50+ Surprisingly Beautiful Mountain Tattoo Designs

By Jason Hamilton / May 5, 2019
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One tattoo design that took the tattoo community and body art industry by storm is the mountain tattoo. This tattoo design has been in the background and shadow of other great tattoo designs out there in the market. Recently, however, more and more people want mountain motifs as their tattoo which is why here we are guiding you, our dear reader, to the surprisingly wonderful world of mountain tattoo designs.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our rich and highly detailed gallery of mountain tattoo designs. We will also be sharing with you the various designs you can do with the mountain tattoo.


The Meaning Of A Mountain Tattoo

Various communities around the world have maintained the importance of mountains worship and sacredness. For example, Taranaki people from New Zealand have centered their lives on a sacred mountain, Mount Taranaki. It is no wonder that they also share the same name as they share their livelihood from this mountain’s streams. Rivers that flow down the mountain’s terrain feed their animals, plants and offer the tribe all they need for their survival The Taranaki places the mountain into a love story context spelling out the creation history in a battle over love, defeat and a happier ending whereby the Taranaki Mountain found love with another neighboring volcano. The narrative plays out in tribesmen lives as the mountain is their love and their force. They believe to have gotten life from Megalith and once it has ended, it returns to those mountains. They also believe that the mountain is an organism that lives on its own.


Others believe that it may represent strength, present or their seeking. It may also represent an ordeal one who is going or gone through. Some add certain features like tigers, koi fishes, and waterfalls to represent serenity. In certain Asian cultures, it is added to show gang affiliated representations. The love of nature is also a common meaning of a mountain tattoo.

Mountain Tattoo Design Ideas

From Mount Everest to the mighty Himalayas there are many beautiful mountains that you can have for your tattoo. However, the options do not just stop on these famous mountains because tattoo artists have developed some impressive designs that give you plenty of choices when it comes to this amazing body art. And so if you are thinking of getting an adorable totem here are some fabulous ideas for you.


The Mountain Range

Mountain ranges are the most popular of these tattoos because most people prefer to have many mountains instead of drawing one. Whereas some tattoo lovers prefer to draw something realistic or a range that exists others will go for something fancy that is not necessarily lifelike but beautiful.

Here are some of the best mountain range tattoo designs we think that you might love:


A detailed sleeve tattoo of the rising sun with mountains and forests.

A highly detailed inner upper sleeve tattoo of a mountain range with dot work shadows and sun.


A very detailed sleeve tattoo of a large mountain range with a rising sun in the background.

A sketch like a forearm tattoo of a mountain range.


A very intricate neck tattoo of a mountain range with a lake and pine tree forest.

A simple foot tattoo of a mountain range with a crescent moon.


A medium size mountain range tattoo on the upper right portion of the back with a single pine tree and a constellation.

A small but intricately made foot tattoo of a mountain range

A large, highly detailed, and very intricate mountain range tattoo inked on the forearm.


The Geometric Mountain

Geometric mountain tattoo designs are known to be very artistic. This tattoo design merges the great things of mountain tattoo designs and the great design elements of a geometric tattoo.

Most of these designs are just mountain tattoo designs framed by a geometric shape but if done properly, a geometric tattoo will be the most visually appealing and visually striking tattoo design you will ever see.

Here are some of the best geometric mountain tattoo designs we saw on the internet that you will most absolutely love.

A simple geometric tattoo on the wrist of two mountains.

A wonderfully made sleeve tattoo of the rising sun with high mountains.


A geometric low poly mountain range with a pine forest and the sun.

A simple but intricate forearm tattoo of a geometric mountain range with the sun.


A wonderfully made and highly detailed geometric mountain tattoo with the sun and clouds as additional design elements.


A creatively made geometric mountain tattoo with a diamond shape frame.

geometric mountain tattoo 4

A large rib cage tattoo of a geometric mountain tattoo.


A medium size forearm tattoo of a large mountain with intricate shadow work.

A simple pair of geometric tattoo designs of mountains.

The Japanese Mountain

Mountains are a usual sight in Japan. No town on the mainland is farther than fifty miles to a mountain. It has shaped Japanese culture and how they interact with other Japanese and with foreigners. The mountains are an integral part of their culture, beliefs, and society. This is why Japanese tattoo designs will almost always feature a mountain of some sort (most commonly used mountain will be Mt. Fuji).

Enter the Japanese Mountain Tattoo. This tattoo is quite common for Japanese as a nod to their heritage and culture. It is also starting to gain a big following outside Japan because of its visual appeal and striking appearance. (You can recognize this tattoo from a mile away!)

Here are some of best Japanese mountain tattoo we saw on the internet:

A large and detailed Japanese style rising sun tattoo on the chest with a mountain.


A highly detailed and very intricate tattoo of the rising sun with Mt. Fuji and a Japanese Gate.

Rising Sun Tattoo 8

A wonderfully made neotraditional style Japanese mountain tattoo of a mountain range with the Red Rising Sun in the background.


A neotraditional styled Japanese mountain tattoo with Mount Fuji and the Red Rising Sun inked on the legs.


A Japanese themed tattoo of a high mountain with Japanese Pine Trees inked on the forearm.

A really cute and creative tattoo of a cat with an ornate Japanese garden and a high mountain inside.

A Japanese Buddhist themed tattoo with pagodas and mountains.

A small geometric tattoo of the famously known cherry blossom tree and Mount Fuji inside a triangle frame.

A vibrantly colored Japanese mountain tattoo inked on the upper sleeve portion of the arm with an additional pagoda for decor.

Mountain Tattoo For Men

If you need a tattoo that will express your masculinity, then you should get a mountain tattoo design for men. There are many tattoos of this kind and you will, therefore, need to take time researching on the tattoo that will perfectly fit on you. You should also look for the best part to ink it.

Here are some of the best mountain tattoo inked on men in our learned opinion:

A large, highly detailed, and very intricate forearm tattoo of a large mountain range with forests.

A creatively made and intricate mountain range and forest tattoo in the shape of a bear.

A very detailed circular tattoo with a large mountain range and forest inside.

A forearm tattoo of a big mountain with forests framed in a diamond shape.

A very detailed chest tattoo of two mountains with pine trees and a waterfall.

A beautiful, detailed, and intricately made shoulder tattoo of a mountain range with the sun inked on the shoulder.

An armband style tattoo of a highly detailed mountain range with additional tribal decor.

A small but highly intricate foot tattoo of three mountains.

Mountain Tattoo For Women

Breathtaking views, gorgeous nature and, of course, fresh air! Mountains inspire us, give us feeling of freedom and power and help us to feel a unity with nature. That’s why many of us choose a mountain tattoo. This symbol is one of the oldest tattoo design and nowadays it’s still very popular among women. They pick up this type of tattoos for various reasons, for example, as a reminder of a favorite view or an important place or town.

Here are some of the best mountain tattoo for women that we think would make you want one straight away:

A simple but meaningful rising sun tattoo on the sleeve with mountains.

A highly detailed mountain range tattoo inked on the shoulder of a woman.

A simple ribcage tattoo of a mountain range.

A wonderfully made mountain tattoo with a mandala motif inked on the forearm.

women mountain tattoo 3

A small but detailed and highly intricate tattoo of a mountain with various shadows.

A detailed rib cage tattoo of a mountain range.

A highly detailed geometric mountain tattoo inked on the foot.

A very detailed sleeve tattoo of three mountains.

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