50+ Wholesome Chakra Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Everyone

By Jason Hamilton / December 2, 2020
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Chakra tattoos ideas and designs are well-known in the world of tattoo. And nope, we’re not talking about the chakras seen in animes and anime tattoo designs like Naruto. Rather, we’re talking about the chakras originated from India. These wholesome symbols will surely receive a lot of approval from everyone.


Getting to Know the Chakra

For starters, the Chakra is believed to be the concentrated energy centers of the body. There are seven main chakras that are distributed along the central channel of our body. Our ancestors believe that these chakras provide subtle energy to the functions of our body organs, mind, as well as our intellect. Each of them also has their own representations. Here are the seven main chakras.


This chakra is also referred to as the crown chakra in English. This symbolizes material security, grounding, and is believed to help get rid of any fear. It is located at the top of the seven chakras and this one shows a strong foundation. To identify this symbol, the crown chakra is made up of lotus flower with the most number of petals. And at first glance, you will surely be able to find it as it is the most elaborately detailed symbol among the seven chakras.


chakra in mandala. Crown Chakra Symbol Facilitates: Divine ...

An intricately crown chakra tattooed on the back


A shoulder tattoo  of a crown chakra with mandala details


A colored lotus tattoo paired with the crown chakra symbol


A crown chakra in blue and yellow ink placed on the chest


A third eye chakra symbol paired with a purple ink lotus tattoo


A combination tattoo of chakra symbols, tree of life, and lotus flower placed on the left thigh



The Ādnyā-chakra or the third eye or brow chakra is also a symbol made of a lotus flower. However, unlike the crown chakra, the third eye (a.k.a. the brow) chakra has two petals. People believe that this symbol is responsible for psychic abilities and imagination.

A third eye chakra tattoo with galactic details placed on the back


Third eye chakra tattoo for Allan this morning. Thanks ...

A unique dotwork tattoo of a third eye chakra placed on the right arm


A simple third eye chakra tattoo without the lotus symbol


This chakra is also called the throat chakra. This is also a lotus flower but with 16 petals. This chakra symbolizes speech and self-expression. This symbol is placed third from the top.

A simple throat chakra placed on the right shoulder


A throat chakra in blue ink placed on the topmost part of the chest

A dotwork throat chakra tattoo in shades of blue ink placed on the forearm


A throat tattoo in black ink placed just below the nape


Fourth from the bottom of the seven chakras is the Anāhat-chakra or the heart chakra in English. And because of that, this chakra naturally relates to compassion and love. It is also associated with harmony, protection, and connection. To differentiate it from the other symbols, take a look at its petals. The heart chakra is also a lotus flower but it has 12 petals.


A heart chakra placed at the center of the chest area

27 Likes, 2 Comments - Mana Tattoo Ibiza (@tatuajedemanaibiza) on ...

A heart chakra tattoo placed on the sternum

Heart chakra I got yesterday. Done in Scottish Rose Tattoo in ...


A dotwork tattoo of a heart chakra placed on the left side of the chest

A unique heart chakra tattoo in green blue, red, and violet ink


Maṇipur-chakra, also known as the solar plexus or the navel chakra, refers to mental functioning, control, power, and freedom to be yourself. This symbol has ten petals.

Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala Tattoo. | Chakra tattoo, Tattoos ...

A solar plexus chakra tattoo with blackwork details placed on the back

solarplexus #chakra #manipura #tattoo #west4tattoo #blackandwhite ...


A solar plexus chakra with geometric details tattooed on the left rib area

Manipura Chakra : Ram (रं) tattoo done with Hiral Tanna ...

A dotwork tattoo of the solar plexus chakra placed on the lower back area


A solar plexus chakra tattoo placed behind the left ear


Swādhishṭhān-chakra, also known as the sacral or the abdomen chakra, is related to our emotion, energy, and creativity. Located second from the bottom of the chakras, this symbol has six petals.


A sacral chakra placed on the left forearm

A sacral chakra tattoo paired with mandala details placed on the right forearm

A sacral chakra tattoo in yellow and green ink placed on the right forearm

A sacral chakra tattooed on the lower abdomen


Also known as the root chakra, this one is associated with instinct, sense of security, and survival. The root chakra is placed at the bottom and to identify this symbol, take a look at its petals as it should have four.

My root chakra tattoo! #chakras | Chakra tattoo, Symbolic tattoos ...

A simple root chakra tattoo placed on the right ankle

the root chakra, muladhara,helps to connect to the earth energies ...

A root chakra with blackwork details placed on the left forearm

A simple root chakra placed just below the right collarbone

A small minimalist root chakra tattoo placed on the ankle

But these chakras can be tattooed altogether too. Depending on your preference, you can etch only one chakra onto your skin, combine a few symbols, or have them all seven tattooed on your body.

More Chakra Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Complete Chakra Tattoo

Chakras are often drawn with intricate patterns. Such detail can sometimes make newbies feel daunted – because you know, intricate details also mean more pain during the tattooing process. But if you’re not faint-hearted, we suggest that you ink all of these seven chakras as they don’t just look good but every symbol has its own significance too.

There are certain points that you might want to take note of, though. First is the placing. Note that the crown chakra always takes the top space. Next in line is the third eye, then the throat chakra, 4th is the chakra of heart, 5th is the solar plexus, then the abdomen chakra, and lastly, the root chakra.

Don’t forget that if you want to color your chakra tattoo, these symbols have their own corresponding colors too. Violet is for the crown chakra, indigo is for the third eye, blue is the color of the throat chakra, green is for the chakra of heart, the solar plexus is yellow, orange is for the abdomen chakra, and the root chakra should be red.

A black ink set tattoo of all seven chakras on the left forearm

A complete tattoo of all chakras with watercolor details

A colored tattoo of minimalist chakra symbols

An intricately detailed colored tattoo of the seven chakras covering half of the back area

Chakra Tattoo with Lotus

The chakra is often depicted by lotus symbols. In fact, to identify the chakras, there is a corresponding number of lotus petals that you should take note of. However, as people get more and more creative with their tattoo, some people just opt for simpler chakra symbols and pair them with intricately-detailed lotus flower tattoo designs instead.

Chakra symbols paired with a lotus flower tattoo with watercolor details

Pin by Andrea Benbenek on Tattoo's | Tattoos, Chakra tattoo ...

minimalist chakra symbols paired with a lotus flower tattoo

An intricately detailed chakra tattoos paired with lotus flowers and mandala details covering the calf

Chakra symbols paired with lotus flower tattoo and watercolor details

Chakra Tattoos Ideas and Designs Placement

There is actually no written rule as to where you should place chakra tattoos, unlike other religious tattoos like Buddha and cross tattoo designs. Even so, there are certain placements that we recommend as they can highlight chakra tattoos even better. These are:


For the back, many people usually trace their spine with these chakra tattoos.

A black ink tattoo of chakras lining the spine

Chakras mandalas down the spine 🖤✨Eleanor you are amazing, thank ...

Intricately detailed chakra tattoos stretching from the top part of the back down to the lower back

Blackwork lotus and chakras back piece by Lucas Edwardo ...

Simple chakra Sanskrit and symbols paired with a lotus tattoo

My seven yoga chakras !!! | Wiccan tattoos, Chakra tattoo, Zen tattoo

A well-shaded colored tattoo of chakras lining the spine

A colorful and unique chakra tattoo covering the whole back area

Another colored tattoo of the seven chakras lining the spine

_ wings & chakras back tattoo _ | Caduceus tattoo, Spine tattoo ...

Chakra symbols paired with wings and lotus flower tattoos

Chakra symbols paired with mandala and lotus flower tattoos


The arm also provides a nice length, especially if you want to etch all seven of these chakras.

Chakra tattoos with subtle dotwork details placed on the left forearm

A watercolor tattoo of the seven main chakras paired with a lotus flower on top

Forearm Chakras #tattoo #tattoodesign #dotworktattoo #lotustattoo ...

The Sanskrit chakra tattoos with lotus flower placed on the right forearm

Galaxy and chakra points, it was a good fun doing this piece ...

Colored chakra tattoos paired with a geometric heart


Like the back area, the chest also provides a nice spot for chakra tattoos.


Chakra tattoos stretching from the chest down to the navel

Chakra tattoos with gradient colors inked on the chest to the sternum

Paris Jackson’s chakra tattoos placed on her chest stretching down near her navel

Because of the different main chakras, you have more symbols to choose from. Plus, you can combine all of them. They aren’t just meaningful but they are also aesthetically pleasing, especially when you pair them with other symbols that are equally beautiful too. It’s one of the wholesome tattoos that are hard to pass on.



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