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50+ Spartan Tattoos Ideas and Designs for the Warriors and Fans of the 300 Movie Series

By Jason Hamilton / October 3, 2020
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Whether you’re a history buff or not, you’re probably familiar with Spartans. This is because of how they made history with their style of warfare. Also, the 2006 film 300 made them all the more popular. But they aren’t just popular in history books and in film. They are also well-recognized in the world of body art and they sure are one of the top designs for a tattoo that you should consider too.

But tattoos should be special, you say? Don’t worry, these ancient warriors also carry significant symbolisms that we’re sure you can relate to as well. Let’s take a closer look at these ancient combatants and get to know them first through some Spartan tattoos ideas and designs with meanings, shall we?


Spartans: A Closer Look

Spartans were actually the most feared military army in the ancient Greek world between the 4th and 6th centuries. It’s not quite surprising, though, as Spartans start their training at a young age. At age 7, these future warriors enter rigorous military training and socialization programs where duty, endurance, and discipline are emphasized. These men dedicate their lives to military service.


Contrary to what many people think when talking about Spartans, they aren’t all men. There are women too. However, Spartan women were not active in the military. Yet, they are still as strong as the men though not entirely physically. Spartan women were educated. They also enjoy more status, power, and freedom compared to other Greek women back in the day. They also had a reputation for being independent-minded. They are also sporty as they engage in athletic competitions like wrestling and javelin-throwing. They may have no role in the military but they sure are physically strong as well and were unencumbered by domestic responsibilities like cleaning, cooking, making clothing, or whatnot. And because of these, both Spartan men and women were looked up to and carry a lot more significance even in the world of body art more than you think, which makes them a nice inspiration for a tattoo.

A depiction of men and women in ancient Sparta


Spartans as Tattoo

Because of the role they played in history and their characteristics as warriors, many people associate these warriors with a lot of positive meanings, especially in the world of body art. Some of which are bravery and courage. It is given that being a warrior should possess traits of being brave and courageous. But these guys are different than others as even when they are outnumbered and were facing almost certain defeat, they never gave up. It was especially seen in the historic Battle of Thermopylae.


A depiction of the Battle of Thermopylae


Spartan men also had the reputation of being honorable who would lay their lives to protect their fellow warrior, way of life, as well as their society. Hence, they are also considered as a symbol of honor.

But aside from that, people also associate them with endurance and discipline just as how Spartan men were trained. On top of that, people also associate them with intelligence and power because of the Spartan women’s traits.


And because of these, who would give Spartan tattoos ideas and designs a pass?

Spartan Tattoos Ideas and Designs

If you’re not convinced yet in getting a Spartan tattoo, maybe these Spartan tattoos ideas and designs will make you say yes. These aren’t just meaningful but they will make your Spartan tat all the more aesthetically pleasing, especially when used as a sleeve tattoo or a back tattoo.


Spartan Helmet

This design variation is perfect for minimalists. It’s also perfect for when you want to make your tat detailed. This is because it doesn’t always require too much space. Hence, it’s versatile. Whether you want to have it cover your chest or you just want to make it small for a finger or ankle tattoo, this one will surely fit any part of your body while still carrying its meaning.

A Spartan helmet in black ink placed on the left forearm


A realistic tattoo of a Spartan helmet also placed on the forearm

A dotwork tattoo of a Spartan helmet also placed on the forearm


A Spartan helmet tattoo placed on the upper part of the back area

A front-facing Spartan helmet tattoo with eyes also etched on the forearm

A black and red ink tattoo of a Spartan helmet on the forearm

Spartan Helmet with Weapon

Spartans are often depicted with a number of weapons. One of which is the dory spear, which is the main weapon that they use. But they also carry javelin. In addition to that, they also used xiphos or double-edged swords made of bronze. There were also xiphos made of iron. And if you want to opt for simple Spartan tattoo designs, you can add these weapons to a Spartan helmet tattoo to give it more warrior vibes.


A Spartan helmet with spears

A combination tattoo of Spartan and Viking helmets with their weapons


A Spartan helmet paired with a shield and sword tattooed on the left area of the chest

A sketch-style tattoo of a Spartan’s helmet paired with a piercing arrow


A Spartan helmet arm tattoo paired with a spear and shield


Another tattoo combination of a Spartan’s helmet, shield, and spear placed on the arm

Molon Labe

Molon Labe or ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is an unofficial motto of Spartans. This quote, which translates to “come and take them,” was actually a proud boast in response to when they were demanded to lay down their weapon during the Battle of Thermopylae. It is also one of the lines in the film 300. When used as a tattoo, people often go for an image of a Spartan helmet paired with this quote.

A combination tattoo of a Spartan helmet, molon labe quote, and American flag


A Spartan’s helmet with a molon labe quote on top

A realistic tattoo of a Spartan’s face with a molon labe quote

A combination tattoo of molon labe quote, Spartan helmet, and arrow in black and red ink


A molon labe quote paired with other symbols etched on the left arm

This tattoo on the calf is a combination of a Spartan helmet, American flag, and molon labe quote


Aside from being the king of the jungle, lions also make a good pair with Spartan tattoos. This is because lion tattoo designs are associated with victory, courage, strength, and vitality, just as how many people see Spartans too. Such a tattoo will definitely make Spartan tattoos ideas and designs all the more masculine, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing.


A sleeve tattoo of a Spartan that looks like it’s riding a lion


A unique tattoo of a lion dressed as a Spartan

A dotwork forearm tattoo combination of a Spartan and a lion

A roaring lion etched on top of a Spartan tattoo on the left arm


Image result for spartan tattoo with lion

A well-shaded chest tattoo of a lion and a Spartan holding a spear

Image result for spartan tattoo with lion

Another combination tattoo of a Spartan and lion on the left arm but this time, it’s etched using black and red ink

Spartan Face

A tattoo of a Spartan’s face is also a good idea, especially if you want a medium to full-sized tattoo. With a Spartan’s face, you will also get to have a close up of a warrior’s emotion which will surely be eye-catching. Most of these tattoos are drawn with realistic details so the characters’ emotions can be exactly captured.

An impressive 3D tattoo of a Spartan’s face etched on the right arm

Image result for spartan tattoo face

A fierce face of a Spartan tattooed on the right forearm

Another realistic tattoo of a Spartan’s face but with added details in red ink that resemble blood or a red sea

Another realistic tattoo of s Spartan’s face with impressive details

A colored realistic tattoo of a Spartan’s head on the left arm

A realistic tattoo of Leonidas from the film 300


Realistic details will surely be a no-fail design if you really want to draw more eyes on your tattoo. With this, you can also get to make jaw-dropping emotions just like the close up images of faces. But aside from a Spartan’s face, you can, of course, make any Spartan tattoo realistic regardless of its design.

A realistic tattoo of a Spartan holding  shield and spear looking straight out of a movie

A unique image of a Spartan captured from a different angle

A Spartan tattoo with realistic details even if it’s just drawn in black and gray ink

A Spartan tattoo with nice shading and added red ink accent that looks like splats of blood

A detailed tattoo of a Spartan with blood on his spear placed on the right forearm

A nice sleeve tattoo depicting some of the scenes in the film 300


If you have more budget, colored Spartan tattoos ideas and designs are also no-fail choices if you also want to draw more eyes to your tattoo. This will also make your tattoo dramatic. People often use watercolor tattoo designs for this. But sometimes, 3D tattoo designs are also made with more colors to really get the tattoo subject’s emotions.

Image result for spartan watercolor tattoo

A watercolor tattoo of a Spartan helmet in yellow, red, blue, and black ink

Image result for spartan watercolor tattoo

This Spartan tattoo’s a bit minimalist; the helmet is encircled and is in black ink and it has a background of splats of red, blue, and greek ink

Image result for Spartan tattoo watercolor

A sketch-type tattoo of a Spartan helmet in gold and red ink

Another sketch-style tattoo of a Spartan holding a shield and sword in black and red ink

An impressive back tattoo of a Spartan helmet with plats of red ink as backdrop

Image result for Spartan tattoo watercolor

A Spartan helmet with a backdrop same as the colors of fire

Battle Scene

If you want to go all out into details and you want or have a huge canvass in your body such as your back, you can also opt for a Spartan tattoo wherein a battle scene is shown. They’re dramatic, attention-grabbing, and they can be more meaningful as battlefield tattoos can also represent the battles that you’ve faced in life.


Image result for spartan battle scene tattoo

A fighting Spartan

Spartan Warriors tattooed on the forearm

A tattoo of Spartans preparing for battle

Spartans lined up for battle

A battle scene from the film 300

Spartans on a battlefield etched on the right arm

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