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50+ Timeless Capricorn Tattoos Ideas and Designs for People Born Under the Capricorn Sign

By Jason Hamilton / July 29, 2020
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When choosing a tattoo, it is always best to opt for designs that are either meaningful or personal. This is because of the fact that tattoos are permanent – I mean who wants a tattoo to regret over time because it already went out of style? It’s a good thing there are a number of designs out there that you can go for that are both timeless, creative, and personal. One of which is the zodiac sign tattoos like the unique Capricorn tattoos ideas and designs.

However, with so many design ideas out there, how can you make it your own? Lucky you, you’ve come to the right place as we can give you the best ideas. But first, let’s get to know this sign, shall we?


The Capricorn

First off, this tattoo is not for everyone – unless you are born between December 22 and January 20. People born between these dates are considered Capricorns and they have different personality traits that are also worth showing off with a tattoo.


For starters, Capricorns are ambitious and workaholic. They are determined to show others what they’re made of. They are also persistent. They believe that hard work beats talent and they never give up that easy no matter what challenges they face. Capricorns are also known as the most disciplined ones among the 12 zodiacs. They can make sacrifices if needed and they can control their urges.

Capricorn Tattoos Ideas and Designs’ Meanings

There are various designs for Capricorns to choose from for their tattoo. And each of them has different meanings. For starters, there are three variations of the Capricorn symbol: the sea goat, astrological glyph, and the constellation.


The Sea-Goat

The common symbol for the Capricorn is the sea-goat. In case you don’t know yet, it is a creature with the head of a goat and a lower body of a mermaid or a fish. In mythology, people refer to this creature as Pricus, the father of the race of sea-goats who are known as intelligent and honorable creatures who live in the sea. They are also favored by the gods.

Sometimes, especially in the world of body art, Capricorns use to depict this creature as a mermaid with horns. Probably because they want to show their feminine side or maybe because some people also associate the goat with the devil.


You can also go for a simple goat’s head if you like. It is still considered a sign for Capricorns.

A sea-goat placed on the upper part of the arm



An intricately detailed sea-goat tattoo inked on the back

A got’s head with a fish’s tail


A sea-goat tattooed on the side of the arm

An intricately detailed sea-goat with gills on the upper part of the right arm

Astrological Glyph

Capricorn also has its own astrological glyph. It basically looks like the letter n, which represents the hooves of a mountain goat, with a tail that resembles the half part of an infinity symbol, which symbolizes the tail of a fish or a mermaid. Sometimes, people draw it like a number seven or letter v with a tail. Usually, it is drawn in black ink but with the creativity of Capricorns, as well as expert tattoo artists, it is easy to play with its design.


A Capricorn glyph with a word tattoo

An astrological glyph paired with dates and word tattoos

A Capricorn glyph paired with a Sagittarius’ symbol


A combination of sea-goat and glyph symbols of Capricorn

An outline tattoo of Capricorn’s astrological glyph with the sea-goat image


A Capricorn’s glyph tattooed on the nape

This astrological glyph is accentuated with a red ink


Capricorn can also be found in the night sky too. Listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, Capricorn’s constellation called Capricornus, is known as the 40th biggest constellation in the sky that lies in the fourth quadrant of the southern hemisphere (SQ4) and can be seen at latitudes between +60° and -90°. It kind of looks like an inverted triangle or a paper plane.


A Capricorn constellation on the collarbone


A small ankle tattoo of Capricornus

A wrist tattoo combination of Capricorn’s astrological glyph and constellation


Capricorn’s constellation paired with a crescent moon tattoo

A constellation tattoo just above the elbow

As for a Capricorn tattoo design, you can just wear them as they are – a simple constellation, astrological glyph, or the image of the sea-goat. But if you want to get more creative and really give it some personality, we suggest these designs and additional details that we’re sure could go well with any Capricorn symbol.


Since the sea-goat looks like a half mermaid, mermaid tattoo designs can work for you too. Some Capricorns opt for an image of a horned mermaid that can show more of your feminine side. Here are some ideas for that.

A horned mermaid tattooed on the arm


A colorful horned mermaid tattoo placed on the right arm

A beautiful tattoo of a mermaid with horns


Flowers aren’t just for showing your feminine side or merely for aesthetics. Depending on its type and color, it can represent different meanings too. Flower tattoo designs aren’t just pretty but they can hold a lot of representations which make it a nice addition to zodiac sign tattoos as well. Here are some samples on how you can pair a Capricorn tattoo with flowers.


A Capricorn tattoo paired with a rose


A Capricorn constellation made with vines and flowers

A dotwork tattoo of a goat’s head and roses

A goat’s head surrounded by flowers

A goat’s skull adorned by flowers and mandala details etched on the left thigh

Another image of a goat with flowers tattooed on the arm

An outline of a sea-goat filled with flowers

A goat’s head with pink and blue roses


Star tattoo designs are also meaningful. Stars represent one’s fight against darkness and it can also symbolize truth and spirituality. Usually, they make nice additional details to constellation zodiac sign tattoos. But they are versatile so you can pair it with anything. Check out these ideas.

A cute and colorful constellation tattoo made with planets and stars

A Capricorn astrological glyph adorned with stars

A sea-goat adorned with stars

An astrological glyph paired with a moon and star tattoo


For some, they’re just lines and shapes that add aesthetics. But in the world of body art, geometric details also contain a lot of meaning. Even a simple line can represent something even deeper than you can imagine. Take a look at these designs for some inspiration.

A tattoo of a got’s head with geometric details placed on the left calf

A goat’s head with a backdrop of geometric details

A geometric goat’s head tattoo

This one’s nearly the same design but is placed on the forearm

Another geometrical goat’s head placed on the upper part of the arm


If you want to give your Capricorn tattoo some cool masculine vibes, we suggest adding tribal details to it. Usually, they are drawn in black ink only but here are some ideas about how to spice it up a bit.

A Capricorn astrological glyph with tribal details

This Capricorn astrological glyph is in blue ink

A tribal Capricorn astrological glyph tattoo placed on the upper part of the left arm

An outline tattoo of Capricorn astrological glyph

A fierce Capricorn tattoo on the calf


For the artsy Capricorns, we recommend adding watercolor details to your Capricorn tattoos ideas and designs. While watercolor details don’t do much for a tattoo’s meaning, they will surely be able to make any tattoo lovely to look at. Take a look at these eye-catching Capricorn watercolor tattoo designs.

A realistic tattoo of a goat’s head with geometric details and splats of colors for background

A gorgeous watercolor goat tattoo with mandala details

A colorful watercolor tattoo of a sea-goat placed on the left thigh

A goat with a heart on its forehead

Another unique watercolor Capricorn tattoo etched on the back

Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorns are not the only ones who can wear them. People who have Capricorns close to their hearts can also etch the Capricorn symbol on their skin. With this, you can honor a loved one, go matchy-matchy with your best friend or partner, or even memorialize someone who has already passed. Take a look at these combinations.

Astrological glyphs of Taurus, Aries, and Capricorn

A minimalist combination of Gemini and Capricorn’s astrological glyphs

A Capricorn tattoo combined with Libra’s scale

Capricorn and Cancer tattoos combined on the wrist

There’s nothing better than tattoo designs that are timeless and unique. Zodiac sign tattoos are surely one of them if you were to ask us. So whether you are a Capricorn or you know a Capricorn who is close to your heart, this design is surely worth considering.



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