50+ Unique and Creative Aquarius Tattoo Designs for the Aquarians

By Jason Hamilton / February 17, 2020
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There are a lot of tattoo designs to choose from if you want something that’s really unique, meaningful, and personalized. One of which is the zodiac sign tattoos. And if you’re an Aquarius, you’ve come to the right place as in this article, we’re going to give you some ideas on the best Aquarius tattoo designs and delve deeper into this astrological sign.


The Aquarians

There are a lot of things to be proud of as one of the Aquarians, people who were born between January 20 and February 18. For starters, people born under other signs know the Aquarians as someone who has a strong sense of social justice, as well as making the world a better place. Aquarians are also known as someone who is often concerned about others not because of how others treat them or how they want to be treated by others. They are that pure and sincere.

Aquarians are also known to be analytical and intelligent individuals. They often think of the bigger pictures and always see connections in a way that eludes others.


People born under the Aquarius sign are also action-focused. They have a deep desire to get things done. But they also value quality. They will never accept “good enough” results until they truly believe it’s good enough based on their high standards.

Aside from the good character traits that Aquarians possess, another thing to love about being born under the Aquarius sign is that there are a number of celebrities born under the same astrological as yours like Shakira, The Weeknd, Harry Styles, and Ed Sheeran. Famous actors and actresses like Chloe Grace Moretz and Taylor Lautner are Aquarians too. What a time to be an Aquarian, right?


But aside from your famous co-Aquarians and the positive traits that people born under the Aquarius sign possesses, another one of the nice things to love about being an Aquarian is that you have a lot of good Aquarius tattoo designs to choose from too which we’re sure you would love to have on your skin. But before you give it a go, let’s take a closer look at it first, shall we?

Aquarius Signs Meanings, Origin, and as Tattoo

There are actually a number of designs that you can use to symbolize your astrological sign: the constellation, water bearer or carrier, jug, and the astrological glyph. They may have the same representation but they have different aesthetics, which is good to know if you’re planning to have your Aquarius sign etched on your skin.


Aquarius Constellation

Aquarius is a constellation of the Zodiac that is also one of the oldest constellations documented. Recorded by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, this constellation looks like a person bearing or pouring a jug of water. It is also located in the sea section of the sky and near water-related constellations like Cetus (the whale), Pisces (the fish), and Eridanus (the river). Hence, it is probably the reason why it’s also called the “water bearer.”

And when used as a tattoo, this constellation makes a great design for those who seek minimalist tattoos. With this, you can still be stylish even if this symbol looks very simple.


A constellation tattoo on the lower part of the upper arm


A minimalist constellation tattoo on the forearm


Another Aquarius constellation tattoo on the forearm but this one has a galactic color combination accent


A barely-there Aquarius tattoo near the left elbow

An Aquarius constellation paired with a dotwork moon tattoo


An Aquarius constellation etched on the right calf

A constellation tattoo with a moon, planets, and stars

Water Bearer/Carrier

And again, because it looks like a man pouring a jug of water, it is probably the reason why people call this sign the water bearer. In the mythology, on the other hand, the Greeks link this constellation with Ganymede, the cupbearer to the gods. Hence, another symbol that represents the said astrological sign is a man or a god pouring a jug or jar of water. Sometimes, people also portray this sign using a goddess’ image pouring a jar of water, especially in the world of body art.

An Aquarius tattoo featuring a goddess pouring a jar of water while sitting


An Aquarius tattoo paired with geometric details

A cartoonish Aquarius tattoo


This Aquarius tattoo is paired with a blue crescent moon

An outline tattoo of a water bearer goddess on the right leg


An Aquarius tattoo, looking like a renaissance painting, featuring a god carrying pouring a vessel


A water bearer’s image featuring a god

An Aquarius tattoo in black and blue ink on the calf

Jug or Jar

Sometimes, people omit the image of the god or goddess. Hence, many of us just see a jug or jar of water being poured or overflowing with water. In ancient Egypt, the water bearer’s jar was said to cause the Nile to overflow when the jar was dipped into the water.


An Aquarius tattoo in traditional style

An outline tattoo of a water bearer’s jar

A traditional-style tattoo of the water bearer’s jar morphed with Aquarius’ astrological glyph


An Aquarius forearm tattoo paired with waterfall and tree tattoo designs

A water bearer’s jug paired with a constellation, glyph, and flower tattoo designs


A water bearer’s jug paired with mandala details


A water bearer jug’s tattoo in traditional style

Astrological Glyph

Each zodiac sign has a special glyph associated with the mythology behind it. In the case of Aquarius, it is symbolized by the Water Bearer that also represents the flow of energy or wavelength. Hence, the symbol of waves or wavelengths. Apart from that, this also represents humanitarianism, one of the main traits of Aquarians.

A hand tattoo of Aquarius’ astrological glyph

An astrological glyph tattooed on the wrist

This astrological glyph is etched on the side of the middle finger

An astrological glyph tattooed on the wrist giving off some tribal vibes

An Aquarius astrological glyph resembling actual waves

An astrological glyph paired with a word tattoo placed on the wrist

An astrological glyph with realistic details

An astrological glyph looking like a tribal armband tattoo

Combinations and Variations of Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Since Aquarius has various symbols to represent it, it’s easy to use it as a tattoo and even combine it with other symbols. Here are some ideas for that that we’re sure will give your zodiac sign tattoo a good boost in aesthetics and even its meaning.

Watercolor Details

Adding some watercolor details to Aquarius tattoo designs can surely make it all the more aesthetically pleasing. Also, this kind of detail can make your tattoo eye-catching because of its uniqueness.

A shoulder tattoo of a water bearer goddess that looks like a watercolor painting

A combination of astrological glyph and constellation tattoo with a splat of color as backdrop

An astrological glyph with a splat of color in blue ink

A simple constellation tattoo with a colorful backdrop of splats of colors

A side boob tattoo of Aquarius’ astrological glyph with colorful watercolor details

A water bearer god with a blue watercolor backdrop

A forearm watercolor tattoo combination of constellation and astrology glyph

A white tattoo of an Aquarius with watercolor details in the background


If you want a more personalized tattoo, adding your birthdate is also a great idea.

A tribal Aquarius astrological glyph paired with name and date tattoos

An ankle tattoo of an astrological glyph with a date

A forearm tattoo of a water bearer’s jug that looks like a sketch


Flowers have different meanings depending on its type and color. A lotus tattoo, for instance, can mean spiritual awakening; a rose can signify new beginnings; a peony can represent the great rewards you got from taking great risks; etc. No matter what kind and color of flower you combine with your Aquarius tattoo, it will surely make it even more significant.

An Aquarius tattoo paired with roses etched on the right foot

A vine of flowers shaped like an Aquarius constellation

A sleeve tattoo of a water bearer goddess paired flowers

A traditional tattoo of a chain of flowers resembling the Aquarius constellation

A more minimalist chain of flowers resembling the Aquarius constellation

Another Aquarius constellation adorned with flowers

Other Zodiac Signs

If you want to honor a loved one, you can also match your Aquarius tattoo with other zodiac sign tattoos. Mixing it with other zodiac signs can also be used as a friendship or couple tattoo. You can even use it as a mother and daughter or sibling tattoo.

A combination of Libra and Aquarius tattoos

Watercolor tattoos of Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius glyphs etched just above the left elbow

Astrological glyphs of Scorpio and Aquarius overlapping each other on the wrist


Sagittarius and Aquarius glyphs overlapping each other



Aquarius and Capricorn astrological glyphs morphed and inked on the wrist

A combination tattoo of Leo and Aquarius astrological glyphs behind the ear

Aquarius, Cancer, and Pisces combined


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