50+ Spider Web Tattoos Ideas and Designs and their Meanings

By Jason Hamilton / March 5, 2021
hand tattoo spider web skull
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Not all popular tattoos sit well with many. Spider web tattoos ideas and designs, for instance, are also looked down upon in spite of its popularity and aesthetics. Still, it’s worth the side-eyes.

Although the world has become more accepting of tattoos, there are still other designs that are frowned upon. Like the skull tattoo designs, spider web tattoos ideas and designs also get sidelong glances. But why, you say?

For some, spider webs are mere symbols used for Halloween, as well as movies or series with the horror genre. Hence, some might wonder what’s wrong with getting spider web tattoos.


However, in some cultures, the spider web tattoo is one of the most criticized tattoos because of its association with things that are negative in nature. It is often linked to murder, racism, gangs, violence, and, especially, prison.


The Dark Side of Spider Web Tattoos Ideas and Designs and Meanings

A lot of people often place spider web tattoos on their elbow. Many people see it as something related to deep racism. According to Anti-Defamation League, such tattoo and tattoo placement were worn by convicts in prison. They wore it to symbolize the killing of minorities only to be able to wear it. White supremacy gangs would often wear such tattoo as proof that they killed a minority. This also explains the stereotype that white men that have this tattoo have already been to jail for such reason.


A lot of people also believe that spider web tattoos ideas and designs represent jail time. They even think that the rings of the web represent the number of years a person spent in prison.

People also associate it with murder and/or drugs.


The Russian Prison System even has a set of meanings for this kind of tattoo. When a spider web tattoo is placed between the thumb and the index finger, this often indicates drug addiction. It can mean theft as well.

Spider Web Tattoos Ideas and Designs’ Meanings Today

Today, as its dark meaning has been watered down, the spider web tattoo isn’t all about drugs, prison, etc. It now has a lot of meanings. One of which is overcoming one’s struggles in life. It can also mean one’s longing to come home, especially for sailors. The cobweb has formed from the sailor leaning on the side of the boat as he waits for the boat to reach home.


And because of the popularity of Marvel’s Spiderman movies and series, it could also represent your love for such Marvel superhero.

There are a lot of meanings associated with spider web tattoos ideas and designs. Some are negative, while some are positive. But we believe that tattoos can only be defined by their wearers. So regardless of how the public sees your spider web tattoo, it doesn’t matter. After all, why would you pass on this kind of tattoo that you can easily get creative with?


In case you need some ideas on how you will design your spider web tattoo, here are some ideas we gathered just for you.

Spider Web Tattoos Ideas and Designs


Of course, it’s hard to talk about spiders and webs without mentioning the ever-popular Spiderman from Marvel’s cinematic universe. You can easily show off your love for this superhero with a spider web tattoo, especially if you color it with Spiderman’s official color – red and blue.

Spiderman’s logo with small spider webs and his signature color


An outline tattoo of Spiderman made of a web

A spiderman tattoo paired with traditional style flower and spider web


A small Spiderman outline tattoo where his costume’s spider web pattern is very much visible

A Spiderman tattoo with watercolor and spider web details as background


Spiderman’s logo with a spider web etched on the right hand

A tattoo of Spiderman shooting his spider web

SPiderman’s logo with spider web and impressive realistic details


A praying hands tattoo made of Spiderman’s hands paired with a small spider and a spider web background

A cute Spiderman tattoo with a blue spider web background


A Spiderman tattoo with a black ink spider web background


The spider web tattoo is also a nice tattoo for those who want to get creative. You can go for realistic details and impress everyone or even trick them that a spider is sitting on your body.

A 3D spider and a dotwork spider web etched on the forearm

3d spider tattoo | Tattoos for guys, Spider tattoo


A 3D spider web and tarantula placed on the arm


A well-shaded tattoo of a spider web and a black widow placed on the back and shoulder area

A spider web tattoo with a spider placed on the right elbow


A spider web with a 3D spider inked on the right shoulder area

A simple spider web tattoo with a nice shading that makes it look realistic

A blackout spiderweb tattoo paired with a realistic face and a tarantula


A realistic tarantula tattoo with a spider web background

An elbow tattoo of a realistic spider web and spider


Another realistic spider web and spider tattoo covering the nape and upper part of the back area


A colored realistic tattoo of a spider making a spider web

Spider Web with Flowers

It’s kind of strange to imagine matching spider webs and flower tattoo designs. But a lot of people actually go for this combination too. It’s probably because of the versatility of flowers when it comes to aesthetics and, of course, its meanings.

A flower paired with a small spider web and a dangling spider placed on the right arm

A traditional style tattoo of a spider, rose, and spider web

A black ink realistic tattoo of a rose and a spider web with droplets of flower

A tattoo of different flowers paired with a small spider web and dangling spider

A Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo of a rose paired with a spider web

Spider webs paired with red flowers located on the shoulder area

A yellow-orange rose paired with a spider web etched on the elbow

A rose with a spider web tattoo and a dangling spider

A traditional style tattoo of a rose and spider webs

A Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo combination of flower, spider web, and mandala details

A rose tattoo with spider webs and a dangling spider placed on the side boob area

Spider Web with Heart

Heart tattoos are also popular in the tattoo field either because of their versatile shape that can be paired with almost everything or its representation of love, courage, and compassion. Regardless, it is a fit for spider web tattoos too. For this design, people often place the heart symbol at the center of the web or make the web shaped like a heart.

A spider web shaped like a heart with a heart at its center paired with a spider

A spider web hand tattoo with a heart at the center

Heart-shaped spiderweb by Krzysztof Szeszko | Web tattoo, Ink ...

Another spider web shaped like a heart with a heart in the center


This spider web is shaped like a heart and is paired with a hanging spider

Amour by Hand Job Tattoo | Tattoos, Web tattoo, Spider web tattoo

This heart-shaped spider web is paired with a word tattoo that reads “AMOUR”


A spider web tattoo with a red ink heart at the center

A tattoo of a heart trapped in a spider web with realistic details

Pin by Sam on tattoos | Web tattoo, Tattoos, Inspirational tattoos

A spider web shaped like a heart placed on the right leg

Heart Spider Web Tattoo | Web tattoo, Palm tattoos, Spider web tattoo

A heart shaped spider web placed on the right palm

Heart spiderweb knee tattoo | Tattoos, Endometriosis tattoo

A Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo of a spider web with a heart

A blackwork spider web and heart tattoo etched on the right thigh


Both the spider web and the skull tattoo designs are often looked down upon in many places because of the negativities and morbidities that are associated with them. But these tattoos also make nice meanings and aesthetics as these symbols aren’t always about negativities. These symbols also represent overcoming obstacles.

Sugar Skull Rose Spider web tattoo | Web tattoo, Tattoos, Spider ...

A sugar skull paired with flowers, butterfly, heart-shaped lock, and spider web

A 3D tattoo of a spider web overlapping a skull on the forearm

A spider web morphed with a skull tattoo

A combination of skull and spider web tattoo in black and red ink

A biker skull placed at the center of a spider web tattoo on the hand

A spider web elbow tattoo placed on top of a sea of skulls

An impressive 3D hand tattoo of a skull with a spider web

A realistic tattoo combination of a skull, spider, and spider web n the forearm

A Sailor Jerry-inspired skull and dagger tattoo with a spider web

A 3D skull half sleeve tattoo paired with spider webs and spiders

Regardless of the negative impressions of other people on the spider web tattoo designs, it’s still definitely worth giving a try because of its unique aesthetics and its positive representations.

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