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50+ Sunflower Tattoo Designs to Make Your Days a Little More Sunnier

By Jason Hamilton / December 16, 2018
sunflower tattoo with other flowers
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Tattoo enthusiasts are always up for getting the next best unique design on their body. But sometimes, taking the simpler route can outdo even the most complicated tattoo designs. When it comes to simple but amazing tattoos, one can’t go wrong with a sunflower tattoo. The rose tattoo design may always be a good choice because of its aesthetics and meanings that it bears but it is pretty hard to overlook the sunny appeal of a sunflower too.


Sunflower Tattoo Origin

Also known as Helianthus, the sunflower is a genus of plants that have about 70 species under its name. Most of the flowers are native to North America with the exception of three species. The flower is distinguished by its typically large flower head that resembles the sun. Aside from being used food crops for animals, people also use sunflowers as ornamental plants.

There is no exact time frame when people began using sunflowers as a design template for tattoos but during the ancient times, people have already been adoring it. As with most flower-based tattoos, the sunflower just rose to popularity without anyone noticing it. There is a good chance that the overall look of the plant and its good aesthetic helped it gain traction in the tattoo community.


Sunflower Tattoo Interpretations

Sunflower in Different Countries

The sunflower’s symbolism varies from region to region and from period to period. If there is one similarity between the symbolism of sunflowers, it is that they always give off a positive vibe courtesy of the plant’s vibrant hue. In China, people see it as a symbol of longevity, happiness, life power and luck. As such, the Chinese use these tattoos to represent positivity.

In Eastern cultures, the plant is used to represent good health, joy, long life and similar to the Chinese, luck. The Native Americans see this flower as a symbol for a good bounty and harvest, as well as a symbol of energy and fertility. In Dutch cultures, they consider sunflowers as a symbol of loyalty and devotion. However, sunflowers are more crucial when it comes to biblical representations.


Sunflower in Christianity

In Christianity, the sunflower is a representation of a person who believes in God. A person who holds a strong longing and believes in God or Jesus Christ may use the sunflower to reveal his passion. Oddly enough, the plant does not hold a prominent place in parables or other stories from the bible. It might be its close resemblance to the sun that made it synonymous for a strong faith.

This biblical belief went on to evolve into a symbolism still used in modern times. Many people see sunflowers as a representation of eternal devotion and gratitude. At its core, the sunflower the give-and-take relationship between man and divine beings.


Other representations dive into the sunflower’s properties. There are some sunflowers that bloom every year. This property correlated the plant with the concept of rebirth or the beginning of new things. People who have been through tough times but are finally undergoing a change for the better can use the design to signify their new leash on life.

Sunflower Symbolisms Today

In modern times, the sunflower is used as a representation of various positive emotions and characteristics including warmth, longevity, faithfulness. It can also represent intelligence, eternal memory, happiness, vitality, charm, grace, and femininity as well just like other floral tattoo patterns. But what sets the sunflower tattoo apart from other designs is that its size plays an important role in symbolism.


Large sunflower tattoo designs, for instance, are made to represent fidelity. This makes it an ideal tattoo for husband and wife that want to solidify their love for one another. Another way they could do so using small tattoos is by choosing a pair of sunflowers for the design. It serves as a protective talisman for people who are deeply in love. Small sunflower tattoos, on the other hand, are made to symbolize worship.

What is amazing about the sunflower is that it can stand on its own and it can also be a good complement to other designs. Some people use the sunflower design to finish off a tattoo that starts with another flower. Since the sunflower has a vibrant yellow hue, it will complement roses and other flowers with vivid colors the best.


Some tattoo artists also revamp the center of the sunflower. As with other flower tattoos, the artists also try to give the vines an artistic twist instead of settling with basic green vines.  However, most artists choose to redesign the petals into other objects such as flames, wings, blades, and others. In doing so, the person is able to get a tattoo that is unique.

Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

Sunflowers are beautiful to look at in real life. Their large and somewhat symmetrical physique makes it appealing to the eyes. For those looking to get their first tattoo, they should not scratch off the sunflower on their list as the result will most likely come out amazing. Of course, they should see to it that the tattoo will reflect their personalities easily. If you want to know how you can make your sunflower tattoo bloom even more, here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

Sunflower Tattoo with Butterfly

Both sunflower and butterfly tattoo designs can represent a person’s faith. On top of that, their aesthetics work perfectly together.

A traditional sunflower tattoo with a big monarch butterfly placed at the leftmost part of the back area


A half sunflower tattoo with a detailed indigo closed-winged butterfly

A side image of a sunflower with a multicolored closed-winged butterfly


A gothic tattoo of a sunflower with a clock and a butterfly

A vividly colored sunflower tattoo atop a pair of butterfly wings


A strikingly detailed sunflower tattoo with gray butterflies on top

Sunflower tattoos on the foot with a black and yellow butterfly

Another traditional image of a sunflower tattoo with a monarch butterfly


Realistically detailed sunflowers with blue butterflies tattooed on the right arm

A skull tattoo adorned with sunflowers and a monarch butterfly

Sunflower Tattoo with Bee


A cartoonish sunflower tattoo with a cute bee hovering placed on the ankle area

A black and gray tattoo of a sunflower and a bee on the left hand


A cute sunflower tattoo with a bee made with a soft yellow ink


Another cute cartoonish sunflower with a bee tattoo placed at the shoulder blade

A chic sunflower and bee tattoo in black and gray ink


A highly detailed sunflower tattoo with a bee placed on the forearm

A bee and sunflower tattoo placed on the shoulder blade

Another cartoonish sunflower and bee tattoo but with an outline in blue ink


An impressive realistic sunflower tattoo with a bee on the nape

A black and gray ink sunflower tattoo but is still stunning

Sunflower Tattoo with Name

Names can make any tattoo more personalized and unique. Adding it to sunflower tattoos can make it one of a kind too.


A sunflower with a name as a stem placed on the inner forearm


A name beside a sunflower tattoo’s stem inked on the side of the torso

A small sunflower ankle tattoo in black ink with a name as a stem

A name inked just below a sunflower and butterfly tattoo

A memorial sunflower and butterfly tattoo with dates and name written

Sunflower Tattoo with Quote

Aside from making sunflower tattoos standout, adding a quote will make it more meaningful. Plus, it can inspire anyone too.


A sunflower and bird tattoo with a quote from parents

A blooming sunflower with a line quoted from a song

A sunflower tattoo with a quote that will keep anyone’s head held up high

A gloomy memorial sunflower tattoo with a quote written below

A sunflower tattooed on top of a quote from the Bible

A sunflower tattoo with a quoted verse from the Bible’s book of Psalms

A sunflower piece with a quote from Shakespeare’s poem titled “Terrific”

A sunflower with a quote that will remind anyone to keep looking at the brighter side of everything

An impressive image of a sunflower in 3D with a line quoted from a song

A sunflower and lyrics quoted from a song tattooed on the collarbone

Sunflower Tattoo with Other Floral Patterns

Sunflower tattoos are already aesthetically pleasing. But if you want to boost its appearance, you can pair it with other floral patterns too.

A combination of roses, lilies, and sunflower tattoos inked on the arm

An alluring combination of sunflower and other colorful flower tattoos

A highly detailed sleeve tattoo of sunflower along with other flowers

A half sleeve tattoo of a sunflower and cherry blossoms

An outline of different flowers tattooed on the upper arm

An image of a sunflower with two daisies tattooed on the ribs

A sunflower and a pink lily with calligraphy tattooed on the side of the torso

A sunflower mixed with other floral patterns made using the watercolor technique

A sunflower tattoo placed on top of two small daisies

A sunflower with a pink peony and tribal-inspired feather tattoos

Sunflower Tattoo with Triangle

Triangles aren’t just a mere shape when used as a tattoo. It can represent the holy trinity and with that, you can add it to you sunflower tattoos to show more of your faith.

A black ink sunflower covered with what seems to be a triangle glass

A black and gray ink sunflower drawn inside a triangle

Another sunflower enclosed in a triangle but this time, it has a much darker color

A forearm tattoo of three richly detailed sunflowers drawn inside a triangle

A small sunflower tattoo with a triangle placed on the bicep

A dotwork leg tattoo of a sunflower in a triangle with a quote

A classy outline of a sunflower tattoo overlapping a triangle

A gorgeously detailed chest piece of a sunflower with a triangle

A unique image of a sunflower and triangle tattoo where the triangle is placed inside the sunflower

While these designs have good aesthetics, there’s still a lot of symbols that can complement sunflower tattoos and you can experiment too. If you want to see more combinations, tell us in the comment section below and we can definitely give you more high-quality samples that you can also use for your next piece.

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