50+ Taurus Tattoo Designs for the Free-Spirited Taureans

By Jason Hamilton / April 18, 2020
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Tattoos aren’t merely body decorations. They can be used to express one’s self and identity too.

One of the popular tattoos for that is the zodiac sign tattoo. But what makes it well-loved by many is that aside from the fact that it tells something about its owner’s birth date, it can also signify one’s personality.

There are lots of zodiac signs out there that are perfect for anyone. But in this article, we’re going to show you more about Taurus tattoo designs. Let’s get to know it better first, shall we?


Taurus Zodiac

In astrology, Taurus is the second sign in the present zodiac. People born between April 20 and May 20 are considered Taureans. These people, like their celestial spirit animal, enjoy relaxing in serene and bucolic environments, surrounded by soothing aromas, succulent flavors, and soft sounds. They are known as experts in playing the long game in both romantic and professional pursuits. Taureans are dependable partners too, soothing their lovers and friends through their devotion, as well as trustworthiness. And these good qualities are, of course, better to be shown off using a Taurus tattoo to symbolize it.

Taurus Zodiac as Tattoo

If you’re a Taurus, there’s no better way to show it off than having your zodiac inked on your skin. There are some things you need to know first, though, to help you have that perfect tattoo design. First off, there are three kinds of Taurus tattoo designs that you can choose from: the image of the bull, the astrological glyph, and the constellation.


The Bull

Aside from being a symbol representing Taureans, tattoos of a bull also represent masculinity and high energy. Bulls are also known to hold religious significance in many cultures. In Egypt, for instance, a bull represents the Bull God Apis. While in Hindu mythology, people associate it with Lord Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vehicle. Apart from that, because of the characteristics of the real bull, bull tattoos are also associated with a person’s fighting spirit, which is why they are often used in many sports logos. They symbolize strength, power, courage, fearlessness, and harmony protection. And while most people know it as a representation of masculinity, many women get it done to break the gender stereotypes too. And besides, it can be cute and fierce at the same time, so why not have it inked even if you’re a woman, right? Here are some ideas on how bull tattoos can be inked on your skin regardless of your gender preference.

A realistic tattoo of a bull’s head


A an image of a bull paired with Taurus’ astrological glyph

An outline of a bulls’ head tattooed on the nape


A bull ready to attack inked on the right part of the chest

A half sleeve tattoo of a majestic bull


A bull’s head paired with an astrological glyph inked on the chest

The Astrological Glyph

Astological glyphs can also be used as a tattoo. For the Taureans, their astrological glyph still looks like a bull’s head but is more minimalist – it’s just a circle with two lines on top that look like horns. This is perfect for those who want to lean more on the minimalist side for their Taurus tattoo. People of different zodiac signs would find it more interesting. It’s simple but it’s intriguing. Here are some ideas how you can get it done on your skin.

Taurus’s astrological glyph inked behind the ear

Another behind the ear tattoo of Taurus’ astrological glyph but is much simpler



A Taurus astrological glyph morphed with a Cancer tattoo inked on the ankle

A back tattoo of Taurus’ astrological glyph


A Taurus tattoo in blue ink combined with other zodiac signs on the nape

Another Taurus tattoo paired with other zodiac sign symbols but in black ink

The Constellation

If you love stars or if you just want a Taurus tattoo that’s not too simple but is not too intricate, opt for a Taurus tattoo constellation instead. Like the Taurus astrological glyph, it can also pique one’s interest and one will wonder what constellation is tattooed on your body. Here are some ideas on how you can ink this on your skin.


A constellation tattoo of Taurus placed on the upper part of the arm


A minimalist constellation tattoo of Taurus placed on the forearm

A multicolored minimalist constellation tattoo of the Taurus zodiac


A constellation tattoo in black ink

A watercolor tattoo of Taurus constellation tattoo inked on the ankle

A dotwork tattoo of Taurus constellation on the forearm

Other Designs for Taurus Tattoo

Aside from these kinds of Taurus tattoos, what makes it even cooler is that it’s yet another kind of tattoo that’s easier to pair with other designs. Here are some popular symbols that you can pair with Taurus tattoos.


A word tattoo is one of the most flexible designs out there and, needless to say, makes a perfect pair for any Taurus tattoo. It can be a name, your initials, an inspirational quote, your favorite word, or even your zodiac sign in words. Here are some ideas on how you can pair word tattoos to your zodiac sign tattoo.


A constellation tattoo with a Bible verse

A bull’s head with a word tattoo that reads “Taurus”


A wrist tattoo of Taurus’ astrological glyph paired with word tattoo


A bull tattooed on the left upper part of the back with a word tattoo

A Taurus tattoo with a date and word tattoo


If you want your Taurus tattoos to look more masculine or more abstract, you can also add some details to it that will give it more tribal vibes. Here are some ideas on that.

A tribal bull tattoo shaped like a crescent moon

A tribal tattoo of a bull paired with a name tattoo

A tribal tattoo of a bull placed on the calf

A tribal tattoo of a bull placed on the left upper part of the chest

A tribal back tattoo of a bull morphed with Taurus’ astrological glyph

A half-sleeve Polynesian tattoo of a bull


If you want to make it look all the more artsy, why not add some geometric details too? It’s also a nice addition to Taurus tattoos because it doesn’t just add aesthetics but it can also be meaningful. Even a simple circle can make it more meaningful too.

A geometric tattoo of a bull’s head placed on the calf

A dotwork geometric tattoo of a bull’s head placed on the forearm

Another dotwork geometric tattoo of a bull’s head placed at the back

A tattoo of a bull’s head paired with geometric tattoos

An intricately detailed geometric tattoo of a bull’s head in shades of red ink

A half-geometric, half- realistic tattoo of a bull’s face


Number tattoos such as a date can also make your tattoo even more personalized. Add the day you were born or a date that’s significant to you, it will make your tattoo very more personal.

Taurus’ astrological glyph with a birth date placed on the wrist

A tribal Taurus tattoo with date in Roman numerals

A Taurus tattoo on the bicep with a date in Roman numerals


If you want to give your Taurus tattoos a feminine touch, adding a rose is what you might want to consider. It can represent strength too. But rose tattoo designs aren’t just for women. Even if you’re a guy or a guy at heart, you can still make use of it as it also has different meanings depending on its color.

An outline of a bulls’ head with pink roses

Taurus’ astrological glyph with a red rose

A simple combination tattoo of a bull’s head and roses

A bull’s head adorned with roses and beads

A traditional tattoo of a bull’s head with a rose

Image may contain: one or more people

A half-sleeve tattoo of a bull adorned with red roses

A forearm tattoo of a Taurus and rose

An astrological glyph paired with a pink rose

Other flowers

Flower tattoo designs also have different meanings, depending on what kind of flower it is inked on your skin. And, of course, it will make your Taurus tattoos more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas on that.

A side boob tattoo of a wreath resembling Taurus’ astrological glyph

A rib tattoo of a constellation made with flowers

An image of a bull paired with a lily placed at the upper portion of the back

A forearm tattoo of a bull’s head adorned with wreath of flowers

A Taurus astrological glyph paired with a snake and cherry blossom tattoo designs

There’s still a lot of design variations and combinations for Taurus tattoos, though. These are just the tip of the iceberg but we’re sure you would love to have this tattooed on your skin too.

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