a very colorful design for this tattoo.

Cross Tattoo

Another tattoo that Ruby Rose has to represent her faith is the cross tattoo. It’s just a simple cross but it still catches a lot of attention.


MTV Tattoo


MTV has a special place in Ruby Rose’s heart as being a presenter in this well-known music channel made a huge change in her life. Hence, she inked an “MTV” finger tattoo on her left hand.

Just Love

Inked on both of her knuckles is a reminder tattoo that reads, “JUST LOVE.” It will definitely remind you to always spread love. But aside from that, this knuckle tattoo reportedly has other meanings. Apparently, Ruby Rose came out as a lesbian since she was 12 years old. And this tattoo, allegedly, is made to show her love towards all kinds of relationships.


Sparrow Tattoo


For some, her sparrow tattoo just looks like a mere bird but this tattoo carries more meaning than meets the eye. One of its representations is freedom as such a tattoo has been used by sailors for their sailing experience. Historically, people believe that when sailors die, these birds will carry their souls to heaven.

Stars Tattoo

Another popular Ruby Rose tattoos ideas and designs that you might want to take note of is her stars tattoo located behind her right ear. Stars have different meanings – it could mean protection, faith, good luck, or guidance. As for Ruby Rose who has shown her faith through some of the first mentioned tattoos, her star tattoos probably represent her divine relationship with God.


Love Tattoo

Ruby Rose also has another tattoo on her left ear – and that is the “LOVE” word tattoo. This one is probably dedicated to her loved one, based on her social media post back in 2009 with a caption, “For her….”

Mother Tattoo


Tattoos are also made to show our love for something or someone. And in Ruby Rose’s right wrist tattoo, she inked the word “MUM” to show her love for her, needless to say, mom.


Truth Word Tattoo

Ruby Rose probably likes word tattoos as another tattoo that she has is the word “TRUTH” placed on her left wrist. Aside from its literal meaning, this word tattoo also refers to honesty, sincerity, and genuineness.

Ladybug Tattoo


In spite of having a successful career, she still probably has some secret petitions that she’s been praying for. Hence, she probably etched a ladybug tattoo that symbolizes good fortune.

Danke Schon

Of all her achievements, of course, she has a lot to be thankful of. Hence, her tattoo “Danke Schon,” a German word that means “Thank you very much.”

Astro Boy Tattoo


Ruby Rose is also an Astro Boy fan, a Japanese manga series. Hence her anime tattoo on her right forearm.

Gumby Tattoo


Ruby Rose also loves animation series hence her Gumby character tattoo. She placed her colored Gumby tattoo on her left forearm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tattoo

Speaking of animated series, Ruby also expressed her love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles via her forearm too. She had Leonardo inked on her forearm and even posted a tweet about it.

Smile Tattoo


Another word tattoo that Ruby Rose has is the rib tat that reads “Smile.” This tattoo will surely remind you to always wear a smile no matter what happens in life.

Run with Wild Horses

Just near her Gumby tattoo, Ruby Rose also inked the words “Run With Wild Horses.” This might look s bit nonsense for other but this word tattoo encourages you to be free-spirited. It also shows how much of an independent person the tattoo owner is.

Life and Other LGBT Symbols Tattoo

Of course, Ruby’s word tattoos don’t end there. She has another word tattoo that reads “LIFE” inked on her right wrist too. Reports say that she is specifically talking about the LGBT community with this tattoo as she also placed LGBT-related symbols near it – specifically the purple smiley face, a green heart, a black star, a blue peace sign, and a rainbow.


,m kkkk13 Tattoo

For some people, 13 is not a good number. They believe that the number 13 brings bad luck, hence many establishments don’t have a 13th floor and Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. But Ruby Rose probably doesn’t believe in this as she’s brave enough to ink the number 13 on her wrist.

Dog Tattoo


Ruby loves her dog too and we knew that because she had her pet dog tattooed on her hand. She also showed it to the world via social media post with a caption that reads “Nobody is perfect… Except my dog.”

Mask Tattoo


Ruby also has a mask tattoo on her left forearm. This tattoo is also very popular in the world of body art as it shows the different emotions of the wearer.

Key Tattoo

Another spiritual tattoo that you can get inspiration from is Ruby’s key tattoo. Aside from having spiritual meanings, this tattoo also reminds the wearer that one has all the power to many any impossible thing possible.

“And Breathe Me” Tattoo

Ruby Rose is good friends with singer Sia Furler. And what better way to promote your favorite song or friend’s song than having it inked on your skin just like what Ruby did?

Rabbit Tattoo

Ruby Rose probably loves Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as she inked the white rabbit on her lower back.

Matching Tattoo

If you want some inspiration for a matching tattoo, take a look at Ruby Rose’s “here” tattoo, which means living life to the fullest, placed on her middle finger. According to the celebrity, this is actually a matching tattoo with her sister SaSa.

Samurai Pizza Cats Tattoo

With her Polly Esther tattoo, from the show Samurai Pizza Cats, she definitely showed her love for the said TV show. However, this tattoo also represents independence and being a dynamic female as this is the character portrayed by Polly Esther.

Cyclone Swirl

Some tattoos are actually just for fashion purpose. And her cyclone swirl tattoo may not have a deep meaning to it unlike her previous tattoos but this one is probably inked to describe her style and also because she started in the fashion industry.

DIY Tattoo

Another tattoo located on her left wrist is the one that reads “D.I.Y.” This basically means “do it yourself” which refers to being independent.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Ruby also looks up to Jean-Michel Basquiat, a graffiti artist famous for his street art between the 70s and 80s. Hence, she got his faced tattooed on her arm.


Ruby has tattoos almost all over her body. She even has a tattoo on her inner lower lip that reads “MEOW.”

Rosary Tattoo

Ruby also has a rosary tattooed on her waist. Aside from representing her faith, rosary tattoos also symbolize protection from evil and negativity.

Crown Tattoo

Just below her sternum, Ruby inked a crown tattoo inspired by her idol, Jean-Michel Basquiat. This tattoo also mean power and pride.

“Maybe She’s Born with It”

Ruby modeled for Maybelline for more than 10 years. And what better way to advertise a brand that changed your career than tattooing its advertising slogan? Queen of support, aye?

Metallica Song

Ruby is also a music lover. And her favorite song? That’s probably from the Metallica band as she inked the band’s song lyrics on her ribs.


On her right thigh, Ruby also has a unicorn tattoo which is often associated with divine powers. She paired it with a tattoo of her ex-girlfriend’s name.


Another animated series-inspired tattoo that Ruby has is the Archer tattoo she inked on her right thigh.


Opossums are lucky for the environment as they use their immunity for good. That’s probably why Ruby inked on her rib area – for luck.

Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are very popular and it’s not new to celebrities. Ruby has one too and she inked her ex’s name on it. Unfortunately, though, they broke up in 2015.

Tank Girl

Another fictional character that she inked is the Tank Girl from a British comic book. She placed it on her left side of her back.


She also had her back inked with a quote tattoo that reads “Nothing Takes Away the Past Like the Future.”

Memorial Tattoo

Ruby Rose was named after her godfather, Lionel Rose. And he made a huge impact on her life. Hence, she tattooed his name with a pair of boxing gloves on his back as he was a successful boxer.

She also paired this tattoo with lightning bolts which are often associated with speed and power in the tattoo world.

Tiger and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Tiger and cherry blossoms have different natures. But these tattoo speaks of both hard and soft nature of a person.

Zodiac Sign

Ruby is a Pisces hence her zodiac sign tattoo on her wrist. But she added a Capricorn sign for a matching tattoo.


Ruby has a lot of religious tattoos. She even added another cross tattoo on her right arm and paired it with animated characters.

Number Tattoo

Beside her ladybug tattoo, Ruby etched numbers 834. It’s not clear as to what it means but one thing’s for sure, it hides a deep meaning more than we can imagine.

Portrait Tattoo

Aside from her portrait tattoo of Jean-Michel, she also has another portrait tattoo on her left arm. However, it’s unclear who is it or what’s it for. But we’re guessing that it has some Sailor Jerry’s pin-up girl vibes.

Color Tattoo

Ruby has a giant pan tone color tattooed on her back. She once joked about it that Home Depot is “trying to save paper” hence she tattooed the color options on her back. But did you know that every color has its own meaning in the tattoo world?

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